Best Anime Movies on Hulu

Anime is like a beautiful dream where the stories are perfect, and the animations are unrealistic but fun. Their elaborate storylines with such deep characters have always been held top, along with their amazing graphics and animations.

Hulu has recently added some Japanese anime movies on their platform, which means that they do not have a significant collection yet. However, Hulu has the best reception and has brought up some classics like Akira to the crowd’s favorite Dragon Ball.

Even though there is a limited collection of Japanese anime movies, the collection consists of the classic and top anime movies on Hulu. 

15. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

Mass Effect Paragon Lost

If you’re a fan of alien movies, you would surely love this one because the animations on this one are spectacular. Mass Effect: paragon lost was released after the sequel was released called Mass Effect 3.

In the movie, James Vega is in the marines and leads the special force squad for battling aliens who are known as the collectors. Vega has a mission to protect the civilians from this alien invasion, even if she has to go through them.

With that said, he also looks for the reason why the aliens are so interested in their planet but what he finds about the universe is far from his imagination. You could actually enjoy this movie as it chronicles aliens in the most amazing way.

14. Dragon Age: Dawn of the seeker

Dragon Age Dawn of the seeker

A film packed with an action sequence and dark themes, the movie are about chantry, which is the highest form of religion of the Divine, who’s trying to bring the destroyed world back to stable grounds led by the Divine. It is protected by the templar warriors who can control the mages and the cabals led by magic.

However, the main storyline starts when the main templars cannot stop the mages from causing havoc leading to the entry of the most elite chantry – the seekers who are the only hope left of saving the doomed world from destruction.

It is one of the best action anime on Hulu that you can watch with subtitles as well. The theme is religious, which might not be fun for some people, but they should give this one a chance as it might do justice.

13. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the sky

Legend of Heroes Trails in the sky

This movie is now a popular game as well, and you could also play the game along with seeing this movie. The movie starts with the disappearance of Joshua, and now Estelle must look for him by training with the Bracer guild and become stronger for the adventure she is about to face.

However, a secret organization starts developing a shady plan to fail Estelle and make the whole country face trouble even though Weissman works there.

This is a story that can also be called a romantic movie you can watch in Japanese. The whole movie is set in a nation known as Liberl, where the first game story had ended.

12. Fafner: Heaven and Earth

Fafner Heaven and Earth

Dense plotlines are an understatement when it comes to anime, and this one is no different. The movie is set in the year 2148, where residents of the Tatsumiya Island have recovered from the supposed balanced situation after the fafner situation.

Kazuki, the main Hero of the movie, is literally struggling to survive and is blind because of the constant battles that he fought with Festum years ago.

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He struggles and hopes for things to be okay as promised by his friend but comes across a submarine floating around the bay area where he finds a boy who almost seems like a human but isn’t. Now they must fight the most dangerous battles of their lives together and protect the world from an untimely doom.

11. Trigun: Badlands Rumble

Trigun Badlands Rumble

The humanoid Typhoon must really work on his reputation as his true name is Vash the stampede and turns everything to waste on Gunsmoke planet. But don’t mistake him for a bad person as he is a kind-hearted person who follows the path of pacifism.

However, he crossed paths with Gasback in a heist where Vash stopped Gasback from killing his crew. Now he must seek revenge from him to distinguish and pacify his ego.

However, Vash seems to know about his plot and must team up with several people to solve this problem and have fun while doing that. Vash meets several new characters on the journey that he has embarked on that will keep you entertained during this movie.

10. Sword art Online Extra Edition

Sword art Online Extra Edition

Anime is famous not because of its animations but the way they bring new types of themes to the floor and discover various arcs consisting of a variety of characters with different storylines converging in a single point.

Sword Art Online Extra Edition is exactly like that as they discover the events that took place some years ago in the Sword Art Online world. A brother and a sister meet three children at the SAO survivor school, where one of them goes to a counseling session as opposed to the girls who went for a swim.

However, the counseling session turned out to be set up by one of those kids seeking revenge because of all the things that happened in the Sword art online. The movie is absolutely a giveaway if I explain it any further, which is why I will stop right here.

9. Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll

One of those romantic yet sad anime movies on Hulu, you will be surprised by the story of this movie as it chronicles the love story of a man and woman who meet amidst the politics surrounding their love story. Jubei meets a female ninja known as Kagero, who has the specialty of turning her body into a stone-hard body.

Kagero is still trying to complete her mission by investigating the whole village looking for the plague that killed all the people of the village. Even though Jubei is least interested, they must fight when several ninjas make their life leave hell, and now they must fight the devils of kimono.

The movie is filled with action scenes and several story arcs that will blow your mind because of their stories and character development.

8. Fairy Tail Movie: Phoenix Priestess

Fairy Tail the Movie Phoenix Priestess

The movie chronicles the story of a Pheonix stone and its protector, Éclair, who must do whatever it takes to protect the stone from any harm. She lives in the fire village situated in the mountains of north Fiore all alone and devoid of any memories from the past.

She is not even aware of her purpose and how she came to protect the stone, but after meeting a wizard, she is invited by Natsu and his peers to uncover the stone’s mysterious origins and her purpose as well.

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However, she gets attacked in between her journey and must really find this person who stole the phoenix stone from her by taking Natsu’s help because stones in the wrong hands could really lead to a disastrous result. The movie is actually great if you like fantasy themes combined with strangers coming together for a single purpose.

7. Afro Samurai Resurrection

Afro Samurai Resurrection

An action-packed movie about Afro who’s a samurai that fights in battles against powerful and vengeful villains as he tries to get his revenge on the foes that caused him pain and misery.

This movie is the second installment of the first Afro Samurai and has a great storyline with a good depiction of human emotions, like a comparison between peace and chaos.

The storyline starts with Afro winning the number one headband that makes him the best warrior in comparison to all his competitors, followed by a peaceful life.

However, he is stuck with nightmares that extend to real chaos when two of his old friends return to his life, claiming to snatch his headband. He then takes on a vengeful journey of keeping the headband with him and doing everything that it takes him to protect it.

6. K Missing Kings

K Missing Kings

The second installment of the K series is the story about a boy who’s waging a psychic war between 7 kings and must portray their struggles when their kings face a loss. The movie starts with Shiro, who has disappeared, and Niko is determined to find his King even though he has no leads to start on.

However, he is interrupted by a clan known as HOMRA, who wants Anna’s powers. If you haven’t seen the first installments, you might be confused with the whole past story, which is why you should watch the entire series.

As they try to look for Anna of the red clan, HOMRA has to face the green clan, who threaten to take over the King’s place and leave them distraught. Now they must protect their King’s seat while he’s kidnapped and must also look for Anna; that is the only hope for curing this war.

5. Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Dragon Ball Super Broly

If you do not know about this, you must really live under a rock! Dragon Ball Z is by far the most famous and the most loved anime by every age group. Now, Super Broly is the movie sequel of the series, which starts with the introduction of Broly, whose powers are hidden but more powerful than the King’s baby. 

The King sends Broly to a different planet on a power trip where Broly’s father looks for him to rescue him; however, their ship gets damaged, leaving them both in a barren world.

Years later, Goku and the king fight Frieza on a remote planet where she finds Broly and his father with an entirely different surge of powers. Now, Goku and the King must fight them in order to save themselves and the world from inevitable doom.

4. Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale

A sequel to Sword Art Online, the movie is set in the future where the technology is as advanced as it can get with the introduction of Augma, an Augmented reality system. The system is quite fantastic as it is safe and can be used while the players are conscious, meaning that they are aware of the actions happening in the game.

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It is better than the virtual reality of the Nerve gear system and Amusphere and includes role-playing where players can immerse into the world and get good rankings followed by rewards.

Kirito finds this game and starts playing with his friends even though he was reluctant at first because he feels uneasy. But is he really overthinking or right about the whole situation, and there is something wrong with the game?

3. My Hero Academia: Heroes rising

My Hero Academia Heroes rising

Deku and his classmates from U.A. High school must participate in a program where they will get to improve their powers and skills to aid citizens with basic help and chores. However, a calm neighborhood is disturbed by a new villain, and the students must buck up and be brave enough to fight these villains to save their neighborhood.

Nine is the villain who is on an ego trip and feels like only the powerful should remain, which is why he attacks the people of the neighborhood. Deku must fight Nine along with his classmates from Class 1 A to save his vulnerable friend and the people of the Nabu island.

This show will give you major feels as you will be reminded of old kinds of cartoons where teams gathered together to fight a single villain and become victorious. The animations of this show are crazy good, and you should not miss it at all.

2. Akira

Akira 1

Akira is a supernatural horror film filled with action and Sci-fi themes that were released back in 1988, winning the silver scream award, Amsterdam’s Imagine Film festival, and so on. The thriller on Hulu even has a very good rating on IMDB and, portraying that this movie was a hit among anime lovers, and you can give this movie a try.

The movie begins with an explosion in the city of Tokyo that tears apart the city because of a young boy who happens to have psychic powers but no control over them. This explosion leads to World War III forcing the government people to capture the boy and hide him forever.

Cut to new Tokyo; gang wars have become pretty common between the “capsules” and “the clowns,” where a boy starts developing abilities unusual and unknown to humankind. Now the government must stop him before he lashes out at the world.

1. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

My Hero Academia Two Heroes

The first movie after the famous T.V. series came out, My Hero Academia, is back with the first movie. The movie starts with the students of class 1A of U.A. High school as they live their first summer break ever from this school. While Deku foes to a superhero festival, Midoriya meets Dave, all mighty’s friend, and his daughter, who is an equipment engineer,

However, his happiness is short-lived as the villain squad starts disrupting their festivities as they enter the I-Island where the festivals took place. Now Midoriya must fight these villains to solve the problem and save the day by capturing these villains and finding out the reason behind this infiltration.

This is a full, action-packed movie with Super Heroes as the main theme that has degrees of power that you would not want to miss. It is only one hour and 36 minutes long, which is quite a short period for a movie that is super engrossing and has fantastic animations as well.

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