Black Anime pfp

Everyone’s picky when it comes to choosing a perfect PFP. For any anime fan, there’s a 90% chance that his/her PFP features a cool anime character.

There’s a major trend going on within the anime-loving public where they prefer to have a black anime PFP. Dark tones bring out the gloomy and depressing vibe, which appeals to certain people. Not just that, black anime PFPs look highly aesthetic and add mystery to one’s profile.

In this post, we have curated a collection of 34 Black Anime PFPs that are ready to be placed on your social.

Black Anime pfp (Anime Boys)

Attack on Titans Anime Black Pfp
Cool Anime Boy Black Pfp
Itachi Naruto Black Pfp
Kakashi Naruto Black Pfp
Killua HunterxHunter Black Pfp
Mikey Tokyo Revengers Black Pfp
Mob Psycho 100 Black Pfp 2
Spike Cowboy Bebop Black Pfp
Zoro One Piece Black Pfp
Kageyama Haikyuu Black Pfp
Itadori Yuji Jujutsu Kaisen Black Pfp
Itachi Naruto Black Pfp 2
L Death Note Black Pfp

Black Anime Pfp (Female Anime)

Motoko Kusanagi black pfp
Mikasa Ackerman black pfp
Cliare black pfp
Erza Scarlet black pfp
Esdeath Akame Ga Kill black pfp
Faye Valentine black pfp
Usagi Tsukino black pfp
Tatsumaki One punch man black pfp
Nezuko Chan Black pfp
Rukia Kuchiki black pfp

Black Aesthetic Anime Pfp

Gojo black aesthetic pfp
Great Teacher Onizuka Black Pfp
Kiyotaka Ayanokouji black aesthetic pfp 1
Killua Zoldyck black aesthetic pfp
L black aesthetic pfp 1
Emilia Rezero black aesthetic pfp
luffy black aesthetic pfp
Meliodas black aesthetic pfp
Yumeko Jabami black aesthetic pfp
Akeno Himejima black aesthetic pfp
Mob Psycho 100 Black Pfp 1

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