Attack On Titans Arcs

AOT is a manga/anime that makes your brain go numb, a story so deep that sometimes it almost seems fathomless. A jaw-dropping creation with deeply written characters soaked with profoundness and extraordinarily crafted sketches & animations that take you to a cinematic utopia.

AOT is an absolute gem in the anime and manga community. The show currently has top rankings as one of the most-watched anime shows of 2022.

As I write these words, the final arc of AOT runs through the anime’s last season. Even if I have already read the manga, I am still excited about how things turn out in this final arc.

The story of Eren unfolds in 9 arcs, and with each arc, you submerge into the war paradise created by Hajime Isayama.

Attack On Titans Anime & Manga Arcs

AOT Manga and Anime AOT

We all agree that the anime adaptation gives manga readers no chance of nitpicking. It is just perfect! The 9 arcs run over 4 subsequent seasons and a total of 90 episodes.

In AOT Manga, however, the arcs follow through 34 volumes and 139 chapters.

AOT arcs aren’t just successive stories, rather form a complex interplay that provides for a nerve-wracking anime experience. If you are planning to watch AOT or just want info regarding AOT arcs, the following table followed by an explanation shall give you a clear idea about all Attack on Titan arcs.

Manga Chapters
1Fall of Shiganshina Arc 1-41-2
2104th Training Corps Arc5-153-14
3Battle of Trost District Arc3-515-18
4The Female Titan Arc 14-2519-34
5Clash of the Titans Arc26-3735-50
6Royal Government Arc38-4951-70
7Return to Shiganshina Arc50-5971-90
8Marley Arc60-6891-106
9War for Paradis Arc69-79107-125

Black Clover Arcs Explained

1. Fall of Shiganshina Arc

In the first arc, we get to perceive Erens curiosity to explore the world beyond the walls. Followed by an event that worked as fuel to this curiosity. Eren with his friends Mikasa and Aramin decides to join the Surveyor Corps in the hope that someday they’ll get to avenge the destroyers of their homeland. 

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2. 104th Training Corps Arc

One of the shortest yet enthralling arcs of AOT is the second, 104th Training Corps Arc. Filled with anguish and terror, the three friends decide to join the 104th training corps. Here we get to see one of the most famous anime weapons- maneuver gear in action. 

3. Battle of Trost District arc

104th Cadet corps is finally graduated. Eren and his batchmates now have to decide their duty inside or outside the walls. For most, this free will come at a heavy cost. This arc made us taste the extent of gruesomeness and brutality the show was about to get into.  

4. The Female Titan Arc

With this arc, titan action starts to hype up. The cadet corps is chased by a female titan but somehow Levi and Mikasa manage to trap her. The revelations made later are almost unbelievable. This one too is a small arc that ends on open-ended scenes. 

5. Clash of the Titans Arc

While it was difficult to recover from the unexpected blows of the previous arcs, Clash of the Titans take the intensity to the next level with three new disclosures. Firstly, it is hinted that somehow humans are being converted into Titans. Secondly, it is revealed that Riener and Berthold, two of Eren’s close friends are Titans who came in disguise to take Eren away. And lastly, it is hinted that Eren can somehow control other titans with his titan powers.  

6. Royal Government Arc

The sixth arc talks about Erewins master plan to attempt a coup on corrupt government in power and takes charge of the Edlia with his army. In this section, we discover the mysteries of royal blood and events that lay the foundation for upcoming disasters. 

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7. Return to Shiganshina arc

The survey corps has managed to attain peace within the wall and now they decide to take back the lost territory of Shiganshina from the clutches of the beastly titans. But some dangerous unexpected guests are waiting for the Survey Corps.

8. Marley Arc

In the eighth arc of the series, the story moves to the Marley Empire which has successfully used titan powers to wage war on enemy nations. But they are still hunting for the power of the Founding Titan which is held by Eren. And they will soon be confronted by that force.

9. War for Paradis Arc

The final arc gives us the last chance to decide if Eren is a protagonist or an antagonist. With the powers of founding titans, Eren calls for “THE RUMBLING” and is determined to kill the last man on Earth to save his homeland. However, Eren now faces opposition from his allies. 

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