KISS OF LIFE Faces Heartbreaking Fan Distraction During Performance

Debuting to much acclaim and shocking netizens with their remarkable talent, KISS OF LIFE seemed destined for greatness. However, their recent music show performance brought attention to a distressing incident that echoed a similar fate faced by another group earlier in the week.

A video capturing the girls’ on-stage enthusiasm quickly gained traction, but it was not the cheers for their stellar performance that caught the audience’s attention. Much like the previous incident with Lapillus, some of the audience’s focus seemed to drift towards other idols off-stage, and the volume of their cheers increased, unintentionally overshadowing KISS OF LIFE’s moment.

Audience Turing their attention to different group during live KISS OF LIFE performance

A full video of the performance, now circulating online, exposed the heartbreaking reality with sound included. On TikTok, fans discovered the audio recording of the audience’s loud cheers for another group that had appeared before KISS OF LIFE. Hearing these cheers, which they might have initially mistaken for their own, struck a painful chord with the talented newcomers.

The clip’s release prompted an outpouring of sympathetic and indignant responses from fans. While some expected KISS OF LIFE to feel elated by the enthusiastic response, many realized the group must have been disheartened upon realizing it wasn’t directed at them.

Although initially assumed to be cheering for ZEROBASEONE, fans empathized that it was not the members’ fault. In the world of live performances, artists must be on standby, ready to take the stage after the previous group, leading to unintentional distractions.

Lapillus facing similar audience treatment previous week

As fans rally behind KISS OF LIFE, they hope that such occurrences will not dampen the group’s spirit and that their exceptional talent will continue to shine brightly. The incident serves as a reminder of the pressures and challenges faced by rookie groups in the competitive K-pop industry, where support and understanding from fans are crucial for success.

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