Choi Ye Na

In the wake of mounting criticism, Choi Ye Na has decided to cancel the upcoming recording for MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’. Yuehua Entertainment, her agency, cited the singer’s poor health condition as the reason behind the cancellation.

Choi Ye Na was originally slated to record an additional stage for next week’s broadcast of ‘Show! Music Core’ this week. However, her comeback title track, “Hate Rodrigo”, has faced significant backlash since its release, adding fuel to the fire. The controversy intensified when the music video for the song was temporarily taken down from YouTube due to suspected issues related to portrait right infringement. The video was subsequently edited and re-uploaded, with prominent photos of singer Olivia Rodrigo removed from the background.

K-netizens have been relentless in their criticism, with many calling for the cancellation of Choi Ye Na’s entire comeback promotions. Comments range from urging her to lay low for a while to expressing disappointment in her image and the company’s handling of the situation. Despite the backlash, Choi Ye Na is still expected to perform her “Hate Rodrigo” comeback stage on the remaining music shows for this weekend.

The controversy surrounding Choi Ye Na and her latest release has sparked heated discussions online. As the situation unfolds, fans and critics alike are closely watching how the artist and her agency navigate the challenging aftermath of the controversy.

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