The Moon that Rises During the Day Unveils Stellar Cast and Premiere Date

The much-anticipated webtoon-based drama “The Moon that Rises During the Day” has finally unveiled its star-studded cast and premiere date!

ENA’s newest Wednesday-Thursday gem brings together an incredible lineup, including the talented Kim Young Dae, Pyo Ye Jin, On Joo Wan, and Jung Woong In.

Adapted from a beloved webtoon, “The Moon that Rises During the Day” promises to weave a haunting love story that spans an astonishing 1,500 years, effortlessly moving between past and present. Prepare to be swept away by the tale of a man trapped in time and a woman who flows like a river.

Kim Young Dae takes on the challenge of dual roles with Han Jun Oh, a renowned top star in modern-day Korea, and Do Ha, an esteemed noble from the Silla Dynasty. A car crash intertwines their fates, as Han Jun Oh’s body becomes possessed by Do Ha’s soul, leading to an extraordinary clash of personalities.

Pyo Ye Jin’s versatility shines as she portrays Kang Young Hwa, a firefighter-turned-bodyguard, and Ha Ni Ta, the lone survivor of a noble family from Daegaya in the Silla Dynasty. Their destinies change forever when Young Hwa saves Han Jun Oh’s life during a car crash on the day of their joint public service advertisement shoot.

On Joo Wan’s commanding presence brings to life Han Jun Oh’s older brother, Han Min Oh, the CEO of Beginning Entertainment, who wholeheartedly dedicates himself to Jun Oh.

And hold onto your seats, because Jung Woong In is set to play Seok Chul Hwan, the former CEO of Beginning Entertainment, who loses his company to Han Min Oh and finds himself homeless. Fuelled by resentment, Chul Hwan becomes a formidable adversary, ready to take on Min Oh and Jun Oh in a fierce battle.

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“The Moon that Rises During the Day” is all set to grace our screens on October 25, and we’re counting down the days! Brace yourselves for a captivating journey through time and love as this extraordinary drama unfolds. Mark your calendars, folks, ’cause this is one romance you won’t want to miss!

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