Jo Byung Kyus Bullying Battle Stalls as Accuser Evades Justice

In a surprising twist, actor Jo Byung Kyu’s legal tussle against his school bullying accuser takes an unexpected turn. The courtroom showdown has hit a roadblock as ‘A’, the accuser, refuses to step foot in South Korea for questioning, leaving the case in a frustrating standstill.

Back in 2021, allegations of bullying during Jo Byung Kyu’s school days in New Zealand shook the entertainment world. Firmly denying any wrongdoing, the determined actor initiated a defamation lawsuit against ‘A’ to clear his name once and for all. However, this legal battle has been marred by ‘A’s absence from the scene, residing safely in New Zealand, and dodging South Korean authorities’ calls for an investigation.

In a recent development, an exclusive media outlet report revealed Jo Byung Kyu’s audacious plan to take matters into his own hands. The actor contemplated filing a lawsuit against his accuser in New Zealand, going the extra mile to cover all expenses for both parties involved, just to vindicate himself. The jaw-dropping cost for this transcontinental legal pursuit is staggering, estimated at a whopping 1.2 billion KRW (approximately $940,000 USD).

But alas, as much as Jo Byung Kyu’s camp considered this bold move, they ultimately decided against it. The lengthy process and no guarantee of a favorable outcome on Korean soil dampened their enthusiasm for a foreign courtroom showdown.

Amidst this legal rollercoaster, Jo Byung Kyu will grace our screens once again in tvN’s ‘The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch,’ reclaiming his throne as the male lead, So Mun. As the suspense builds both on and off the screen, fans are left waiting eagerly for the resolution of this real-life drama.

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