Lee Jung Jae Not Behind Squid Game 2 Casting

As the announcement of the new cast members for “Squid Game 2” sent shockwaves through the entertainment industry, all eyes turned to Lee Jung Jae, the leading star of the first season. With the addition of T.O.P to the lineup, whispers of Lee Jung Jae’s involvement in the casting decision began to swirl, fueled by their long-standing friendship.

Lee Jung Jae’s agency, Artist Company, is here to set the record straight. In a statement, they made it crystal clear that the casting choices for “Squid Game 2” were not in the hands of their client. The authority lies with the director and production company, leaving no room for friendship favors or secret alliances.

Amidst the frenzy of speculations, Artist Company emphasized that Lee Jung Jae understands the immense interest surrounding the second season of the global sensation. They acknowledged the hard work put in by countless actors vying for a chance to enter the show, and stressed that casting decisions were made through a rigorous audition process. It seems even the mastermind behind the original “Squid Game” knows better than to meddle with the casting game.

As we eagerly await the release of the next season, let’s embrace the excitement and let the auditions unfold in the hands of those who hold the ultimate power. Until then, let the speculation continue.

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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