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In my countless hours lost between pages, I’ve always been enchanted by the mystical allure of elves. If you’re anything like me, you too have a soft spot for these ethereal beings.

From their ageless wisdom to their unparalleled grace, elves have a way of stealing the spotlight in fantasy tales. So, I’ve curated a list just for you: “20 Books with Elves in Main Roles“.

Dive in with me, fellow fantasy lover, and let’s explore these magical realms together. Ready to embark on an elvish adventure? Let’s go!

20. The Fire Lord’s Lover (The Elven Lords)

  • Logline: Love, deception, and power in a magical elven realm.
  • Author: Kathryne Kennedy
  • Publishing Year: 2010
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.51/5
The Elven Lords

In a world dominated by ruthless Elven lords, Dominic Raikes, the Fire Lord’s son, conceals his burgeoning power from his malevolent father. But everything changes when his arranged marriage introduces him to Lady Cassandra. Raised in apparent innocence, Cassandra has been secretly trained as an assassin with a single mission: to bring down the Elven Lord and his powerful son.

As she enters the court, she realizes that things aren’t as straightforward as they seem, especially concerning her new husband. As they navigate the treacherous waters of court politics, a greater evil lurks beneath the golden façades, threatening to consume them both unless they unite.

19. The Four Forges (The Elven Ways)

  • Logline: A river-borne slave and a street-savvy half-breed seek personal truths amidst looming civil war.
  • Author: Jenna Rhodes
  • Publishing Year: 2006
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.69/5
The Elven Ways

“The Four Forges” marks the beginning of the captivating fantasy epic, “The Elven Ways.” In the world of Kerith, the Vaelinar race, brought by an unknown cataclysm, is both magically gifted and arrogantly superior. They view themselves as above the native inhabitants, whose magic has been stripped away due to a devastating civil war.

The Vaelinars, as revered as they are despised, have secluded themselves, anchoring their magic to Kerith through Talent-wrought Ways—powerful passages. Their ultimate hope? To forge a Way back to their lost homeland.

Amidst this backdrop, two young individuals, one with a shattered soul and the other with a fractured mind, find their destinies intertwined. Their mixed heritage becomes both a curse and a blessing as they navigate the turbulent waters of identity, belonging, and impending conflict.

18. Elfhunter (Tales of Alterra, The World That Is)

  • Logline: A monstrous creature, Gorgon Elfhunter, vows to annihilate all Elves.
  • Author: C.S. Marks
  • Publishing Year: 2005
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.64/5
The Elfhunter Trilogy

Dive into the world of Alterra, where Gorgon Elfhunter, a fearsome entity, is on a mission to obliterate every Elf in existence. But standing in his way is the Wood-elven heroine, Gaelen Taldin, who is equally determined to end the reign of the Elfhunter.

Their intense rivalry blurs the boundaries between Light and Darkness, love and obsession, destiny and choice. This epic fantasy, filled with heart-stopping moments and profound insights, is perfect for readers across all ages.

Newly remastered with enchanting illustrations by Hope Hoover, “Elfhunter” is a tale that will captivate both new readers and longtime fans. Join the adventure with Elves, dwarves, mortals, and remarkably clever horses in this timeless saga.

17. The Ill-Made Mute (The Bitterbynde Trilogy)

  • Logline: A mute foundling dares to defy destiny in a world of wonders.
  • Author: Cecilia Dart-Thornton
  • Publishing Year: 2001
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.74/5
The Bitterbynde Trilogy

In Cecilia Dart-Thornton’s captivating debut, we’re introduced to a world rich in folklore, where splendid winged stallions grace the battlements of Isse Tower and the sun rarely reaches the fortress’s depths. Amidst this enchanting setting, a mute and scarred foundling embarks on a daring journey.

Climbing the Tower, stowing away on a Windship, and diving into a perilous wilderness, he faces threats at every turn. Goblins, peskies, and the sinister creatures of the Unseelie lurk behind every tree, waiting to torment or annihilate. Unbeknownst to our hero, a dark force is rallying these malevolent beings, intent on erasing his very existence. Dive into this lush romantic epic, where danger and destiny intertwine.

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16. Firstborn (The Elven Nations Trilogy)

  • Logline: Two elven brothers clash over their kingdom’s future.
  • Author: Paul B. Thompson & Tonya C. Cook
  • Publishing Year: 1991
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.88/5
The Elven Nations Trilogy

In the mystical world of Krynn, the leader of the Silvanesti elves faces an internal crisis. His two sons, Sithas and Kith-Kanan, stand on opposing ends of their kingdom’s destiny. While Sithas envisions a future of isolation, limiting contact with other races, Kith-Kanan dreams of forging bonds and trade partnerships with the humans of Ergoth.

This ideological clash threatens not only their brotherly bond but also the very fabric of their elven realm. As tensions rise, the fate of the Silvanesti hangs in the balance. Dive into this high fantasy tale and witness the drama of elven politics and familial ties.

15. Dragon Wing (The Death Gate Cycle Series)

  • Logline: A world sundered, realms divided, and magic that binds destinies.
  • Author: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
  • Publishing Year: 1990
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.97/5
The Death gate Cycle

Ages ago, powerful sorcerers split a world into four distinct realms: sky, stone, fire, and water, then mysteriously vanished. Over the centuries, magicians became confined to their own realms, forgetting the existence of the others. Only a select few, who braved the Labyrinth and crossed the Death Gate, remember all four realms and the secrets they hold.

In Arianus, the Realm of Sky, a complex dance unfolds as humans, elves, and dwarves vie for control of scarce water resources. They navigate this airborne world on elven magic currents and atop colossal dragons.

But as magical forces threaten to tear Arianus apart, a king will hire an assassin for his own prince, a dwarf will challenge his people’s beliefs, and a dark wizard’s ambition to rule might just extend beyond the skies and into the very heart of the Death Gate. Dive into this epic tale of magic, politics, and destiny.

14. The Riddle-Master of Hed (Riddle-Master Series)

  • Logline: A young prince’s destiny intertwined with ancient riddles and a perilous quest.
  • Author: Patricia A. McKillip
  • Publishing Year: 1976
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.0/5
The Riddle Master Trilogy

In a world where wizards have vanished and knowledge is concealed within riddles, Morgon, a humble farmer’s prince, emerges as a master of these enigmatic puzzles. His life takes a dangerous turn when he wins a crown from the deceased Lord of Aum, unleashing ancient, malevolent forces.

Morgon’s journey leads him to seek the High One, ruler of Erlenstar Mountain, with Deth, the High One’s Harper, at his side. As they venture through hostile realms, they face shape-shifters, untrustworthy allies, and an enduring mystery: the three stars on Morgon’s forehead, guiding him towards his ultimate destiny. Dive into this high fantasy epic that will keep you enthralled from the first page to the last.

13. Rhapsody: Child of Blood (Symphony of Ages Series)

  • Logline: A talented Singer’s epic journey in a wonder-filled fantasy world.
  • Author: Elizabeth Haydon
  • Publishing Year: 1999
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.97/5
The Symphony of Ages Elizabeth Haydon

Rhapsody, a gifted Singer, finds herself entangled in events that could reshape the world. Fleeing from a persistent old flame, she unexpectedly encounters two mysterious half-breeds. What seems like a timely rescue quickly turns into an abduction, thrusting Rhapsody into a grand adventure that spans centuries.

Journey with her across a vivid fantasy realm, where the melodies of her songs resonate and the heat of ancient forges can be felt. Elizabeth Haydon’s “Rhapsody: Child of Blood” is an immersive tale of magic, romance, and destiny, set in a world so richly detailed, it feels palpably real.

12. Forsaken House (The Last Mythal Series)

  • Logline: Ancient grudges awaken in a world of half-demon, half-elf monsters.
  • Author: Richard Baker
  • Publishing Year: 2004
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.06/5
Forsaken House

Within the mystical realms of the Forgotten Realms, where dungeons and dragons roam, a chilling tale unfolds. Half-demon, half-elf abominations lurk in the shadows, threatening the very essence of the High Forest, Evereska’s mountains, and even the hallowed halls of Evermeet. They seek a lost birthright, a legacy buried in the depths of time, forgotten even by those who imprisoned them.

Meet House Dlardrageth, an ancient cabal of demon-spawned sun elves, consumed by a burning thirst for vengeance against the elven realms that once vanquished them. In this tumultuous landscape, Araevin, an elf mage from Evereska, stumbles upon Dlardrageth’s resurgence, setting the stage for a battle where he may need to sacrifice his very sanity to thwart their malevolent designs.

As ten millennia of hubris, betrayal, failure, and retreat reach their climax, the fate of this fantastical world hangs in the balance. Richard Baker’s “Forsaken House” will transport you into a gripping high fantasy adventure where ancient enmities resurface with a vengeance.

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11. The Dark Tide (Mithgar Series)

  • Logline: Warrows rise against the encroaching dark tide.
  • Author: Dennis L. McKiernan
  • Publishing Year: 1984
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.87/5
The Mithgar series

Tuck Underbank, a Warrow with jewel-like eyes, resides in the serene Boskydells. But when an unnatural, chilling winter strikes and the malevolent Modru threatens, Tuck and his fellow Thornwalkers rally to the High King’s side.

As the Dimmendark, a menacing blizzard, engulfs the land, Tuck realizes the impending “dark tide” might drown them all. Despite their small stature and fiery nature, the Warrows join the military ranks. Yet, the High King’s forces are outnumbered, facing a horde of monstrous adversaries. A disastrous battle ensues, separating the comrades and casting a shadow over their fate.

10. The Elven (Die Elfan Series)

  • Logline: A demon wreaks havoc; elves and humans unite.
  • Author: Bernhard Hennen, James A. Sullivan
  • Publishing Year: 2004
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.10/5
The Elven

A ruthless demon is unleashed, causing devastation in both human and elven realms. Northlander Jarl Mandred witnesses this horror and, fueled by vengeance, joins forces with the elf queen, Emerelle.

Despite the vast differences between their races, they launch an elfhunt, recruiting Albenmark’s mightiest warriors: Farodin, a formidable fighter, and Nuramon, a gifted healer. Together, they embark on a quest spanning parallel universes, seeking to avenge past wrongs and shape destinies yet unwritten. “The Elven” is a riveting tale of unity, heroism, and fate, transcending the boundaries of worlds.

9. The Last Wish (The Witcher Series)

  • Logline: A magic-wielding Witcher confronts monsters and moral dilemmas.
  • Author: Andrzej Sapkowski (Translated by Danusia Stok)
  • Publishing Year: 1993
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.14/5
The Witcher

Geralt, revered and despised as the Witcher, possesses unique magical abilities, honed by rigorous training and a special elixir. This makes him an unparalleled fighter and a relentless assassin. His primary foes? The myriad monsters terrorizing the land and threatening the innocent.

Yet, Geralt’s world isn’t simply black and white. Not all that appears monstrous is evil, and not all that seems fair is good. As with every fairy tale, there’s always a grain of truth lurking beneath. Dive into this high fantasy tale where magic, morality, and monsters intertwine.

8. Tinker (Elfhome Series)

  • Logline: A brilliant inventor faces an otherworldly adventure for her first kiss.
  • Author: Wen Spencer
  • Publishing Year: 2003
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.08/5

In the near-future Pittsburgh, where technology meets magic, Tinker, a genius inventor, runs a salvage business to keep the local magic in check with her gadgets. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when a chase between wargs and an Elven noble leads them into her scrap yard.

Tinker is thrust into a world of Elven court politics, government agencies, and interdimensional intrigue, all while trying to focus on what really matters—her first date. With her colossal intelligence, steel-toed boots, and an indomitable spirit, Tinker is ready to face it all, even if it means kicking some serious butt. Dive into this blend of urban fantasy, science fiction, and romance, and join Tinker on her extraordinary journey.

7. The Elvenbane (Halfblood Chronicles )

  • Logline: Half-elf Shana, raised by dragons, defies the Elvenlords.
  • Author: Andre Norton & Mercedes Lackey
  • Publishing Year: 1991
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.96/5
The Elvenbane

“The Elvenbane” is a captivating tale crafted by two masters of epic fantasy, Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey. At its heart is Shana, a unique halfbreed born from the forbidden love between an Elvenlord and a human.

Orphaned early, she finds solace and upbringing among the ancient and secretive dragons, a race unknown to both elves and humans. Shana’s very existence embodies a Prophecy that the mighty Elvenlords deeply fear. As she grows, her destiny unfolds, leading her on an enthralling adventure that promises to become an instant favorite for every fantasy lover.

6. Homeland (The Dark Elf Trilogy)

  • Logline: Drizzt Do’Urden’s perilous journey from the shadowy Underdark.
  • Author: R.A. Salvatore
  • Publishing Year: 1990
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.26/5
The Dark Elf Trilogy

Dive deep into the origin story of the legendary Drizzt Do’Urden, a standout character in the fantasy realm. “Homeland” unveils the gripping tale of how Drizzt, a drow ranger first introduced in The Icewind Dale Trilogy, emerged from the treacherous depths of the Underdark, defying an evil society and a family that sought his end.

Born as the third son to Mother Malice and weaponmaster Zaknafein, Drizzt was destined for sacrifice to the wicked Spider Queen, Lolth. Yet, fate intervened, sparing him but casting him further into family disdain. As he matures, mastering the blade and attending the Academy, Drizzt grapples with his unique sense of morality in a world that seems devoid of it. “Homeland” is the captivating opener to the Dark Elf Trilogy and the Legend of Drizzt series, a must-read for lovers of epic fantasy adventures.

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5. The Outstretched Shadow (The Obsidian Trilogy)

  • Logline: A mage’s discovery challenges a city’s beliefs.
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory
  • Publishing Year: 2003
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.02/5
The Obsidian Trilogy

Kellen Tavadon grew up in the Golden City of the Bells, believing in the benevolent guidance of the Council of Mages led by his father. In a city where High Magic is the norm and women are deemed unfit for it, Kellen’s world is turned upside down when he stumbles upon the forbidden Books of Wild Magic.

This discovery awakens him to a world beyond the city’s walls, where magic is alive and vibrant, not bound by stringent rules. But with this newfound knowledge comes danger. Banished and pursued by the Outlaw Hunt, Kellen finds an unlikely ally in a unicorn.

As he delves deeper into the world of Wild Magic, meeting elves and confronting demons, he begins to question everything he knew. With the looming threat of the Demons from Obsidian Mountain, the fragile alliance between High and Wild Magic is at stake, and Kellen must decide where his loyalties lie.

4. The Sword of Shannara (The Shannara Trilogy)

  • Logline: Uncover the epic tale of Shea Ohmsford and the Sword of Shannara.
  • Author: Terry Brooks
  • Publishing Year: 1977
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.76/5
The Sword of Shannara Trilogy 1

Nestled in the tranquil Shady Vale, Shea Ohmsford’s life takes a tumultuous turn when the enigmatic Allanon reveals a sinister plot by the supposedly vanquished Warlock Lord to plunge the world into darkness. The fate of all rests on the legendary Sword of Shannara, a weapon wieldable only by a true heir of Shannara.

With Shea as the last hope, he must flee from the clutches of the malevolent Skull Bearer, embarking on an unforgettable adventure to save his homeland. Terry Brooks’ enthralling tale is a classic in the fantasy genre, filled with magic, epic battles, and a hero’s journey you won’t want to miss.

3. The Soulforge (The Dragonlance Chronicles)

  • Logline: A young mage’s destiny unfolds in a world of magic.
  • Author: Margaret Weis (Foreword by Tracy Hickman)
  • Publishing Year: 1998
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.18/5
The Dragonlace Trilogy

At just six years old, Raistlin Majere encounters an archmage who sees potential in him and enrolls him in a prestigious school of magic. As Raistlin navigates the complexities of his studies, those around him notice ominous shadows gathering over him, mirroring the looming darkness over all of Ansalon.

His journey towards becoming a wizard is fraught with challenges, culminating in the Dread Test at the Tower of High Sorcery. This test, more than any other experience, will shape Raistlin’s destiny and change his life forever. Dive into this high fantasy epic and witness the forging of a mage’s soul.

2. Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle)

  • Logline: A farm boy’s discovery of a dragon egg sets him on a path of destiny and magic.
  • Author: Christopher Paolini
  • Publishing Year: 2002
  • Goodreads Rating: 3.94/5
The Inheritance Cycle

Imagine a world where dragons soar the skies and magic weaves through the very air you breathe. That’s the mesmerizing realm you’ll journey through in Christopher Paolini’s “Eragon.” When a simple farm boy named Eragon stumbles upon a mysterious blue stone in the forest, he has no idea that this chance discovery will change his life forever.

As the stone hatches a dragon, Eragon is thrust into an ancient legacy, one that has the power to shape the fate of the entire Empire. Armed with an ancient sword and guided by the wisdom of an old storyteller, he embarks on a perilous adventure filled with magic, danger, and the relentless pursuit of an evil king.

Can Eragon rise to the challenge and become a legendary Dragon Rider? The destiny of the Empire hangs in the balance in this epic tale of courage and destiny.

1. The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings)

  • Logline: One Ring to rule them all, but can Frodo destroy it?
  • Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Publishing Year: 1954
  • Goodreads Rating: 4.39/5
Lord of The Rings

In the realm of Middle-earth, a tale of epic proportions begins. The Dark Lord Sauron, who once forged the malevolent One Ring, seeks to reclaim it. Yet, the Ring has unexpectedly fallen into the hands of the humble hobbit, Frodo Baggins.

As Frodo embarks on a treacherous journey across Middle-earth, he must reach the Cracks of Doom to destroy the Ring and thwart Sauron’s sinister plans. Joined by a diverse fellowship, including elves, dwarves, and men, Frodo’s quest becomes a heroic struggle against the forces of darkness.

Tolkien’s timeless classic, “The Fellowship of the Ring,” is a masterpiece that beckons you into a world of enchantment and adventure.

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