Evolution Begins with a Big Tree Chapter 109

The gripping tale of “Evolution Begins with a Big Tree” sees a significant turn as the arc concludes with the demise of formidable figures. The powerful individuals who sought the divine flower met their end, leaving the dragon guards’ ranks seven, eight, and nine in ruins. The prodigious Zhao and the Lord of the Gourmet City met their fate in battle, while the whereabouts of Ling’er and Wang Hao remain shrouded in mystery.

Mysteries of the Fox Clan

The narrative introduces two enigmatic foxes set to join Misty Mountain. The Fox Clan, protectors of a divine herb, find themselves in a fierce battle against the Tiger Clan. As the story unfolds, we learn of the White Tiger’s ambitions to establish his own clan in Misty Mountain, akin to the Gorilla and Rat Clans.

The Tiger Clan’s five generals play pivotal roles, with one succumbing and the others aligning with the White Tiger. The Foxes, led by the formidable Nine Tails, establish their dominance in the Misty Mountains, setting the stage for future power dynamics.

The Misty Mountain Tournament Arc

Evolution Begins with a Big Tree Chapter 108 RECAP

An upcoming arc promises exhilarating battles and showcases of strength. The Misty Mountain Tournament will feature powerful figures like the White Fox, Emperor Butterfly, Hei Hu (Black Tiger), and others. The coveted prize? The Light elemental flower. The Darkness elemental flower’s fate remains uncertain, adding another layer of intrigue to the tale.

Release Schedule: Evolution Begins with a Big Tree Chapter 109

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
IndiaSaturday, September 23, 202308:30 PM
Central EuropeSaturday, September 23, 202305:00 PM
New YorkSaturday, September 23, 202311:00 AM
Pacific TimeSaturday, September 23, 202308:00 AM
Eastern EuropeSaturday, September 23, 202306:00 PM
PhilippinesSaturday, September 23, 202311:00 PM
SingaporeSaturday, September 23, 202311:00 PM
JapanSunday, September 24, 202312:00 AM
AustraliaSunday, September 24, 202301:00 AM
Eastern IndonesiaSunday, September 24, 202312:00 AM
South KoreaSunday, September 24, 202312:00 AM

Where to Catch the Next Chapter?

For those eager to dive into the next chapter, “Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 109” will be available in its raw form on Kuaikan Manhua.

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Final Thoughts:

“Evolution Begins with a Big Tree” masterfully weaves a tale of power, ambition, and alliances. As the story progresses, readers are left pondering the balance of power in Misty Mountain and the fate of its inhabitants. The upcoming chapter is set to unravel more mysteries and introduce new dynamics.

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