The Valdemar Series by Mercedes Lackey

The Valdemar Series is an expansive and enduring fantasy series created by prolific author Mercedes Lackey. Spanning numerous books and anthologies, this series is set in the magical kingdom of Valdemar, a land inhabited by humans and magical creatures. At the heart of the series is the mystical bond between humans and intelligent, empathic horse-like creatures known as Companions.

Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar Series is celebrated for its rich world-building, engaging characters, and its exploration of themes like friendship, bravery, and the balance between magic and responsibility.

AuthorMercedes Lackey
Number of BooksOver 40 novels and numerous short stories and anthologies
Publication Years1987 – present

Themes and Motif

  • Friendship and Bond: The deep, empathic bond between Heralds and their Companions forms a central theme, highlighting the power of friendship and trust.
  • Duty and Responsibility: The series explores the moral obligations and sacrifices that come with power, as Heralds must protect the kingdom from various threats.
  • Acceptance and Diversity: Valdemar embraces individuals with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and appearances, promoting acceptance and inclusion.
S no.Book’s NameYear of PublicationBook’s Price
1The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy: Magic’s Pawn1989Check Price
2The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy: Magic’s Promise1990Check Price
3The Last Herald-Mage Trilogy: Magic’s Price1990Check Price
4The Collegium Chronicles: Foundation2008Check Price
5The Collegium Chronicles: Intrigues2010Check Price
6The Collegium Chronicles: Changes2011Check Price
7The Collegium Chronicles: Redoubt2012Check Price
8The Collegium Chronicles: Bastion2013Check Price
9The Herald Spy Trilogy: Closer to Home2014Check Price
10The Herald Spy Trilogy: Closer to the Heart2015Check Price
11The Herald Spy Trilogy: Closer to the Chest2016Check Price
12Brightly Burning2001Check Price
13Vows and Honor: The Oathbound1988Check Price
14Vows and Honor: Oathbreakers1989Check Price
15Vows and Honor: Oathblood1998Check Price
16Exile’s Honor2002Check Price
17Exile’s Valor2003Check Price
18Take a Thief2001Check Price
19Arrows of the Queen1987Check Price
20Arrow’s Flight1987Check Price
21Arrow’s Fall1988Check Price
22The Mage Winds Trilogy: Winds of Fate1991Check Price
23The Mage Winds Trilogy: Winds of Change1992Check Price
24The Mage Winds Trilogy: Winds of Fury1993Check Price
25The Mage Storms Trilogy: Storm Warning1994Check Price


  • Critical Reception: The Valdemar Series has received positive reviews for its imaginative world, character development, and themes of empathy and acceptance.
  • Reader Reception: Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar books have gained a dedicated and passionate fanbase who appreciate the series’ warmth, rich mythology, and the enduring bonds between characters and Companions.
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Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar series includes numerous trilogies and standalone novels, each exploring different aspects of the world and its history.
  • The series has inspired fan communities and even fan-created works set in the Valdemar universe.
  • Mercedes Lackey often explores LGBTQ+ themes in her works, including same-sex relationships and characters with diverse gender identities, contributing to the series’ inclusive and progressive nature.

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