The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind

The “Sword of Truth” is a popular epic fantasy series written by Terry Goodkind. This series is known for its intricate world-building, well-defined characters, and exploration of philosophical and ethical themes. Spanning multiple books, it tells the story of Richard Rahl, a young woodsman who discovers his destiny as the Seeker of Truth and his journey to confront the dark forces of the world, particularly the ruthless and enigmatic Emperor Jagang.

Terry Goodkind’s series has garnered a dedicated fanbase, and it has been influential in the fantasy genre.

AuthorTerry Goodkind
GenreEpic Fantasy
Number of Books21 (including main series, prequels, and standalone novels)
Publication Years1994 – 2020 (for the main series)

Main Characters

  • Richard Rahl: The protagonist and Seeker of Truth, Richard battles the forces of darkness with his exceptional swordsmanship and moral strength.
  • Kahlan Amnell: A powerful confessor and Richard’s love interest, she plays a central role in the series.
  • Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander: A wise and enigmatic wizard who guides Richard on his quest.
  • Emperor Jagang: The primary antagonist, a ruthless ruler who seeks to conquer the world.

Themes and Motif

  • Good vs. Evil: The series explores the age-old conflict between light and darkness, often challenging traditional notions of morality.
  • Freedom and Individualism: A recurring theme is the value of individual freedom and the fight against oppressive regimes.
  • Magic and Power: The use and abuse of magical abilities are central to the plot, with the consequences of power explored in depth.

“Sword of Truth” Series in Order

S no.Book’s NameYearBook’s Price
1Wizard’s First Rule1994Check Price
2Stone of Tears1995Check Price
3Blood of the Fold1996Check Price
4Temple of the Winds1997Check Price
5Soul of the Fire1999Check Price
6Faith of the Fallen2000Check Price
7The Pillars of Creation2001Check Price
8Naked Empire2003Check Price
9Chainfire2005Check Price
10Phantom2006Check Price
11Confessor2007Check Price
12The Omen Machine2011Check Price
13The Third Kingdom2013Check Price
14Severed Souls2014Check Price
15Warheart2015Check Price


  • Critical Reception: “Sword of Truth” has received mixed critical reviews, with praise for its engaging plot and criticism for its philosophical and moral themes, which some find heavy-handed.
  • Reader Reception: The series has a dedicated fanbase and has sold millions of copies worldwide. Readers often appreciate its epic scope and the moral dilemmas faced by the characters.
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Adaptations The “Sword of Truth” series was adapted into the television series “Legend of the Seeker,” which aired from 2008 to 2010.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Terry Goodkind’s background in painting and wildlife art influenced his vivid descriptions of the natural world in the series.
  • The “Sword of Truth” series is known for its exploration of Objectivism, a philosophical system developed by Ayn Rand, and its ideas are interwoven into the narrative.

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