The Moontide Quartet by David Hair

“The Moontide Quartet” is a captivating fantasy series penned by David Hair. Set against the backdrop of two continents, Urte and Antiopia, which are divided by impassable seas, the story unfolds around the Moontide — a period when a magical bridge, the Leviathan Bridge, emerges every 12 years, linking the continents and allowing for trade and war between them. The series revolves around an impending crusade led by the west (Urte) to conquer the east (Antiopia).

Throughout the four books, Hair presents a myriad of characters from diverse backgrounds, each contributing to the complex tapestry of politics, romance, magic, and war that characterizes the series.

The series is lauded for its intricate world-building, well-drawn characters, and an ability to delve into deep sociopolitical themes reminiscent of our own world’s conflicts and prejudices.

AuthorDavid Hair
Number of Books4
Publication Years2012 – 2015

Main Characters

  • Alaron Mercer: A mage-in-training who faces challenges that test both his magical abilities and moral compass.
  • Ramita Ankesharan: A merchant’s daughter who finds herself at the center of political intrigue and war.
  • Elena Anborn: A spy and assassin with a deeply personal stake in the outcome of the crusade.
  • Gurvon Gyle: A cunning and manipulative mage with his own ambitions and allegiances.

Themes and Motif

  • Power and Ambition: The series delves deep into the lengths individuals and nations will go to attain power.
  • Love and Sacrifice: Personal relationships play a pivotal role, influencing grand decisions on the geopolitical stage.
  • Prejudice and Unity: “The Moontide Quartet” shines a light on the biases of its world’s cultures, pushing characters to overcome or succumb to them.
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The Moontide Quartet Series in Order

S no.Book’s Name(Year)Book’s Price
1Mage’s Blood (2012)Check Price
2The Scarlet Tides (2013)Check Price
3Unholy War (2014)Check Price
4Ascendant’s Rite (2015)Check Price


  • Critical Reception: “The Moontide Quartet” has received praise for its multifaceted characters, intricate plotlines, and its ability to draw parallels with real-world religious and political conflicts.
  • Reader Reception: Fans appreciate the series for its mature approach to fantasy, offering complex characters and moral dilemmas that resonate with a wide range of readers.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • The Leviathan Bridge, a central element of the series, was inspired by real-world wonders and the potential for cultural exchange and conflict they represent.
  • Hair’s choice to base the series around a 12-year cycle (the Moontide) adds a unique urgency to the plot, as characters must grapple with the consequences of events set into motion during each Moontide.

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