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The “Lightbringer Series,” authored by Brent Weeks, is a captivating and intricately woven high fantasy series that consists of five books. This series is celebrated for its complex magic system, morally ambiguous characters, and a richly developed world where light is both a source of power and a tool for manipulation.

AuthorBrent Weeks
Number of Books5
Publication Years2010 – 2019

Main Characters

  • Gavin Guile: The Prism, a powerful drafter who can manipulate all colors of light, is central to the series.
  • Kip: A seemingly ordinary teenager who discovers his extraordinary abilities.
  • Karris White Oak: Gavin’s sister and a strong leader in her own right.
  • Andross Guile: Gavin’s cunning and manipulative father, a significant antagonist.

Themes and Motifs

  • Magic and Light: The magic system revolves around the manipulation of light, using it as both a source of power and a means of control.
  • Morality and Ambiguity: The series explores the complexities of morality, with characters who straddle the line between hero and villain.
  • Politics and Power: Intricate political intrigue and power struggles are central to the narrative.
  • Identity and Self-Discovery: Characters often grapple with questions of identity and purpose.

The Lightbringer Series in Order

S no.Book’s NameYearBook’s Price
1The Black Prism2010Check Price
2The Blinding Knife2012Check Price
3The Broken Eye2014Check Price
4The Blood Mirror2016Check Price
5The Burning White2019Check Price


  • Critical Reception: The “Lightbringer Series” is highly regarded for its innovative magic system, complex characters, and engrossing storytelling.
  • Reader Reception: It has garnered a dedicated fanbase and widespread acclaim for its depth and unpredictability.
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Trivia and Fun Facts

  • The magic system in the series is based on the concept of “Chromaturgy,” where characters can draft different colors of light, each with its unique properties and effects.
  • Brent Weeks is also known for his “Night Angel Trilogy,” another well-received fantasy series.
  • The series’ title, “Lightbringer,” refers to a significant prophecy and a central character’s role in it.

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