The Divine Cities by Robert Jackson Bennett

The “The Divine Cities” series, written by the imaginative Robert Jackson Bennett, is a unique blend of fantasy, mystery, and political intrigue. Spanning three books, the narrative is set in a world where divine miracles were once reality, but have now faded with the death of the gods. Cities built on miracles are now crumbling, and the series delves into the political, social, and moral complexities of this transition.

The story introduces readers to Shara Thivani, a spy, and Sigrud, her enigmatic, Viking-esque bodyguard, as they uncover deep-seated conspiracies, lost histories, and the remnants of divine power.

Drawing acclaim for its intricate plot and multifaceted characters, the series has been commended for innovatively melding genres and exploring the ramifications of power, faith, and history.

AuthorRobert Jackson Bennett
GenreFantasy, Mystery
Number of Books3
Publication Years2014 – 2017

Main Characters:

  • Shara Thivani: A brilliant spy and diplomat, Shara is driven to uncover the mysteries behind the Divine and the truth of their history.
  • Sigrud: A Dreyling bodyguard with a tragic past, his loyalty to Shara is unwavering, and his combat skills are unparalleled.
  • The Divinities: Once powerful beings who granted miracles to their cities, their fall has left a vacuum of power and intrigue.

Themes and Motif

  • Faith and Skepticism: The series grapples with the ideas of faith in the unseen and the consequences of the absence of belief.
  • Power and Control: With the loss of the Divinities, the struggle for power over the cities and their miracles is a central conflict.
  • History and Memory: How history is written, remembered, and manipulated plays a significant role throughout the series.
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The Divine Cities Series in Order

S no.Book’s Name(Year)Book’s Price
1City of Stairs (2014)Check Price
2City of Blades (2016)Check Price
3City of Miracles (2017)Check Price


  • Critical Reception: “The Divine Cities” has been celebrated for its fresh take on fantasy tropes, rich world-building, and intricate character development.
  • Reader Reception: The series has garnered a strong following, with fans praising its originality, depth, and suspense-filled narrative.


To date, there have been no film or television adaptations of “The Divine Cities” series.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Bennett has remarked that he was inspired to write the series by the history of colonialism and the complexities of culture and power.
  • The world of “The Divine Cities” is not just about magic but also delves into technology, with the combination giving it a unique steampunk ambiance.
  • The series is known for its twists and turns, with Bennett masterfully weaving unexpected developments into the narrative.

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