The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

Penned by the acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson, “The Stormlight Archive” is an epic fantasy series that delves into the world of Roshar, a realm defined by its frequent and powerful storms. The narrative follows multiple characters, each with their own intricate backstories and arcs, as they navigate political intrigue, war, and ancient mysteries.

Throughout the series, readers are introduced to the Knights Radiant, an ancient order with access to unique magical abilities granted by bonding with spren. The series touches on themes of leadership, honor, power, and the nature of reality.

AuthorBrandon Sanderson
Number of Books10 (planned)
Publication Years2010 – ongoing

Main Characters

  • Kaladin Stormblessed: A skilled spearman turned slave, who later discovers he has unique powers.
  • Shallan Davar: A young woman with a traumatic past, she studies to become a scholar and possesses the ability to create illusions.
  • Dalinar Kholin: A highprince known for his honor and integrity, he experiences visions of the ancient past.
  • Adolin Kholin: Dalinar’s son, a skilled duelist and loyal to his family.
  • Jasnah Kholin: A renowned scholar and Dalinar’s niece, she investigates the mysteries of their world.

Themes and Motif

  • Honor and Leadership: The series delves into what it means to be a leader and the weight of responsibility.
  • Memory and Identity: Characters grapple with their pasts and how it shapes their identities.
  • Magic and Power: The unique magic system of Roshar and its implications play a central role.

The Stormlight Archive Series in Order

S no.Book’s NameYearBook’s Price
1The Way of Kings2010Check Price
2Words of Radiance2014Check Price
2.5Edgedancer (Novella)2016Check Price
3Oathbringer2017Check Price
3.5Dawnshard (Novella)2020Check Price
4Rhythm of War2020Check Price


  • Critical Reception: “The Stormlight Archive” has been praised for its detailed world-building, complex characters, and innovative magic system.
  • Reader Reception: The series has garnered a dedicated fanbase and is often cited as one of the standout works in modern epic fantasy.
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Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Brandon Sanderson has mentioned that the series is planned to be two arcs of five books each.
  • The world of Roshar is heavily influenced by its stormy environment, affecting its ecology, culture, and architecture.
  • Sanderson often includes interludes between the main chapters, offering glimpses into other parts of Roshar and its diverse inhabitants.

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