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Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is a zombie horror comedy manga series crafted by the talented duo, writer Haro Aso and illustrator Kotaro Takata. This thrilling tale has captured the hearts of readers worldwide with its unique blend of horror, humor, and heartfelt moments. Now, fans have another reason to rejoice as the manga’s anime adaptation, produced by Bugs Films, premiered its first episode on July 9, 2023, igniting anticipation and excitement across the globe.

In the thrilling world of Zom 100, we encounter the extraordinary bucket list of our protagonist, Akira Tendou. Embracing his newfound freedom in a zombie-infested world, Akira embarks on a journey to fulfill his wildest dreams, penning them down as his personal bucket list. Zom 100 Anime started airing

What started as Akira’s individual aspirations soon became a shared endeavor among the main characters – Kenichirou, Shizuka, Takeru, and even Izuna. Their trust in each other grew, inspiring them to explore their childhood dreams and long-held desires. From confessing love to relishing mouthwatering sushi and trying out dreadlocks, the bucket list became a testament to their friendship and mutual support.

94 Dreams and Counting

zom 100 bucket list 94 100

The Thrilling Pursuit As the story unfolds, the bucket list swells to a whopping 94 entries, capturing the essence of each character’s hopes and ambitions. While some items have been ticked off, like Akira’s heartfelt confession and Shizuka’s dream of becoming a doctor, many remain unfulfilled, leaving the door open for exciting future developments.

S.NoListCompleted or NotWritten By
1Confess to the girl I lovedDoneAkira
2Clean my roomDoneAkira
3Loaf around and drink beer-all-dayDoneAkira
4Ride a motorcycleDoneAkira
5Try out dreadlocksDoneAkira
6Travel around the countryNot DoneAkira
7Pig out at a nice sushi restaurantDoneAkira
8See an auroraDoneAkira
9Wine and dine a flight attendantDoneAkira
10Grow a cool beardDoneAkira
11Marathon some games on a widescreen TVDoneAkira
12Stuff my face with all-you-can-eat crabsDoneAkira
14 SkydivingNot DoneAkira
15Get a solid gold watchDoneAkira
16Kick back in a hot springDoneAkira
17Ride an RVDoneAkira
18Go stay-at-home campingDoneAkira
19Paint an oil paintingDoneAkira
20Party at a show clubDoneAkira
21Learn SLR photographyDoneAkira
22Attempt cosplayDoneAkira
23Build a treehouseDoneAkira
24Learn EnglishDoneAkira
25Give free hugsDoneAkira
26Build a ship in a bottleDoneAkira
27Try SUP YogaDoneAkira
28Give an outdoor concertNot DoneAkira
29Win big at gamblingDoneAkira
30Binge read all 60 volumes of Three KingdomsDoneAkira
31Go home and spend time with my parentsDoneAkira
32Drink and laugh with my best budDoneAkira
33 Meet the woman of my lifeDoneAkira
34Become a Stand-Up ComicDoneKenichirou
35Remember my childhood dreamDoneAkira
36Become a superheroDoneAkira
37Tell off my jerk of a bossDoneShizuka
38Give back to my parentsDoneAkira
39Meet a girl via a Dating AppDoneKenichirou
40Make dad get hemorrhoid surgeryDoneAkira
41Bring a Smile to as many people as PossibleNot DoneKenichirou
42Become a doctorNot DoneShizuka
43Restore Nippon to its natural beautyNot DoneBeatrix
44Party on a Luxury Cruise ShipDoneKenichirou
45Swim with dolphinsNot DoneShizuka
46Live in a castleDoneBeatrix
47Waterfall MeditationDoneKenichirou
48Ride an ostrichNot DoneAkira
49Eat Yobuko SquidDoneBeatrix
50Hatsumode at Ise ShrineDoneBeatrix
51Chomp into a hunk of manga meatDoneAkira
52Reach the northernmost point in JapanDoneAkira
53Go on a Japanese Sake drinking spreeDoneBeatrix
54Make an original T-shirtNot DoneAkira
55Live on a deserted islandDoneAkira
56Cook on a Swedish TorchDoneKenichirou
57Stay in an overwater bungalowNot DoneAkira
58Play billiard soccerDoneAkira
59Video streamingNot DoneAkira
60See the sunrise from Mt. FujiNot DoneBeatrix
61Go canyoneeringDoneAkira
62Run a barDoneAkira
63Stay in a Penthouse SuiteDoneKenichirou
64Wear a fancy dressDoneShizuka
65Operate a robotDoneAkira
66Visit my Grandad’s graveDoneKenichirou
67Play the cajónNot DoneTakeru
68Be a Shikoku pilgrimDoneBeatrix
69Go on a marine walkNot DoneShizuka
70Drive a steam locomotiveDoneAkira
71Be entertained by GeishaDoneKenichirou
72Find a dinosaur fossilDoneAkira
73See a Yakushima cedarNot DoneBeatrix
74Pole fish a marlinDoneAkira
75Build a home theaterDoneShizuka
76Be part of a flash mobDoneAkira
77Have a Scare DareNot DoneTakeru
78Carve a Buddhist statueDoneBeatrix
79Try FastingDoneAkira
80Get my Teeth WhitenedDoneKenichirou
81Complete a SpartathalonDoneAkira
82Bathe in an oil drum bathDoneAkira
83Get a good night’s sleepNot DoneTakeru
84Pursue happinessNot DoneTakeru
85Have nothing to doDoneAkira
86Make soba noodlesNot DoneAkira
87Be a falconerNot DoneTakeru
88Smoke a hookahNot DoneTakeru
89HitchhikeNot DoneTakeru
90Experience zero gravityNot DoneTakeru
91Wander old ruinsDoneTakeru
92Be in a coffinNot DoneTakeru
93Stop living for other people’s sakesDoneIzuna
94Become a professional gamerNot DoneIzuna

The Ever-Growing Journey With each entry checked, new revelations emerge, and the plot thickens. Akira and his comrades find purpose and solace in chasing their dreams amidst a chaotic world. As the list expands, so does the saga, promising readers an extended and thrilling adventure.

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Why This Unusual Pursuit?

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead

Akira’s decision to create the bucket list symbolizes a refreshing approach to life – living to the fullest in the face of adversity. Instead of dwelling on despair, he chooses to embrace the joy of living by experiencing all the things he’s ever desired. This infectious enthusiasm rubs off on his friends, as they, too, recognize the significance of cherishing their aspirations.

A Showcase of Trust and Growth

Through this remarkable bucket list, Zom 100 portrays a narrative of trust and personal growth. Akira’s influence brings about transformative changes in his friends, inspiring them to follow their hearts and reignite long-lost passions. The list becomes a testament to their unwavering bond, as they embark on a journey of self-discovery, fearlessly facing the challenges of a zombie-infested world.

A Journey with No End in Sight As the characters’ dreams unfold, readers are drawn deeper into the story’s captivating twists and turns. The bucket list serves as a window into their minds and hearts, connecting them with the audience on a profound level. With 94 wishes and the possibility of countless more, the series promises an exciting and enduring adventure.

Closing Notes and Future Updates

As we conclude this enlightening exploration of Akira Tendou’s bucket list, we invite readers to join us in eagerly anticipating future additions to this thrilling saga. With each dream chased and ambition pursued, Zom 100 invites us to embrace life’s wonders and cherish the bonds we forge along the way. Stay tuned for more Zom 100-related articles, and embark on this rollercoaster journey of dreams, friendship, and survival.

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