Park Seo Joons Instagram Showdown With His Doppelganger

On a seemingly ordinary day, July 20, Park Seo Joon pulled off a move that left fans scratching their heads and laughing out loud. Sharing a picture of an Instagram account that bore an uncanny resemblance to the actor, he raised eyebrows with a sassy

“Who are you?”

The mysterious account titled “Nick and Judy couple’s newlywed life” had more tricks up its sleeve. Two photos graced its virtual walls—one an adorable snap of Park Seo Joon alongside the charming Park Bo Young, and the other, a seemingly blurred version of the actor himself.

However, the true magic was unveiled when curious followers clicked on the tagged account. Surprise! It turned out to be a clever marketing strategy for Park Seo Joon’s upcoming movie “Concrete Utopia,” where he stars as Minseong, and Park Bo Young steals hearts as Myunghwa. How clever, right?

The internet erupted in laughter and applause, praising the ingenious marketing ploy that had them hooked. And if that wasn’t enough, fans couldn’t resist teasing Park Seo Joon’s Wooga Squad comrade, Park Hyung Sik, about potential jealousy.

So, prepare yourselves for a romantic and thrilling ride as “Concrete Utopia” gears up to showcase the undeniable chemistry between Park Seo Joon and Park Bo Young. This marketing twist has certainly set the bar high, and fans are now more excited than ever for the movie’s release. Keep those eyes peeled for more surprises, courtesy of Park Seo Joon!

Written by

Rajat Mehta

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