Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok, the thrilling anime series, is set to captivate audiences once again as it enters its second season. With the mid-season break behind us, fans can prepare for an exhilarating conclusion that promises both enjoyment and some lingering weaknesses. In these five new episodes, the sixth round of the epic battle between humans and gods takes centre stage, giving viewers a closer look at one of the series’ beloved characters.

-minor spoilers ahead

Buddha’s Defection and the Clash of Ideologies

A Surprising Turn of Events: Buddha Joins the Human Side

Buddha vs Zerofuku

In a monumental twist, Buddha, a former human who achieved godhood through enlightenment, defies expectations by defecting to the human team. This unexpected move shakes the balance of power and injects new excitement into the ongoing battle. Buddha’s charismatic presence, striking design, and profound teachings make him an instant fan favorite, sparking curiosity about the impact he will have on the conflict between humans and gods.

Ideological Warfare: Buddha vs. Zerofuku

The clash between Buddha and Zerofuku, the God of Misfortune formed by the alliance of the Seven Lucky Gods, transcends physical combat and delves into the clash of their opposing ideologies. Zerofuku, once revered for his ability to alleviate pain, becomes consumed by envy when he witnesses the joy that Buddha’s teachings bring to humanity. The battle between these two forces explores moral arguments, unexpected twists, and the complexity of their characters, adding layers of depth to the series.

Finding a Harmonious Balance: Storytelling and Action

Record of Ragnarok’s distinctive structure, constantly shifting focus to different battles, adds to the excitement and keeps viewers engaged. The series breaks away from conventional storytelling by offering fresh perspectives and surprises with each confrontation. This unique approach ensures that the narrative remains dynamic and unpredictable, captivating fans with its ever-changing dynamics.

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The Struggle to Strike the Perfect Balance

While Record of Ragnarok weaves engaging narratives and explores historical figures and mythological deities, it faces the challenge of striking the right balance between storytelling and action. The series aims to deliver visually impressive fight scenes that seamlessly complement the overarching narrative. To establish itself among the top-tier anime series, Record of Ragnarok must find a harmonious blend that satisfies fans’ desire for both depth and thrilling action sequences.

Season 2’s Climactic Conclusion and Teasers for What Lies Ahead

As Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok reaches its climactic conclusion, viewers can expect a satisfying end to this chapter of the story. The intense battles, unexpected character developments, and thought-provoking narratives pave the way for an exciting future. With tantalizing teasers for the next round of battles, the series leaves fans eagerly anticipating the upcoming installments, promising even more epic clashes and captivating storytelling.

Evolution and the Quest for Resonance

Record of Ragnarok continues to evolve, aiming to secure its place among the greats of the anime world. The series acknowledges the divide among fans, with some gravitating toward the captivating storytelling and exploration of historical characters, while others crave awe-inspiring action scenes. By striking a balance between depth and scale, delivering engaging narratives, and captivating fight sequences, Record of Ragnarok has the potential to resonate with a broad range of fans, solidifying its status among the anime elite.


As Record of Ragnarok Season 2 unfolds, fans can anticipate a thrilling continuation of the battle between humans and gods. With Buddha’s surprising defection, clashes of ideologies, a unique storytelling structure, and the series’ ongoing quest to find the perfect balance, there is much to look forward to. As the epic battles unfold and the narrative progresses, Record of Ragnarok will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, cementing its place as an enthralling anime experience for fans worldwide.

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