Toji Fushiguro vs. Ryomen Sukuna

Jujutsu Kaisen, the anime series known for its breathtaking fights and compelling characters, has brought us some incredible battles. Among the intense showdowns, we find ourselves pondering a clash between two formidable villains: Toji Fushiguro and Ryomen Sukuna. In this analysis, we aim to determine who would emerge victorious in a face-off between these two powerhouses.

The Invincible Sukuna It’s undeniable that Sukuna would triumph over Toji Fushiguro in a direct confrontation. While acknowledging Toji’s impressive victories over Gojo and Geto, we must recognize that Sukuna operates on an entirely different level. Toji would find himself outmatched by Sukuna’s devastating cursed techniques, which are simply too potent for him to counter. Sukuna’s true power was revealed in his battle against Gojo, where even Toji’s triumph over Gojo was due to the latter’s limited abilities at the time.

An In-depth Analysis Now, let’s delve into a detailed category-by-category breakdown to understand why Sukuna would effortlessly overpower Toji Fushiguro.

Overall Skills

Toji’s Extraordinary Feats Toji Fushiguro, a non-jujutsu sorcerer with a natural affinity for the occult and devoid of cursed energy, remains one of history’s most powerful fighters. He bested renowned sorcerers like Satoru and the curse user Suguru Geto, even defeating the S-class curse Dagon within its own Domain Expansion. However, compared to Sukuna, Toji falls significantly short. Sukuna’s unrivaled power and status as the King of Curses make him the clear victor in this category.

Jujutsu Mastery

Sukuna vs Toji

A Disparity in Energy Toji may possess extraordinary physical prowess, but he lacks a trace of cursed energy—a unique case where his cursed energy was entirely erased. On the other hand, Sukuna, as an S-class cursed spirit, wields copious amounts of Cursed Energy. His adept management of occult energy is evident in his command over the Domain Expansion and Reverse Cursed Technique. Sukuna’s nearly boundless powers far exceed Toji’s unique manifestation, solidifying his dominance in this category.

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Combat Prowess

A Clash of Titans Toji’s physical strength and unparalleled speed set him apart from most individuals. His agility, reflexes, and mastery of various weapons make him a formidable opponent. However, Sukuna possesses superhuman strength, effortlessly obliterating buildings and fending off attacks from S-class curses. Sukuna’s incomparable quickness, resilience, and prowess in hand-to-hand combat make him an immensely challenging adversary. While Toji may surpass Sukuna with only two fingers, anything beyond that remains beyond his reach. Sukuna’s mastery of spells fused with physical prowess secures his victory in this category.

Intellectual Acumen

Toji vs sakuna as seen in manga

Minds of Strategic Genius Toji approaches his tasks with prudence, patience, and a wealth of knowledge regarding the Three Clans and their techniques. His keen combat intuition allows him to discern opponents’ skills swiftly. Sukuna, too, possesses exceptional intelligence. His comprehensive understanding of spells and cursed energy enables him to decipher their mechanics and devise countermeasures. While Toji’s strategic prowess is commendable, Sukuna’s ability to master techniques after a single encounter and formulate tailored strategies earns him an equal share of the points in this category.

The Unassailable Sukuna Considering the points above, it becomes abundantly clear that Toji Fushiguro stands no chance against the indomitable power of Sukuna. Whether Sukuna is considered the strongest or second-strongest character in the series (pending his battle with Gojo), Toji’s might pales in comparison. Sukuna’s overwhelming curses would swiftly dispatch Toji, leaving him powerless to counter such an extraordinary entity.

In this hypothetical clash, Sukuna emerges as the victor without a shadow of a doubt.

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