One Piece Chapter 1088

The latest installment of One Piece, Chapter 1087, showcased the intense battle unfolding on Pirate Island, Hachinosu. Garp, despite being weakened by Shiryu’s attack, continued his fight against his former disciple, Kuzan “Aokiji,” who is now aligned with the Blackbeard Pirates. As the clash between Garp and Kuzan resulted in a powerful explosion, concerns grew, but Garp reassured everyone that justice would prevail. However, Avalo Pizarro seized control of Hachinosu using his Devil Fruit power, creating a massive rock limb threatening the Navy ship attempting to escape the island.

Chapter 1087 left fans captivated with its rapid succession of events, but the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1088 promises an even more thrilling conclusion to the fierce battle within the Blackbeard Pirates’ lair. Let’s delve into the first anticipated details and see how the situation will unfold.

Garp’s Heroic Stand Against the Blackbeard Pirates

Garp, once capable of matching Gol D. Roger himself, continues to display his tremendous power despite his advanced age. With little assistance from Koby and the SWORD officers, Garp valiantly holds off several high-ranking members of the Blackbeard Pirates, including Kuzan and Shiryu. However, the situation is challenging. While Garp’s Haki-enhanced attacks inflicted damage on Kuzan, the latter had time to recover while Garp faced off against the others. Shiryu sustains minor injuries, whereas Garp suffers a severe wound to his abdomen at the hands of the wicked swordsman.

Garp’s Weakened State and Emotional Journey

The stab wound has significantly weakened Garp, potentially giving Kuzan and Shiryu the upper hand. The possibility of Garp sacrificing his life to save Koby and the Marines cannot be completely ruled out. However, it is essential to remember that Garp has already endured significant hardships. His son and grandson have become outlaws, and his former disciple, Kuzan, has now turned pirate. Garp’s involvement in the Paramount War left him torn about which side to take, and he feels responsible for indirectly contributing to Ace’s death. Garp’s character is highly respected in the One Piece franchise, with his unwavering loyalty to the Navy and his commitment to his own moral code.

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The Potential Intervention of Garp’s Navy Allies

Vice Admiral Tsuru and former Fleet Admiral Sengoku, lifelong colleagues and friends of Garp, might come to his aid. In Chapter 1082, Sengoku and Tsuru learn about Garp’s journey to Hachinosu, suggesting that they are likely en route to provide assistance. Rear Admiral Kujaku, Tsuru’s granddaughter, is among the young officers accompanying Garp, giving Tsuru further motivation to join the fight. Before their arrival, Sengoku and Tsuru may have already dispatched additional nearby Marines as initial reinforcements.

The Possibility of Smoker’s Timely Intervention

Tashigi, who is on the ship about to be attacked by Avalo Pizarro, might receive help from Smoker. Following the events of the Punk Hazard Arc, Smoker and Tashigi embarked on a mission to meet Dr. Vegapunk. Subsequently, Tashigi joined Garp’s team to rescue Koby. With Smoker not far behind, his Logia Devil Fruit powers could enable him to travel swiftly to Hachinosu and save the ship, Tashigi, and the other officers from Avalo Pizarro. Smoker, a seasoned Marine officer who adheres to his personal code of justice, has a history with Luffy, and this could be an opportunity for him to redeem himself as a formidable fighter.

The Unanticipated Aid and Intriguing Possibilities

While many expect the Marines to play a crucial role, it is possible that help may come from unexpected sources. Koby’s release from his cell by Perona in exchange for his assistance in freeing Gecko Moria opens the door for Moria’s involvement. Although Moria may not be strong enough to take on Kuzan or Shiryu directly, his Devil Fruit abilities could prove useful in the battle against the Blackbeard Pirates. Ochoku, the former ruler of Hachinosu and a former member of the Rocks Pirates, may also join the fight if he is imprisoned on the island.

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The Risk of Blackbeard’s Return and Garp’s Heroic Sacrifice

There is a looming possibility that Blackbeard and his crew, after their recent victory over Trafalgar Law and the Heart Pirates, might return to Hachinosu before the situation is resolved. Blackbeard aims to use a prominent Marine officer as leverage to pressure the World Government into granting Hachinosu the status of a legitimate country. Garp’s heroic efforts could result in Koby’s escape while the old Marine himself is captured, adding further motivation for Luffy to confront Blackbeard in the future.

As the events on Hachinosu reach their climax, the fate of Garp, Koby, and the Marines hangs in the balance. Whether through the timely arrival of Garp’s Navy allies, Smoker’s intervention, unexpected assistance from Moria and Ochoku, or the unyielding resolve of Garp himself, the outcome of the battle will soon be revealed in the highly anticipated One Piece Chapter 1088. Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion on Pirate Island!

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