Black Clover Chapter 365 Secres Sacrifice and Astas Return in a Battle Against Damnatios

Black Clover enthusiasts eagerly dove into the action-packed pages of chapter 365, which showcased the intense struggle of the Black Bulls against the formidable Damnatio Kira, the Paladin. As the battle unfolded, Secre Swallowtail faced a painful dilemma: protecting herself to maintain her healing spell or witnessing her cherished comrades succumb to defeat.

In the previous chapter, the Black Bulls embarked on their mission to buy crucial time for Vanessa and Finral to activate the Door of Fate spell. Unfortunately, Damnatio quickly identified Grey and Gauche as the primary threats and relentlessly targeted them. With hope dwindling, salvation arrived in the form of Secre Swallowtail.

As the opening scenes of chapter 365, aptly titled “Five Hundred Years of Solitude,” unfurled, Secre contemplated the limitations of her Sealing spell. Regrettably, her magic could only provide temporary relief by closing wounds rather than complete healing. This realization haunted her, as a defeat would unravel her spell. Sensing the danger, Magna urged Secre to keep a safe distance from Gordon and Henry, who could inadvertently drain her mana.

Undeterred, the Black Bulls launched a fierce assault on Damnatio Kira. Charmy Pappitson, wielding her Food Magic, attempted to bring Damnatio down with culinary creativity. However, the Paladin’s alternative powers became evident as he overcame the Magic Knights’ resistance.

Damnatio disclosed the astonishing revelation that certain Paladins had been granted a second magic type by Lucius Zogratis. In his case, Damnatio wielded the purified powers of Supreme Devil Baal, enabling him to employ Atmospheric Magic. With this invisible force, Damnatio began to engage the Black Bulls in a relentless battle, prompting Secre to experience a poignant flashback.

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Her mind wandered back through the corridors of time, contemplating the 500 years she had spent living solely to fulfill her mission. Such a prolonged existence could easily break even the strongest of souls. Secre’s survival, preserved in her avian form, hinged on completing her duty. However, when she encountered Prince Lumiere, he expressed gratitude for her service and encouraged her to seek happiness with her newfound friends within the Black Bulls. This newfound bond made Secre unwilling to let go, and witnessing her friends’ defeat devastated her.

As Damnatio infiltrated the Witch Queen’s lair, he callously disrupted the Witch Queen’s Door of Fate spell, obliterating the witches involved. Unable to bear her comrades’ suffering any longer, Secre desperately cried out for Asta’s aid.

In a fortuitous turn of events, Asta returned to the Clover Kingdom just in time. Grateful for the Black Bulls’ resilience, Asta expressed his gratitude before setting his sights on a showdown with Damnatio Kira. It was at this pivotal moment that Secre caught a glimpse of Lumiere within Asta, reinforcing her resolve.

In conclusion, Black Clover chapter 365 masterfully captured the Black Bulls’ desperate last stand against Damnatio Kira. With Asta’s long-awaited return, readers can anticipate a climactic battle as he draws upon his unwavering determination to avenge his fallen comrades. The stage is set for an electrifying chapter as Black Clover continues to enthrall its devoted fan base.

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