highlights from most liked anime twins of 2021

One of the most interesting relationships and chemistry to watch in an anime is between twins. 

There are so many animes that used twins in their storyline and it’s always a treat to watch the different dynamics of relationships among the siblings. Some are funny, some serious, and some very creepy.

In this post, you’ll be looking at 22 Popular Anime Twins and know what makes them special.

22. North & South Italy 

North South Italy

Anime: Hetalia 

About North

The anime runs on the plot of ‘What if nations were people?’. North is the younger twin brother of South and personifies the north-side of Italy. North is lively, active, and likes to flirt with girls. He also loves to eat and also prefers to be naked.

About South

South is the older twin of North and taller than him. He represents the south side of Italy. He is kind to women and strict with men. He also speaks in profanity. He doesn’t like foreign food.

North & South Relationship

The twin anime brothers spent their childhood away from eacH other. When they meet again, South was a bully to North and doesn’t like him. Even though North wants to stay with his brother, South shuns him away but he also subconsciously cares for him.

21. Linze & Elze Silhoueska

Linze Elze Silhoueska1

Anime: In Another World With My Smartphone

About Elze

Elze is an hour older twin sister of Linze. Elze has long silver hair and a small chest which sometimes makes her insecure. She is honest, positive, frank. She is not shy and can be perverse at times. 

About Linze

Linze is much more reserved than her older twin sister. She has smaller hair and a big bust that makes her look apart from Elze. Although Linze is shy, she doesn’t hold back from expressing her opinions and when angry, it is difficult to control her.

Linze & Elze Relationship

Though the gap between the birth of these twin sisters is very small, still Linze treats Elze as her big sister and shows respect towards her. On the other hand, Elze too is very protective of her younger sister and both share a beautiful bond.

20. Riko & Ako Suminoe

Riko Ako Suminoe

Anine: Kiss x Sis

About Ako

Ako is the older twin sister and looks identical to her sister except that she ties differently. She is bright and cheerful and also good at studying and all the housework too. Although she is a little in expressing her love.

About Riko

Riko is the younger twin and the complete opposite of Ako. She is lazy and bad at her studies. She’s also poor at physical activities and household work. But when it comes to expressing her love, she doesn’t hold back and goes all the way.

Riko & Ako Relationship

Both the anime twin sisters are madly in love with their stepbrother and often compete with each other to get his affections. They disagree on almost everything but when some other girls try to get close to their stepbrother, they act as a team and move them away.

19. Yuzuru & Kaguya Yamai

Yuzuru Kaguya Yamai

Anime: Date a Live II

About Yuzuru

Yuzuru is an astral spirit like her twin sister and both look the same except Yuzuru is a bit more curvaceous. But their personalities are the complete opposite. Yuzuru likes to speak in a robotic tone and wherever she gets the opportunity, she sneers at her sister. 

About Kaguya

Kaguya is friendly and frank, she is also very naive. Kaguya prides herself on being an astral spirit and tries to act cool to make herself look superior. But her shenanigans often make her object for teasing by her friends. She also gets embarrassed easily.

Yuzuru & Kaguya Relationship

The twin spirits sisters were actually part of one entity called Yamai. After the spirit of Yamai split into two, Yuzuru & Kaguya came into existence. The two often fight with each other to decide who is the real Yamai. Although the two fight, the only thing they want is each other’s happiness.

18. Chii & Freya 

Chii Freya

Anime: Chobits

About Freya

Freya is the older twin sister of Chii and a highly advanced robot with sentiments. Freya falls in love with her creator who already loves someone else. Freya tries suppressing her emotions but ends up malfunctioning her system.

About Chii

Chii is the younger twin of Freya. She was created to support Freya and get her out of her depression. She is an innocent and curious bot who desires to find someone that’s just made for her. 

Chii & Freya Relationship

The robotic anime twin sisters share a very deep bond. Chii tries hard to get Freya out of her lovesickness but she fails. Freya’s last wish was that Chii should find “the one just for her” so she doesn’t get heartbroken like her.

17. Mairu & Kururi Orihara 

Mairu Kururi Orihara

Anime: Durarara!!

About Kururi

Kururi is a 14-year-old young girl with short brown hair. She is reserved and less expressive. She is much more sensible than her twin sister and often calms down her sister Mairu. 

About Mairu

Mairu is the exact opposite of her sister Kururi. She is cheerful, outspoken, and perverted. She has long brown hair tied in braids. She is confident and friendly but when she is online, she acts like her sister.

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 Mairu & Kururi Relationship

When the anime twins were little, their older brother told him that to be different from each other or no one would care. Thus since childhood, the two sisters decided to assign each other distinct personalities so they can be totally different but at the same time compensate for each other’s shortcomings.

16. Nana & Momo Deviluke 

Nana Momo Deviluke

Anime: To LOVE-Ru

About Nana 

Nana is one of the princesses from the family of Devilukes. Like other members of Devilukes, she also possesses a unique ability. Hers is the ability to communicate with animals. On the surface, she appears to be a sadistic, rude, and shot-tempered personality but from the inside, she is actually a kind-hearted and helpful person.

About Momo 

Momo is the youngest Deviluke princess. She is well aware of her cute and childish looks. She tries her best to leverage her looks to stay an innocent person in front of other people but in reality, she is a pervert who is always fantasizing ecchi dreams about her dream crush Rito. 

Nana & Momo Relationship

Nana and momo share a close bond. Since childhood, their elder sister Lala had a big role in sorting out their small disputes. Despite having different views about school, love, and relationships both live together like best friends.  

15. Ram & Rem 

Ram Rem

Anime: Re:ZERO

About Ram

Ram is the elder twin and considered the better one among the two. She comes from the Orge clan and has pink hair. She is great at fighting, cooking, and everything else. She works as a maid for Roswal-sama. She doesn’t care much about other’s feelings and is outspoken and less compassionate.

About Rem

Rem is 16 and also a maid along with her sister Rem. Ever since her birth, she has remained in her sister’s shadow. She is shy and an introvert. She looks like Ram, except her hair is blue, and has a slightly bigger chest. Unlike her sister, she is very polite and kind-hearted.

Ram & Rem Relationship

Ram being the elder twin among the two, cares deeply for her little sister Rem. Their bond is very strong and the two can do anything for each other. While Rem is meek and reserved, Ram stands up for her sister at all times. The anime twins share an unbreakable sisterly bond.

14. Kagami & Tsukasa Hiiragi 

Serialbinger 1

Anime: Lucky Star

 About Tsukasa

Tsukasa is an average-looking girl with shoulder-length purple hair. She is a sweet and innocent girl, also very calm and friendly. She is very bad at studying and gets poor grades. She is the younger twin of Kagami and is considered below her by others.

About Kagami

Kagami is a 16-year-old schoolgirl with long light purple hair. She is the older twin of Tsukasa. She is a proper Tsundere, she is egoistic and rude. Due to her nature, she often finds herself alone. She is smart at studying but very messy at household work.

Kagami & Tsukasa Relationship

The anime twins are very different from each other both in personality and ability. But this difference doesn’t make them apart but brings them even closer because they complement each other. If one sister is lacking in one thing, the other one supports and helps her and vice versa.

13. Patty & Liz 

Patty Liz

Anime: Soul Eater

About Patty

Patrica Thompson or Patty used to be one of the top-class criminals in Brooklyn city. However, Patty’s persona doesn’t match her profession. She is extremely simple-minded and can tell any difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. The only thing that matters to her is her twin sister’s command. 

About Liz

Lis is the older twin. She differs from Patty in every aspect. Her appearance is quite bold. Unlike Patty, Liz is possessive about her looks and makeup. She is a smart woman and doesn’t refrain from using her charm to deceive men.

Patty & Liz Relationship

Patty and Liz were born to a prostitute. Abandoned, they were left to survive in New York City on their own. The twin sisters took control of their supernatural powers and grew together to become an infamous elite criminal duo known as the “Brooklyn Devils”.

12. Mariya & Shizu Shidō

Mariya Shizu Shido

Anime: Maria†Holic

About Mariya

Mariya is the twin sister of Shizu. In the anime, Maria cross-dresses as her brother Shizu for the most part. Maria is a nice girl and doesn’t like this cross-dressing stuff but has to do it despite that. She enters all boys’ school dresses as her brother Shizu and acts like a spoiled and ill-tempered person.

About Shizu

Shizu is an ill-tempered and arrogant boy who dresses up as his sister Maria and joins the all-girls school. For most of the anime, Shizu acts as Maria and does it without hesitation. Maria’s original nature is extremely soft and sophisticated, so Shizu tries to control his spoiled and irritable personality when acting as Maria.

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Shizu & Mariya Relationship

To fulfill the wishes of their grandmother, Shizu, and Maria, the anime twins decide to switch places and take each other’s role by cross-dressing. The twins get involved in a complicated play of acting like each other.

11. Sora & Haruka Kasugano 

Sora Haruka Kasugano

Anime: Sky of Connection

About Sora

Sora is the twin sister of Haruka. She is an absolute beauty with long white hair and pale skin. Other than her pretty looks, she is very lazy and lacks social etiquette. She doesn’t care about anyone other than her brother Haruka.

About Haruka

Haruka is 16 years old and twin brother of Sora. His looks are quite similar to that of her sister Sora but his personality is quite different from hers. He is kind, sociable and very friendly. He can be childish sometimes but maintains a level head in all situations.

Sora & Haruka Relationship

After the tragic loss of their parents, Sora and Haruka have always each other to rely on. Despite being siblings, both harbor feelings for each other that society won’t accept. In their relationship, Sora is always the aggressive one and Haruka is level-headed. These twin anime characters can creep you out.

10. Hideyoshi & Yuuko Kinoshita 

Hideyoshi Yuuko Kinoshita

Anime: Baka and Test 

About Yuuko 

Yuuko is the older twin sister of Hideyoshi. She is a 16-year-old girl with brown hair that reaches her shoulders. She is arrogant, rude, and very prideful. She gets angry very easily and takes it out on Hideyoshi. She is good at studying likes to read Yaoi Manga.

About Hideyoshi

Hideyoshi is 3 minutes younger than Yuuko. He looks exactly like her sister and the only way of differentiating them is that Hideyoshi wears a boy’s uniform. Unlike her sister, Hideyoshi is kind and chill. He likes drama and often has to cross-dress for his roles. He is bad at studying.

Hideyoshi & Yuuko Relationship

Yuuko is a total bully to Hideyoshi. She calls him an idiot for being bad at studies. She forces him to take her place when she is in danger and often punches him if he says or does something that Yuuko doesn’t like. Despite all that, these anime twins do care for each other.

9. Hansel & Gretel 

Hansel Gretel

Anime: Black Lagoon

About Hansel

Hansel is the twin brother of Gretel. Both look completely identical except that Gretel wears a long wig. They often switch into each other by cross-dressing to deceive the enemies. In battle, “Hänsel” uses a sharp, wicked-looking battle-ax.

About Gretel

There’s not much difference between the two twins. Gretel is sadistic, cruel, clever, and deranged just like her brother. She and her brother had a tortured childhood that turned them this way. Gretel uses an M-1918 Browning Automatic Rifle that appears to be bigger than ‘she’ is.

Hansel & Gretel Relationship

The sibling duo had a really rough childhood that made them so cynical and wary of others. The two share a strong bond and will do anything for each other. Their relationship is atypical due to their estranged past.

8. Megumi & Jun Yamamoto

Megumi Jun Yamamoto

Anime: Special A

About Megumi

Megumi is the older twin sister of Jun and the 4th ranking member of Special A. She communicates by writing her thought on a notepad to protect her voice. She is a kind girl and devoted to her group and will do anything to protect her brother and friends.

About Jun

Jun is the younger twin brother of Megumi and ranks 3rd in Special A. Jun has a split personality, his original self is shy around girls whereas his alter ego is a playboy. Jun try hard to not turn into his other self so he tends to be quiet and rarely gets associated with any conflicts.

Megumi & Jun Relationship

The anime twins share a very tight bond and both have a great love for music. The two are a member of Special A and always have each other’s back. Other than that, they don’t interfere in each other’s personal affairs.

7. Junko Enoshima & Mukuro Ikusaba 

Junko Enoshima Mukuro Ikusaba

Anime: Danganronpa

About Junko 

Junko is the female villain from the popular anime Danganronpa. She is a peculiar character with extremely cunning behavior and madness that goes beyond predictability. Her character takes quick shifts during the course of the show. But for the most part, she acts crazy and erratic. 

About Mukuro 

Mukuro is Junko’s younger twin sister. She excels in the art of war. Her combat skills are hard to match. Mukuro is very possessive about her sister Junko. Although Mukuro doesn’t like to get involved in evil deeds of killing the harmless but if Junko wants something done, she will do it at the cost of her life. 

Junko & Mukuro Relationship

As you can see from the image above, despite being twins, both looks quite different from each other. Mukuro looks up to Junko as her superior. Her admiration is all that matters for Mukuro. Junko on the other hand oppress her younger sister and doesn’t acknowledge Mukuro’s efforts.

6. Mei & Misaki

Mei Misaki

Anime: Another 

About Mei

Mei plays the main lead in the show. She has a distinct personality that is not hard to tell from her appearance. Her prosthetic eye is the result of a disease that she got when she was just four. Her eyes are of different shades therefore she covers one with a patch.

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About Misaki

Fujioka is the twin sister of Mei. While Mei is quiet and mostly sad, Misaka is a cheerful kid who loves joking around with friends. She looks very similar to Mia. Her eye colors are sharp red. Unfortunately, she suffers from leukemia. 

Mei & Misaki Relationship

Right from the beginning, Mei and Fujioka shared a tragic story. Right after the twin sisters were born, Mei got adopted by her mother’s sister. Mei was in elementary school when she discovered the truth about her family and her sister Fujio. Eventually, they started meeting in private and became best friends. 

5. Diva & Saya 

Diya Saya

Anime: Blood+

About Diva

Diva is the younger twin sister of Saya. Diva and Saya are not humans and as a result, possess supernatural powers. Diva has long black hair that makes her look different from Saya. Both grew up apart from each other and Diva had to live a harsher life. Diva is sadistic, bloodthirsty, fearless and she kills for fun.

About Saya

Saya is an innocent, cheerful girl with short hair who lived a happy life with her foster family. But some later events turn her into being resentful and broken. She hates not being a human and despises every one of her kind. 

Diva & Saya Relationship

Diva & Saya despite being twin sisters are completely different from each other in personality. The sisters lived apart, where Saya grew up in a happy environment, Diva had harsh early years that made her so vengeful. Both the sisters are enemies of each other. 

4. Ryou & Kyou Fujibayashi 

Ryou and Kyou Fujibayashi

Anime: Clannad

About Kyou

Kyou is a beautiful girl with long violet hair. She is the older twin sister of Ryou. She is bold, straightforward forward and a trash talker but also confident and wise. Her personality makes her quite popular in her school and she is much more famous among girls.

About Ryou 

Ryou is the younger twin sister and the shyer one of the two. She is the opposite of Kyou and less popular. She is kind and friendly. She is also an introvert and scared of confessing her feeling to others.

Ryou & Kyou Relationship

The twin sisters are very opposite of each other but the bond between them is very strong. Both fall in love with the same guy but are ready to give up on their love for each other. 

3. Yukio & Rin Okumura 

Yukio Rin Okumura

Anime: Blue Exorcist

About Rin 

Rin is the son of Satan and the older twin brother of Yukio. Rin is a very kind and passionate person who will do anything for his friends and family. He is carefree and sometimes acts stupidly which makes Youkio angry at him.

About Yukio

Yukio is a smart 16-year-old guy who is smart and mature. He is the exact opposite of Rin. Although he always tries to keep a level head, sometimes he becomes so angry that even Rin gets scared.

Yukio & Rin Relationship

These twin anime brothers are just like any other sibling brothers. They care about each other but also fight when angry. Even in bad moments they try to look after each other but don’t show too much emotion. The two have a pretty bitter-sweet relationship.

2. Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin

Hikaru Kaoru Hitachiin

Anime: Ouran High School Host Club

About Kaoru

Kaoru is the younger twin brother. Despite being the younger one, he is more mature and sensible than his Hikaru. Although when he’s with Hikaru, he becomes just like him and does a lot of silly things.

About Hikaru

Hikaru is the immature and goofy older twin brother. Both him and Kaoru looks the same with minor difference in the hairstyles. Hikaru is childish and obsessive but respectful at the same time.

Hikaru & Kaoru Relationship

The anime twin brothers are inseparable from each other and are highly dependant on one another. No matter what the situation, both of them are very protective of each other. When together all they do is do funny stuff and confuse people with their identity.

1. Yoh & Hao Asakura

Yao and Hao

Anime: Shaman King

About Yoh

Asakura Yoh is the righteous heir of the Asakura family. He dreams of becoming the Shaman King someday. His attitude, however, doesn’t seem to align with his dreams. He has a signature phrase, “Everything will work out” that he uses alot.

About Hao

Asakura Hao is the second descendant of the Asakura family. He sits at the throne of Shaman King. He has a cold personality and doesn’t like to associate his name with the Asakura’s. 

Yoh & Hao’s Relationship

Yoh and Hao were raised in different families and never really got a chance to live together. Hao had a bigger purpose to serve and Yoh’s only goal in life was to be a Shaman King. He looked up to his brother as a source of motivation although, his family didn’t want him to get closer to his twin brother. 

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