18 Best Anime Weapons Evey Anime Fan Wish to Own

Should I tell you something? Do not expect something cliche from the Anime industry. The unusual and unseen is the art of Anime.

From unique personality characters to sublimely planned scenes, everything is just flabbergasting. Not to miss the list of weapons, which make you scratch your head. When it comes to comparison, each Anime weapon is just beyond amazing. So, I will bring to you the best Anime weapons I’ve come across.

These weapons are not limited to simple tools. Anime opens the door to endless creativity through human weapons. The list below is totally refined to include the most lethal and badass Anime weapons.

18. Ea 

Anime: Fate/Zero


Another mighty weapon on it’s way. The Sword of Rupture is the most dynamic of all supernatural weapons. Also known as Ea in the Noble Phantasms of the Fate Universe. 

Gilgamesh wields Ea. This position suits him as a ruler is potent to use it. It adds a sublime beauty to Gilgamesh. 

Ea has an odd and dull shape. This roots to the fact that it was created before the idea of a sword came into existence. Despite this appearance, it is an excellent weapon when it comes to practical use. 

Ea is used for close combat to squash out the opponent. It perfectly pierces through Rider’s body to pluck things inside him. Nevertheless, it is a treasure for Gilgamesh. 

17. The Dominator 

Anime: Psycho-Pass

The Dominator
The Dominator

A different Anime weapon to amaze you with its box of features. The Dominator is an exemplary firearm. This special weapon is carried by the members of the Public Safety Bureau. 

The Dominator has an operating Sibyl System where the users of this gun are registered. It detects the identity of the person holding it. Thus, performing only to the voices of the registered users.

The Dominator is more like a computerized gun capable of transmitting information and data. It checks the level of crime the target is willing to perform. On the basis of which it functions otherwise not. 

A blue bullet fires out from the firearm when the suspicion is fulfilled. 

16. Excalibur 

Anime: Fate Series


Excalibur is the most pious and well-built sword. This stately sword belongs to King Arthur. The Anime sword is no less than a solid picture of her personality and beliefs. 

The creation of Excalibur dates back to 14000 years. Six great Fairies generated it to defend White Titans. The great Anime sword bears Fairy Letters on it. 

To call Excalibur merely an elegant weapon would be too low. It is majestic not because of its appearance but the hope it gives out.

The hope people have in its ability to save them. It is kept clothed in Invisible Air so as to increase the destructive capacity. It is revealed to charge it’s golden version. The specialty of Excalibur is its golden version. This version brings out immense power from the sword.

15. Grell’s Chainsaw 

Anime: Black Butler

Grells Chainsaw

The Death Scythe is a badass Anime weapon flaunted by Grim Reapers. It is used for both checking and gathering souls. The main purpose of a Death Scythe is to provide the memories of a human through their Cinematic Record.

Grell Sutcliff initially operated as Madam Red’s butler. Until she switched to a Grim Reaper. She finds it too boring to use the obsolete Death Scythe. Hence, changed their Death Scythe into a chain saw. This chainsaw is absolutely perfect. It can slice through anything.

Grell’s Death Scythe is seized at the completion of the Jack Ripper Arc. However, in the Circus Arc, she gets her assets back.

14. Dragonslayer 

Anime: Berserk

Guts Dragonslayer

That is gigantic! No not the giants from AOT, we’ll come to that later. This Anime weapon is a huge sword. The huge Anime sword was initially unused due to its primitive shape. Gut discovered it during a fight. He shaped into a practicable sword.

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When used along with Gut’s Berserk Armor, it just breaks through anything and everything. The dragonslayer is used to destroy innumerable apostles. It is the only weapon that even injures the members of the God Hand.

The hefty Anime weapon can counter as many opponents at once. It shakes off the apostles both on the outside and inside. The most talked-about limitation actually benefits Gut. The huge weight of the Anime sword smashes out the opponents. The broader part acts as a safeguard too!

13. Maka Albarn’s Scythe 

Anime: Soul Eater

Maka Albarns Scythe

Told ya Anime brings out of the box cinema. Maka studies at Death Weapon Meister Academy. A school where the ability to transform into weapons is taught.

The Anime character is an adept scythe meister. Her rank is two-star. Initially, she was slightly dependent on her partner for her skills. Gradually, she enhanced her scythe handling skill on her own.

Maka unintentionally began to use her inherited feature from her father. This power of Demon Weapon gives her the innate talent to transform into scythe blades. The blades are so sharp that they prick Asura effectively. An ability alien to anyone in the Soul Eater Anime that activates when Maka is knocked out. 

Maka is disappointed by her father, Spirit’s strategies. Thus she decides to follow her mother’s steps. She wanted to turn her partner, Soul Eater into a Death Scythe. This Anime weapon would be more effective as compared to her father.

12. Kanade’s Hand Sonic 

Anime: Angel Beats

Kanades Hand Sonic
Kanades Hand Sonic

Kanade Tachibana aka Angel is an eminent student of the Afterlife school. She is blessed with superhuman abilities. With the assistance of her voice, she uses her powers. This introduces us to her Hand Sonic.

Kanade’s unique weapon is a blade. The blade comes out on one or from both hands. These blades or Hand Sonic is permeable through steel as well. These Anime weapons can quickly wipe out Shadows. This blade weapon has multiple forms known as versions.

The most commonly used is Version One which is similar to a longsword. The other version ranges from thin to lotus-shaped which are increasingly effective for merciless killings.

11. Ryuko’s Scissor Blade 

Anime: Kill la Kill

Ryukos Scissor Blade

Scissors can be really hazardous weapons if considered. A common man never really thinks about it but Anime-makers do! The Rending Scissors i.e. the Scissor blades are massive scissors. Isshin Matoi is behind this creative Anime weapon. 

Scissor blades are for slicing up Life Fibers. This badass Anime weapon diverged into two weapons during Matoi’s death. One part began to belong to his daughter, Ryuko. The other went to his killer, Harime.

Ryuko’s scissor blade was red in color. The amazing specialty of Ryuko’s sword-shaped weapon is its Decapitation Mode. Her famous move, Fiber Lost runs the blades smoothly through all the uniforms. These weapons made for ripping Life Fibers were themselves developed from it.

When not in use the scissors shrink to pocket size. Thus making it easier for Ryuko to carry it.

10. Tessaiga 

Anime: InuYasha


Tetsusaiga Or Tessaiga stands as a sword. It is an heirloom of the InuYasha. It lets only the people with demon blood hold themselves. These people must have the wish to protect humans.

Tessaiga seems to be a sentient weapon too. It has been directed by InuYasha in many situations. Opposite to Tenseiga, it was the ‘sword of destruction.’

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In its idle state, Tessaiga is a corroded katana. When in use, it changes into the form of enlarged dog’s teeth. It’s crossguard also becomes similar to the fur of a dog. Tessaiga stays in the action form when tossed. Gradually, it gains back its original form. 

9. The Spirit Spear Chastiefol 

The Spirit Spear Chastiefol

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

This Anime weapon is formed out of a Sacred Tree. It is a holy asset of the King. The King carries this Chastiefol with him. 

It looks like a blotchy and green-colored pillow when unused. Chastiefol has nearly 10 variations that enhance King’s power. When it comes to fighting, it changes into a big spear. The Anime weapon also plays protection. 

The Spirit Spear is commendably powerful. It can revive even after cracking up in pieces. Each part is much usable at the King’s command. 

The New version of Spirit Spear allowed the King to use all the forms simultaneously. However, it is not right to expect the same quality of performance with this feature being applied.

8. Zanpakuto 

Anime: Bleach


Zanpakuto means a sword that cuts the soul. This Anime sword originates from the soul of its owner and gets its shape accordingly. A primary weapon created by Oetsu Nimaiya is the logo of the Shinigami. 

You would have seen Shinigami, Arrancar, and Visored using this in Bleach.

Well, the specialty of this weapon is that each sword mirrors its owner. It gives the impression of his soul and strength. The high-ranking Shinigamis name it after themselves. The lower ones call it Asauchi.

This cool Anime weapon is not just used for fighting Hollows. It has the potential to communicate with its master. The Shinigami and Zanpakuto go hand in hand with their existence and beliefs.

7. Death Note 

Anime: Death Note

Death Note

Is it a note before death sent to the prey? Definitely not. Death Note is a marvelous miscellaneous weapon. Basically, it is not a real Anime weapon but a book that can kill someone.

Let me explain the details. Light Yagami used this method in which he visualizes a person. He also writes the name of that person in the Notebook of The Death of God. All of this resulted in the person dying.

The Death Note is a worthwhile weapon. It can track the enemy and kill within seconds. It is ineffective against bosses and The Training Dummy. It can work on one enemy at a time. The badass Anime weapon uses equal energy in every killing.

The Death Note is used only when required. Whenever it does, all enemies, major or minor are annihilated. Hence, it makes the way secure.

6. Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear 

Anime: Attack On Titan

Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear

Our favorite corps swinging from tree to houses to towers. Scraping off the Titan’s neck while almost flying in the sky. How is all of this possible? With the help of the 3D Maneuver gear. 

The credit for making this swift gear goes to Anheru, a skilled craftsman. The gear consists of wires, an operating device and a gas cylinder. Using these along with combating with Titans is a challenge not everyone can go through. Coming to how it functions, the soldiers aim at the object.

They have to shoot the hooks for grip. And then move with the help of gas fuels. For further movement, they have to unhook themselves. The soldiers go through a rigorous training of 3 years to take up the position. Some succeed and some pass out.

5. Naofumi’s Shield 

Anime: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Naofumis Shield

One of the four weapons within the Raphtalia’s World is the vaunted Shield. This Shield belongs to Naofumi Iwatani, an INTP Anime character. 

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The Legendary Shield is also addressed as The Shield Spirit of the Legendary Weapon. The candidate who wields the Shield is known as Shield Hero. This Shield Spirit’s first preference candidate was Naofumi.

Naofumi’s Shield possesses several techniques of power-up. These forces were not familiar, unlike the other weapons. However, Naofumi discovered the strategy behind these forces on a tablet.The core method is sharing the power-up from other weapons. The other two are Trust and Energy Boost. The last power-up method is unrevealed.

4. God Arcs 

Anime: God Eater

God Arcs
God Arcs

A favorite weapon of the characters in this Anime. God’s Arc is a significant part of God Eater. God’s Arc is filled with Oracle Cells. It is an Aragami to eliminate an Aragami. Sounds fun, right?!

Its strength also increases by consuming an Aragami.

The two types of God Arc didn’t benefit much. The blade type lacked conversion ability. The gun-type lacked storage. Leading to the creation of the New Type God Arcs. These types of God Arcs compensated for the limitations of each type. However, the competency was slightly restrained.

A unique trait of these Anime weapons is their Resonance. When extremely happy, two God Arcs of new type come into contact. They share their positive vibrations.

3. Samehada 

Anime: Naruto


Real Anime weapons are what Samehada is. A sword with feelings! Samehada is a conscious yet scary sword. The Seven Ninja Swordsmen of The Mist wield it. 

Samehada bears the size of a grown up. It has the power to absorb chakras. This absorption makes it big and the scales eventually long. Hence, it is wrapped in bandages to check this growth.

Its quirky feature of feeling makes it the happiest when absorbing a contenting chakra. Samehada loves Killer B’s chakra. However, keep Samehada away from flaming chakras. 

The most amusing thing about it is it chooses its owner. Yes, do not try to force it with your hands. Samehada will prick you with its spikes. The rigid and sharp body rips up whatever it strikes, instead of simply cutting. This cool Anime weapon mourned the death of Kisame. 

2. Yoru 

Anime: One Piece


Quite a sassy name for a sword. Yoru is a cool Anime weapon. It is one of the most robust weapons. The best warrior in the world wields the strongest sword.

The Anime weapon is a symmetric and fancy sword. The gaudy weapon is quite long and lacks a scabbard. It rests against Mihawk’s back.

Yoru is not limited to being a showpiece. It is an exclusive quality sword that hews every ‘one’ and ‘thing’ precisely. The brilliant Anime sword cuts through the air swiftly. Thus, making lengthy volumes of air compressed.

Yoru also helps Mihawk to defend himself from far-coming bullets. Instead, repelling them to great distances. Regardless of the immense weight, Mihawk flaunts his prized possession even with one hand!

1. Punisher 

Anime: Trigun

Punisher 1 1

Punisher as the name sounds might be for taxing people. What else does a weapon do?! The Punishers are ten in number. These badass Anime weapons belong to the prime members of the Eye of Michael.

Razio used 3 Punishers and was known as The Tri-Punisher of Death. While Chapel The Evergreen wielded a Punisher that forked into two machine guns. Chapel’s Punisher benefitted him in fighting as compared to the Punisher of Nicholas.

The most viewed Punisher was of Wolfwood. It is not only a machine gun but also a rocket launcher. A versatile weapon, it has a storage capacity of 2043 pistols. Post Wolfwood’s death, Vash took over the Anime weapon.

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