20 Best Racing Anime for Car Junkies

Are you a big fan of car anime as I am? If yes, then you have landed in the right place. I always loved beautiful cars and was a fan of Hollywood movies based on cars and racing.

 But my love for car anime started when I watched Initial D and I haven’t looked back since then. Over few years, I’ve probably watched every good car anime that is there to watch.

So, in this post, I’ll be sharing with you 18 of my most favorite car anime that I am sure you’ll absolutely love too. 

18. Bumpety Boo

  • Logline: A story about the fun adventures of a boy and his car.
  • Year: 1985
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Studio: Nippon Animation
Bumpety Boo

Do you need a little chill series that has a car in it? Bumpety Boo is a silly fun series that will make you roll over your bed or sofa. It is a light-hearted comedy car anime and I am sure you will love every bit of this series and thank me later for recommending it.


This series has some fun-loaded adventures of a young boy named Ken and his talking car Bumpety Boo. Ken always wanted to own a car and Bumpty Boo came into his life. Unlike other cars, Bumpety Boo came from an egg. Yes! An egg.

Throughout the series, a professor named Honky-tonk is trying to steal Bumpety-boo away from Ken. This brings more adventure into their happy lives.  

17. Dash! Yonkurou

  • Logline: A enthralling story of a race between Mini 4WD racers. 
  • Year: 2015
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Studio: Staff 21
Dash Yonkurou

Usually, these car anime series have something in common with the real world. But Dash! Yonkurou for me was more like a game that had different paths and different cars. The story is centered on Yonkuro Hinomaru a Mini 4WD racer and his super fun racing journey. This series is short and perfect for some light-watching.


The story revolves around a couple of ambitious racers who want to find Emperor and challenge him for the Hell Rally challenge. For this, they will have to cross paths that will become harder and harder as they pass through them. 

16. Chou Supercar Gattiger

  • Logline: An evil organization wants the secret of the solar-powered car.
  • Year: 1977
  • Genre: Action 
Chou Supercar Gattiger

Chou Supercar Gattiger is a simple yet powerful story of friendship and loyalty. I have even rewatched it and forced my friend to also watch it with me. The concept and direction of Chou Supercar Gattiger is fantastic. You can even watch it with your family.


A scientist invents the solar-power car that can merge with other cars of the same model and form one big supercar. An evil organization gets to know about this invention and threatens the son of the scientist to give away the secret of these solar-powered cars. The series focuses on the son and his friends as they fight this evil organization and saves the secret.

15. Two-car

  • Logline: Two high school students take part in a competition where racers from all over Japan have gathered.
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Sports
  • Studio: Silver Link
Two car

Two-car is not unlike any car anime on this list. The reason being, there are actually no cars in this anime but bikes attached with sidecar. It was kind of a pun so I decided to put this anime on this list. Two cars’ storyline is based on female bike riders making it one of the very few anime with female leads in a racing anime.


Yuri Miyata and Megumi Meguro are two high school students. They entered the world of motorcycle sidecar racing on Miyake Island. Competition is between two teams and each team has two members. Together the girls compete against teams brought in from all over Japan. 

14. Bakuso Kyodai Let’s & Go!! 

  • Logline: A story of twin brothers who are the biggest rivals of each other in racing.
  • Year: 1994
  • Genre: Sports
  • Studio: Xebec
Bakuso Kyodai Lets Go

This series revolves around miniature car racing known as Mini 4WD. From adults to children, everybody is thrilled to be a part of this competition. The car anime focuses on the life of two twin brothers who are always at loggerheads with each other. The thing that I love about this series is that it’s funny, fast-paced, and not emotion-heavy.

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Go Seiba and Retsu Seiba are the protagonists of our story, they are also twin brothers. They constantly fight with each other. There is nothing of common interest between the two except for one thing, Mini 4WD. They both are huge fans of miniature car racing. 

One day at a race they, met Dr. Tsuchiya, the head of the Tsuchiya Racing Factory. Dr. Tsuchiya gave them a prototype of the Saber Series; Sonic Saber and Magnum Saber. He told them to customize it on their own and participate in the race. With this, both brothers are determined to win and begin their daring racing journey.

13. Super Grand Prix

  • Logline: Shawn Corrigan has a difficult road ahead but he is determined to become a Formula 1 champion.
  • Year: 1977
  • Genre: Drama
  • Studio: Toei Animation
Super Grand

One thing that you might have noticed in this list of best car anime is that most of the anime is from the era of the 70s and 80s. It is because this was the golden age for the car anime and we got many legendary racing animes during that time and Super Grand Prix is one of those shows.


A young amateur racer named Shawn Corrigan hopes to become a Formula 1 champion. Unfortunately, an accident in a stock car tends to halt his mission and he is discouraged.

A mysterious masked man helps him to regain his confidence. After pushing hard he finally gets a chance at Katori Motors’ Monte Carlo Rally as a third entry. Will he be able to prove himself and show his talent to everyone. 

12. What’s Up Mechadoc

  • Logline: Mechadoc’s mechanics adventure and fun-filled life on the race tracks.
  • Year: 1984 
  • Genre: Sports
  • Studio: Tatsunoko Productions
Whats Up Mechadoc

This series is one of my recent finds. I find it hard to believe that some car anime enthusiasts have no clue about this masterpiece. It’s an underrated gem that nobody is talking about. We have seen high school students as riders in many animes but what about mechanics?


“Mechadoc” is a tuning shop run by young mechanics. They participate in different races. Our main protagonist is Jun Kazami who with his crewmates from Mechadoc participate in the competitions.

Their life is filled with adventures in the race track as well as outside it. Jun has many rivals and, he tries his best to beat them up.  

11. F

  • Logline: A story of a passionate young boy who wants to be the fastest.
  • Year: 1988
  • Genre: Action
F Formula 1 Engines On The Track

As kids, we all were naughty. We always wanted to do things according to our own will. But, in the case of Gunma, our series lead character, his mischievousness helped him to plan for a future. The shift that is shown is Gunma’s character is not something we encounter every day in a car anime.


Gunma Akagi is a mischievous child who creates chaos in the village with his tractor. Once while driving his tractor he is overtaken by a car. He takes it as a challenge and tries to overtake the car.

But, to his dismay, he fails. With his defeat, he is outraged and is determined to beat this person one day. Leaving his village behind he moves towards the hustle-bustle of the city to become the number 1 Formula driver. 

10. Scan2Go

  • Logline: Kaz is on a quest to become the number one Scan2Go racer.
  • Year: 2010 
  • Genre: Action

Although Scan2Go is a Japanese-Korean series, it is still not released in Japan. Due to some issues between collaborating companies, this issue arose. This fun-filled series is based on a futuristic world where racing is everything. Scan2Go is a one-lap sprint on huge grounds and the only way to win is through speed and tactics. 


A young boy named Kazuya ‘Kaz’ Gordon and his team called “Team Jet” is all set to start their career in Scan2Go. People on Earth are not amazed by this race hence, Kaz starts his journey to the different parts of the universe to sharp up their skills. Great obstacles lie ahead of their journey. The episodes in the series show their struggles and their joyful moments.

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9. Shakotan Boogie

  • Logline: A story of cars, thugs, and violence.
  • Year: 1991 
  • Genre: Action
  • Studio: Pierrot
Shakotan Boogie

Shakotan Boogie is a continuation of a live-action movie starring Kazuya Kimura. Like any other 90’s movie, this car anime series is full of action and comedy. Unlike all other series, Shakotan Boogie is not about anyone becoming a car racer. Rather it is about thieves who street race against their rivals.


Two friends are interested in Shakotan(a Japanese term for lowriders, which is a type of vehicle). They steal money, pick up girls, street race with their enemy gang and have fun. Getting into trouble with the police is like an everyday thing with them.

8. Capeta

  • Logline: Capeta’s marvelous story from a young aspirational boy to a professional racer.
  • Year: 2005
  • Genre: Sports
  • Studio: Studio Comet

Yet another courageous car anime series from Studio Comet has made it on my list. In totality, this series showcases three different stages in the life of Capeta. Starting from, when he was 10 years old till he grows up to become a professional racer. You will see Capeta bloom into an exceptional person and become a part of his incredible journey.


Capeta’s father, Shigei Taira, works in a paving company. Amazed by the skills of his 10-year-old son Shigei decides to build a drivable kart.

He asks an employee from the company for some worn-down circuit parts. Impressed with this, Shigei’s boss gave him a 4-stroke generator to power the kart. This is how Capeta gets his first drivable kart and wings to fly high.

7. Future GPX Cyber Formula

  • Logline: In the near future, racers team up with powerful A.I’s to race in the prestigious Cyber Formula Grand Prix.
  • Year: 1991
  • Genre: Science Fiction 
  • Studio: Sunrise
Future GPX Cyber Formula

I have watched several car anime series but, there is no match for Future GPX Cyber Formula. The blend between science, action, and emotions in this series is unbelievable. Technology can be our friend or our worst enemy. It’s up to us how well do we use it. The series takes you on an emotional journey that you’ll absolute enjoy watching. 


A cyber system called Asurada is developed to build the best racing machine in the world by Hiroyuki Kazami and his friends. This cyber system learns and grows with the driver.

To save the cyber system from getting in hands of the military, Hiroyuki installs Asurada in a prototype racing machine Asurada GSX. Hiroyuki asked his son, Hayato Kazami, to drive Asurada GSX in the 10th Cyber Formula Grand Prix to save Asurada from getting stolen.

6. Appare-Ranman!

  • Logline: The tale of the adventurous life of Appare Sorrano.
  • Year: 2020
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Studio: P.A. Works
Appare Ranman

The only reason why I started watching this car anime series was because of its epic poster. But I kept watching it because it is brilliant. Directed by Masakazu Hashimoto, this series has all qualities to be watched by every car anime fan. 


Appare Sorrano is an eccentric inventor and comes from a reputed family. An unexpected turn of events takes him to the city of Los Angeles. With no money left he decides to take part in the “Trans-America Wild Race”.

He wins the competition and earns a cash prize. But it’s just the start of several challenges that are still left for him to face.

5. Wangan Midnight

  • Logline: A race between two very fast cars, Devil Z vs Blackbird?
  • Year: 2007
  • Genre: Sports
  • Studio: A.C.G.T
Wangan Midnight

You can imagine the popularity of the manga series that it has been adapted into several action feature films, video games, and television series. The story is not something that you have not heard of but the visuals and music and to die for. This phenomenally, directed series has been appraised by several critics.

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The series commences with a high-school student whose name is Akio Asakura. He has an encounter with a black Porshe a.k.a “Blackbird”. He chased after it but was unable to catch it. 

Set to drive a faster car Akio visits a junkyard and finds a cursed old Blue Nissan called “Devil Z”. The question arises can he beat Blackbird now?

4. Ex-Driver

  • Logline: The world collapses when AI cars take over everything.
  • Year: 2002
  • Genre: Postcyberpunk
  • Studio: Actas
Ex Driver

Produced by Actas Studio, Ex-Driver is the car anime that will make your heart race. The storyline of this breathtaking series is so on point and thrilling that you won’t be able to blink an eye. It is a small show with just 6 episodes, but Ex-driver was further continued by a feature movie called Ex-driver: The Movie.


In the future, cars are driven by AI(Artificial Intelligence). Computers operate your vehicles. It might sound like a good idea but, all hell can break loose when these computer-operated cars stop listening to their owners.

Only a few people are left in this world who know how to drive a non-AI car. Will they be able to stop these futuristic cars? Or will they become prey to these deadly self-controlled weapons?

3. Speed Racer

  • Logline: Speed Racer’s adventurous ride to become the world’s top rider.
  • Year: 1967
  • Genre: Sports
  • Studio: Tatsunoko Productions
Speed Racer

The actual name of this hit 60’s series is Mach GoGoGo. It was renamed Speed Racer for American viewers. The series was released at the same time as it was in Japan. The audience in America loved this car anime so much during that time that Speed Racer became one of the prime examples of anime turning into a hit franchise.


In the race to become the number 1 racer, Speed Racer uses his father’s experimental car Mach 5. His girlfriend & his younger brother all are there to support him. In each episode, villains try to stop him from winning. But, being our hero, Speed Racer always comes out victorious.

The biggest enemy that our hero has is an unknown driver called Racer X. The series further unfolds the identity of this mysterious driver and what is his after Speed Racer?

2. Initial D

  • Logline: Journey of a tofu delivery boy to become the best drift-racer.
  • Year: 1998
  • Genre: Action
  • Studio: Studio Comet
Initial D

When I started searching for a car anime, the name of Initial D kept popping up repeatedly. So I decided to give it a try and it was definitely one of my right decisions. Initial D is without a doubt the car anime that will make you want to start drifting your car as well.


Our hero, Takumi Fujiwara, is a student. He is an average school kid who helps his father in delivering tofu. Takumi has no interest in driving but, after years of experience, he gained extraordinary driving skills. Impressed by this Takumi’s, friends introduced him to Touge racing.

He had no interest initially. But, after an encounter with Keisuke Takahashi, the number 2 driver of the RedSuns team, Takumi wanted nothing more than to become the best driver in Gunma Prefecture. 

1. Redline

  • Logline: A race of a lifetime. Either you win or you die.
  • Year: 2009
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Studio: Madhouse

Have you seen the Hollywood movie ‘Death race’? This car anime will give you that kind of vibe. Redline is a cult classic in the anime world and any list about best car anime is incomplete without Redline being a part of it. I’ll highly recommend you to watch this one.


After every 5 years, an epic race takes place known as, “Redline”. Rules of the race, there are none. Riders can do whatever they want to win. JP our lead is all set to take part in this dreadful competition. This year the competition is taking place in Roboworld. 

Roboworld will be filled with criminals who are ready to take advantage of the event. But this will not stop the racers or JP from participating. 

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