21 Best Anime Swordswoman

Swords and skills are a focal part of Anime. Without them, you won’t feel the liveliness of Anime. The mangakas are truly artistic in designing different legendary swords and swordswomen that bring out feelings of revenge and gore in brilliance. 

Male wielders are a common sight to all but Anime has some really cool and badass female swordsmen too. These Anime girls with swords stand on equal grounds with their enemies. Use just not their body but devise strategies to win over too. 

Female swordswomen aren’t masculine. They are just dynamic warriors who wield their weapons in grace. Without doing much chit-chat, let’s get onto this list of Anime sword girls, beautiful and elegant. 

21. Seraphim

Anime: Is this a Zombie?


Our first anime sword girl is a vampire ninja. The swordswoman with green eyes has glamorously long hair. She is extremely brave and devoted to her duty as a ninja. However, Seraphim doesn’t have a friendly personality because of the warlike conditions in her village. She comes out as a rude person, especially to Ayumu.

Swordsmanship and Powers

Seraphim is an intimidating swordswoman and madly loves the Tsubamegaeshi sword style. The sword anime girl is witnessed using her katana made out of leaves during the combat. Her expertise in Ninjutsu and ability to create red energy blasts favour her a lot.


The cool anime girl’s sword technique name is possibly a reference to the legendary Japanese swordsman, Sasaki Kojiro. 

20. Aoi Kunieda

Anime: Beelzebub

Aoi Kunieda 1

Next is a beautiful anime girl with a wooden sword. Aoi aka Kunei Aoi is a second-year student and a good leader too. The swordswoman has long black hair with tints of blue. Initially crisp and grave, Aoi evolves gradually revealing her kind side. However, she prefers to maintain her stern personality.

Swordsmanship and Powers

Aoi is a matchless swordswoman with her vigour and stamina. A wooden katana or an umbrella works like an effective sword in her hands. She can break rocks empty-handed with her Shingetsu style. Aoi is capable of anticipating attacks from behind.


Aoi’s greatest weapon is her immense strength which helped her feel Zenjuro using demonic powers.

19. Tohka Yatogami

Anime: Date a Live

Tohka Yatogami

Tohka is a shero in this katana anime. She has Tenka inside her. Like other swordswomen, Tohka has long dark hair that touches her knees. Originally unfriendly and detached due to her human experiences, Shido’s company helped her be the bubbly girl she was. Her sharp observing skills are a secret advantage.

Swordsmanship and Powers

Tohka is an intensely powerful Spirit and an exceptional fighter in both forms. The anime female sword fighter performs stupefying swift style attacks and can sense them before happening. Over the number of battles, Tohka’s senses and powers have sharpened to a phenomenal level.


As per the 4-koma comic, Tohka’s intellect increases in her Spirit form.

18. Ais Wallenstein

Anime: Danmachi

Ais Wallenstein

Ais is one of the strongest first-class adventurers. With golden locks and eyes, the swordswoman stands drop-dead gorgeous. Her stoic personality is often perceived as mysterious. She focuses on her growth and tends to help others do the same. Despite being at a senior rank, she stays humble and helpful. 

Swordsmanship and Powers

Her constant training has polished her into an unsurpassable and skilled swordswoman. The anime sword girl is second to none when it comes to fighting too. Her styles are unsparingly feisty. She also has a magic element, Ariel, that is more of a shield than a weapon.


Ais’ Ariel has been named after Shakespeare’s Ariel in the Tempest.

17. Shinobu Kocho

Anime: Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kocho 1

Featuring in the sword anime show is a dainty sword girl. She entered the world of swords as a Demon Slayer after her parent’s death. The swordswoman is crafty in putting on a fake bubbly disposition in every situation. What’s boiling inside is her thirst for revenge against the demons.

Swordsmanship and Powers 

Shinobu, being the Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corp, was a powerful and gifted warrior. Despite lacking the physical build to chop off a head, Shinobu makes up for the game with her brilliant mind strategies. The anime katana girl uses her insect breathing sword style with gracious swiftness and agility.

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The mastermind behind Shinobu’s blade was the chief of the Swordsmith Village, Tecchin.

16. Darkness

Anime: Konosuba


Dustiness Ford Lalatina also known as Darkness is one of the leading characters in this cool sword anime. The sword girl with light blue eyes is obsessed with enjoying pain. She has a high self-regard for her position as a fighter.

Swordsmanship and Powers

Darkness outclasses every guard in her strength but she fails to utilise her power effectively. She has a high HP and is full of energy to stand strong in long lasting battles. The female battler isn’t interested in learning new skills but knows a few that fend off the bravest.


It is guessed by Kazuma that Darkness might be possessing the strongest body in the kingdom.

15. Mirai Kuriyama

Anime: Beyond the Boundary

Mirai Kuriyama

The next female sword fighter is Mirai. A cute little girl with golden eyes, she belongs to an ancestry of Spirit World Warriors. The swordswoman is originally capable of manipulating because of which she is shunned. Kuriyama is inelegant and quite awkward. With time, she overcomes the fear of Youmu and lack of self-confidence.

Swordsmanship and Powers

Blessed with the power to transform her blood as a weapon, Mirai can use it as an injection into the opponent. Her swordsmanship is truly graceful. Another good feature is her deftness seen in the way she jumps without hurting herself.


Mirai’s favourite ranting place is her blog posts which make her the joke of the class.

14. Emi Yusa

Anime: The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Emi Yusa

Yusa can be counted among the badass anime girls. She is the prime female character who routed the Demon King Satan. The anime sword fighter girl is a human-angel hybrid with long magenta hair. Yusa has a strong personality in terms of her will, pluck and goodness.

Swordsmanship and Powers

Yusa has been so mighty and potent that she could drive away the demonic powers with one hand itself. The celestial forces of Emilia make the swordswoman a higher level competition for anyone. Yusa isn’t as strong in the human world as she is in Ente Isla.


Emilia fights demons but is terrified by ghosts in haunted houses of amusement parks.

13. Akatsuki

Anime: Log Horizon


Akatsuki is one of the principal members of Log Horizon as a human assassin tracker. Popularly addressed as Shizuka in the authentic world, Akatsuki’s original avatar is that of a tall male. For her real-world appearance, he switched his gender. Her elfin aspect makes her seem too young. This made it very difficult for her to mingle with anyone.

Swordsmanship and Powers

Akatsuki owns a level of fighting mastery that surmises her small physique. She has naturalistic training in kendo like nobody else. She is a maestro at sneak attacks. Her lightweight helps her in jumping really high. 


The sword girl is solely the one to have an official figure in the entire series.

12. Clare

Anime: Claymore


The chief female character of Claymore is a human-Yoma hybrid. Clare is ¼ Yoma unlike other half human warriors. As a child, Clare looked thin and weak with light brown hair. Initially, Clare was a very reserved female warrior. Her only concern was her duties.

Swordsmanship and Powers

The swordswoman began as one of the most feeble ones. She couldn’t handle the regular Yoma but got better with her abilities little by little. Clare appeared to be artful in the early days of training. She would use tricks to dupe the opponent.


Clare is by far the only warrior to have stepped forward for undertaking the process of transforming into a Claymore. 

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11. Raphtalia

Anime: The Rising of the Shield Hero


Raphtalia is the diva of this sword anime series. She is the earliest partner of Shield Hero. In the beginning of the plot, you meet the girl swordsman as a dirty and unkempt child. In her owner’s company, you see her transformed. 

Swordsmanship and Powers

The katana hero is known for her light and dark magic and the ability to cast illusions. As the sword of Iwatani, Raphtalia is an expert swordswoman. She possesses the ability to design a blade illusion with her magic power. This will not cause a physical destruction but a severe mental injury.


The beautiful sword girl strongly dislikes the Raph species. 

10. Shura Kirigakure

Anime: Blue Exorcist

Shura Kirigakure

Playing a supporting role in the Blue Exorcist, Shura has earned the label Meister as a Knight. She has lengthy pink hair with yellowish tips. As a Yamada, she faked her personality by acting socially disinterested. On the other hand, she is a chilled person and unafraid to express her opinion. 

Swordsmanship and Powers

The female warrior is a potent Exorcist of Upper First. She is a top-notch wielder of swords, precisely the demonic ones. Her speciality is her Demon Blade Technique. The swordswoman is known to be blessed with the power to subdue Demons by singing mantras.


The badass sword girl’s name in Japanese denotes massacre. 

9. Shana

Anime: Eromanga Sensei


The role of the principal female character is that of Shana. Her name was given after a sword by Mystes Yuji Sakai. A little young girl with pitch black hair as long as her figure. Initially, she was a self-contained person and did her tasks just because she had to. This is why Yuji’s selflessness made her fall head over heels for him. 

Swordsmanship and Powers

Shana is a vigorous and skilled Flame Haze. Crimson Denizens is known to be terrified by her title itself! This has enabled her to clear out many Denizens using her mastery in Nietono na Shana. The swordswoman has exceptional swordsmanship and style of fighting with hands. 


The name that Yuji crowned the splendid anime sword girl with, was a reference to Vairocana. 

8. Olivier Mira Armstrong

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Olivier Mira Armstrong

Major General Armstrong is the main heir to the notable Armstrong family. Her Amestrian authenticity is well reflected via her appearance. She had light coloured skin and blond hair up to her waist. Olivier has a strict personality that could scare out anyone.  She is sharp in her words as well as swords.

Swordsmanship and Powers

Olivier is very adept in using her family sword and every weapon with amazing accuracy. Her sword skills are such that her brother loses at it when tried with her. The best quality is her fearlessness no matter how tough the battle or opponents are. 


Olivier uses the saber type of sword which is Armstrong family’s heirloom. 

7. Ryuuko Matoi

Anime: Kill la Kill

Ryuuko Matoi

A wandering transfer student who killed her own father. She is Ryuko Matoi. Ryuko is a Life fiber-Human hybrid. The warrior looks like a teenager of average height with black hair and blue eyes. She shows herself as a violent and adamant girl. She is very courageous as seen in her encounter with Satsuki. 

Swordsmanship and Powers

Ryuko’s trademark weapon is the half of a giant scissor pair. She uses it as a longsword which slices through life fibers. Interestingly, it can be used as a tennis racket as well. 


Ryuko is the only character in the series who is known to be really good. 

6. Akame

Anime: Akame ga Kill!


Akame is the nominal heroine of Akame ga Kill. The swordswoman with lengthy black hair and red eyes looks like a million dollars. Akame is such a bold girl that she survived her traumatic childhood and managed to escape. This allowed her to join Elite Seven and refine as an advantageous killer.

Swordsmanship and Powers

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The female warrior’s training under Gozuki created an Akame capable of supernatural powers. Her rapidity, sensibility and longevity are unmatched. She can assassinate the strongest enemies with the slightest effort. Even in her cursed state that tends to make her weak she still battled on equal ground against Yomihime.


Akame is a punning meaning Red Eye in Japanese.

5. Saber

Anime: Carnival Phantasm


Artoria Pendragon has her class name as Saber. Just because she was a female, she wasn’t made a king. The anime girl with the sword looked like a girl full of youth in her early teenage years. Artoria is an iron-willed young lady. She speaks the truth in most cases but might not if the situation demands.

Swordsmanship and Powers

Artoria represents her spirit as a wielder infused with heroism. Saber doesn’t fail to keep alive the stature of the Saber class. The legend of Saber is incomplete without her pious sword, Excalibur. The intense magical energy from the blood of Saber’s dragon allows her a very powerful magic resistance.


During the entire series, Illya complains that she doesn’t have a path. However, there was one for her but modified into Sakura’s route. 

4. Rukia Kuchiki

Anime: Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki

This badass anime girl with a sword is the present captain of the 13th Division under Captain Ukitake. Kuchiki with her black strands and purple eyes casts a petite appearance. She sticks to her modesty despite being adopted in a noble family. She doesn’t differentiate between the ordinary and extraordinary.

Swordsmanship and Powers

The strongest weapon of Rukia is her comprehension of Kido.  In the starting, Rukia only knew about the ordinary leves of Zanjutsu but she greatly brushed up under Shiba’s mentorship. She is an effective female warrior due to her high speed.


Rukia was incorrectly shown as carrying Senbonzakura in chapter 302.

3. Asuna Yuuki

Anime: Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki

Asuna comes as the next leading female anime swordsman. She has aesthetically long and brownish hair with hazel eyes. Asuna began to care about life and it’s every moment after meeting Kirito. She is a genuine woman but will come into action if challenged.

Swordsmanship and Powers

The lightning flash as her name is, is famous for her highly quick rapier that can peel off opponents in a click. Asuna is listed among the most skilled wielders of the blade in SAO. 


The plaited part of Asuna’s hair signifies her decent childhood while the messy part emphasises her demonic side. 

2. Erza Scarlet

Anime: Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet

A magician of S-Class with beautiful brown eyes is Erza Scarlet. However, she has her right eye man-made. The swordswoman’s inflexible personality paired with her awful early days make her socially unwelcoming. Regardless, she is extremely virtuous and full of ardour.

Swordsmanship and Abilities

Erza’s signatory form of magic is Requip that allows her to switch things deliberately. The female warrior is truly skilled at her sword magic as she controls her swords from a distance. Her swordsmanship is just mind blowing as she can use the swords in reverse grip as well.


While everyone believes that the sword fighter’s suitcases are filled with weapons, they are stuffed with food and additives. 

1. Mikasa Ackerman

Anime: Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman

Ackerman ranks among the top names of the badass swordswomen. Mikasa is one of the second protagonists in this cool anime and a beautiful warrior girl too. Her traumatic childhood experience took away the innocence of a child from her. Over time, she grew stolid and pretty grim.

Swordsmanship and Powers

In the early training itself, Mikasa pulled off commendably in every subject. She sliced the Titans quick and precisely, making herself equal to a hundred soldiers. The sword fighter girl had always been a skilled rebel as she scared off guys greater than her.


Isayama designed the appearance of the swordswoman based on a woman he had met before becoming a mangaka.

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