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Aqua Hoshino’s quest for revenge in Oshi no Ko has taken an unexpected turn as he discovers the identity of his father, Hikaru Kamiki. While the revelation brings Aqua one step closer to his goal, it also presents new challenges and dilemmas.

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The Elusive Father: Hikaru Kamiki’s Continued Existence

Contrary to popular belief, Hikaru Kamiki is still very much alive in Oshi no Ko. As Aqua learns the truth about his father, he realizes that revenge won’t come easily. Hikaru Kamiki, now the founder of his own talent agency, has established powerful connections within the entertainment industry. A direct confrontation with him seems daunting and impractical.

Legal Loopholes and Unpunished Deeds

Complicating matters further, Aqua finds himself grappling with legal obstacles. Hikaru Kamiki’s actions, including impregnating Ai Hoshino when he was still a minor, cannot be easily reported to the authorities. This unfortunate circumstance allows Hikaru to evade punishment for his misdeeds.

A Delicate Balance: Protecting Loved Ones

In a bid to protect Arima Kana from a potential scandal, Aqua reluctantly reveals the truth about his and Ruby’s lineage. By sacrificing his most closely guarded secret, Aqua averts a crisis but inadvertently alerts Hikaru Kamiki to the fact that his past actions are no longer a secret. This newfound awareness places Aqua and his loved ones in a precarious position.

A Cinematic Strategy: Unveiling Hikaru Kamiki’s Actions

Rather than confronting his father head-on, Aqua hatches a bold plan. He decides to produce a movie that exposes Ai Hoshino’s tragic story as an idol and the circumstances surrounding her untimely demise. Aqua hopes that by shedding light on Hikaru Kamiki’s actions, the public scrutiny and backlash he receives will be far more devastating than death itself.

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Patience and Pre-production: Aqua’s Long Game

Although Aqua yearns for Hikaru Kamiki’s demise and intends to play a pivotal role in it, his current focus lies on the intricate process of pre-producing the movie. As the story unfolds, it becomes evident that the film’s completion will require time and careful execution. Fans of Oshi no Ko must brace themselves for another arc before Aqua can enact his revenge on his father.

The Awaiting Reckoning

In conclusion, the fate of Hikaru Kamiki in Oshi no Ko hangs in the balance. Aqua’s intricate plan to expose his father’s actions through a cinematic masterpiece holds the promise of public scrutiny and potential downfall. However, the path to vengeance is strewn with obstacles, and Aqua’s pursuit of justice may require further patience and perseverance.

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