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It has been over five years since the Naruto Manga series ended but to this day the anime community talks about it and all the newbies have Naruto on their watchlist.

In the entire 17 years that the Naruto manga was published, numerous panels got etched into the memories of the readers and created a separate fan following of that moment.

In this post, I am mentioning 18 Super Impactful Naruto Manga Panels that highlight why Naruto is a legendary series.

Itachi Gets Reanimated 

Itachi gets reanimated

This Fourth Great Ninja War panel gives you a clear idea of what a badass Itachi Uchida was. The cold and cunning dialogues from Itachi are too hard to get over. This scene depicts the epic confrontation of Kabuto with Itachi, where Kabuto’s plan of reanimating Itachi to fight for him backfires. Itachi preaches to him the only weakness of his reanimation Jutsu- nothing but Itachi himself.    

Itachi and Sasuke Final Goodbye

Itachi and sasuke Final Goodbye

This particular manga panel is one of the saddest panels in the Naruto Manga. Itachi gets reanimated in the Great war and he finally gets to meet Sasuke and properly say goodbye to him. It is also a very emotional moment for Saskuse as he gets to relieve the regret of killing his brother. Itachi consoles Sasuke and encourages him to choose his own path.

The world shall know Pain

The world shall know Pain

It is one of the most iconic naruto manga panels. It is the moment that changed everything for the hidden leaf village and brought it to its knees. The Village is attacked by the very powerful members of the Akatsuki called the Pain. The manga panel shows the aerial view of the Hidden leaf village moments before it is destroyed by the Pain.

Naruto’s first Kyuubi transformation

Naruto meets his mom for for the first time

It is the first time that the readers of the Naruto manga get to see the real power sealed inside Naruto. On a mission together, team 7 comes across a formidable foe which results in Sasuke getting gravely injured. It makes Naruto very angry and he loses his self-control. As a result, the malicious chakra of the nine-tailed fox oozes out of him, giving him a slight appearance of a fox.

Birth of Tobi

Birth of Tobi

This manga panel is one of the darkest manga panels on this list. It is Obito’s most depressing moment in his life. He not only lost his body in an accident but also witness the death of his best friend. On this day Obito dies in the eyes of the world and he was born as Tobi, a boy filled with vengeance.

Naruto 8 tail transformation

Naruto 8 tail transformation

This is the closest Naruto has reached to a full-scale transformation into the nine-tailed fox. Naruto went on a massive rampage after he lost control of his conscience and gave in to his anger. It is one of the most iconic scenes of the Naruto manga that is etched into people’s memory.

Obito and Kakashi Parallel Sharingan

Obito and Kakashi Parallel Sharingan

Obito and Kakashi are bonded to each other not just by their love-hate relationship but also by their Sharingan. Kakashi has the Sharingan that is given by Obito. This manga panel shows the cool shot of two coming face to face with each other and activating their Sharingan to fight.

Naruto’s Promise to Sakura

Narutos Promise to Sakura

It is one of the most influential manga panels in the Naruto series. The panel depicts a moment that completely changes the life of the three protagonists of the story. Naruto promises Sakura that he’ll bring back Sasuke after he leaves the hidden leaf village.

Kaguya cries seeing Naruto and Sasuke

Kaguya sees Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto and Sasuke team up to fight Kaguya, the final villain in the Great Ninja War. When they come face to face with her, they are surprised to see tears in her eyes. Kaguya sees the images of her sons in them and gets a little emotional. It is an iconic scene in the manga.

Naruto’s heartbreak

Narutos heartbreak

It is no hidden secret that Naruto has had a crush on Sakura since childhood. So when he sees Sakura sobbing in the arms of Sasuke, Naruto gets taken aback and realizes the depth of love that Sakura has for Sasuke and that it’ll never change.

Naruto meets his Mom for the first time

Naruto meets his mom for for the first time 1

It is one of the most heartwarming moments in the Naruto Manga. Naruto grew up as an orphan and hasn’t seen his parents. So when he gets finally meet his mother in another dimension, he instantly hugs her and cries. The manga panel shows the first interaction between mother and son.

Hinata’s confession to Naruto

Hinatas confession to Naruto

Another Naruto manga panel that made the fans crazy was when Hinata openly admitted to Naruto that she loved him. The confession came from the backdrop of a very tense situation and it made, even more, more impact on the mind of the readers. 

Naruto confronts his darkness

Naruto confronts his darkness

Naruto is made to confront the darkness within him if he wants to take full control of the Kyuubi’s powers. He faces all the heartbreaks, agony, and anger from his past and decides to let go of everything in order to subside the darkness and find peace and light.

Rock Lee goes extreme against Gara

Rock Lee goes extreme against Gara

It is one of the most adrenaline-filled scenes from the Naruto manga. Rock Lee is up against Gara from the sand village and they are battling each other in the Chunin exams. When the situation gets tough, Rock Lee decides to unleash all the power inside him and give it all in the fight.

Naruto and Sasuke’s accidental kiss

Naruto and Sasukes accidental kiss

It is one of the earliest scenes in the Naruto manga and is highly hilarious as well. During an incident in class, Naruto and Sasuke accidentally kiss and starts gagging after that. Sakura is very pissed at Naruto for stealing

Sasuke under Itachi’s Genjutsu

Sasuke under Itachis Genjutsu

This is one of the most badass Naruto manga panels ever. Sasuke and Itachi engage in their final battle. In just a matter of seconds, Sasuke attacks Itachi and stabs him. But it was in reality an illusion created by the Itachi. Sasuke is baffled seeing Itachi unharmed and relaxing on a chair. 

All Hokage Reanimated

All Hogake Reanimated

All hell broke loose when this Naruto manga panel reached the audience. At the peak of the Great Ninja War, Orochimaru reanimates all the 4 Hokage, and their dominating presence creates high tension in the room. Everybody is in awe seeing the biggest ninjas that ever walked the planet.

Naruto teams up with Kurama

Naruto teams up with Kurama

It is among the most awaited manga panel that all Naruto fans were waiting for since the series started publishing. Naruto and Kurama have always been at odds with each other but around the end of the series, the two team up together, and a new force in the Shinobi world is awakened. 

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