22 Anime Femboys

Anime is a popular and powerful art form and every time tries to give a new perspective to society through characters and storyline. In this blog, we are going to know about anime femboys, a term used for anime boys who are more feminine in nature or appearance.

In the anime community, the word “trap” is prevalent for such characters but as it is a rude word we are going to use the word “femboys ‘ in the blog. So, here’s the list of 22 Best Anime Femboys that will make your jaw drop.

22. Xianming Lin

Anime: Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens

Xianming LIN
Gender Male
Occupation Assassin
Voice over Yuki Kaji (JP)

Lin has a huge interest in fashion stories and he is so impartial towards all the social norms like a gender stereotype. Due to separation from his sister for nine years, he started to wear girls’ clothes to feel much closer to his sister.

Lin has long light brown colored hair that reaches up to his lower back and he usually wears a white chiffon blouse and a brown vest over that with red ribbon and a red skirt. Lin has a poor background and grew up in the slums of China. 

21. Tatsukichi Hayama

Anime: MM!

Tatsukichi HAYAMA
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Voice over Rino Sato

Tatsukichi is a crossdresser and when wears girls’ clothes he looks so cute and his friends say that he looks like a pretty girl. Despite crossdressing, he is popular among the girls and also has a girlfriend Yumi Mamiya. 

Tatsukichi is Taros’ best friend and both respect each other despite knowing the nature of each other. Tatsukichi likes crossdressing but when he is in a masculine dress he used to argue with Mio Isurugi and incessantly focus on her breasts size. Even though he likes Yumi, he is struggling to ask her hand for marriage. 

20. Hime Arikawa

Anime: Himegoto

Gender Male
Occupation Member of Student Council
Voice over Yuki Kuwahara

Hime is a young man with blue eyes and pink hair. In school, he uses an extension for the hairs to look long and uses ribbons to tie them. Hime has been left in the tank of loan sharks by his parents due to their spending habits. 

Rescued by the Shimoshinas High school student council and cleared all his debt and for this favor they made him servant the student council. Forced to cross dress in high school and fulfill all the demands put by the girls in the student council.

19. Kotobuki Seiko

Anime: Lovely Complex

Gender Male
Occupation Student
Voice over Fujiko Takimoto

Seiko is a trans girl and has a beautiful appearance. She has brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. In school, she used to wear a white dress and blue socks up to the knee, a large red ribbon, and pink shoes. 

Due to her impulsive nature, she always behaves stupidly without even thinking about the consequence of her act as she did with Otani in front of his friends. Normally Seiko has a happy and energetic nature but she gets upset when it comes to her identity.  

18. Chihiro Fujisaki

Anime: Danganronpa

Chihiro Fujisaki
Gender Male
Occupation Student and Programmer
Voice over Koki Miyata

Chihiro is very intelligent and the kindest character. He loves to talk about his profession and work. He is a very soft and shy type of boy who always apologizes. He doesn’t even harm the mosquito as the mosquito will be hungry and have a family. 

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He generally looks around a 19-year-old boy and has layered short hair and brown eyes and literally looks like a doll. He wears a jacket of dark green color and a brown skirt with a white shirt, black socks. Chihiro has an inferior complex and it is due to his childhood experiences and memories. 

17. Hayate Ayasaki

Anime: Hayate the Combat Butler!

Hayate Ayasaki
Gender Male
Occupation Butler of Nagi Sanzenin
Voice over Ryoko Shiraishi

Gifted with so much talent and has a helping nature even though it will get him in trouble. He is a good mechanic, housekeeper, cook and in one glance can identify fake art. All these skills make him unique but one main thing he lacks is empathy. 

Hayate is a medium height boy with blue eyes and bob-cut blue hair. Usually, he wears a butler’s uniform but when he is not on duty he wears a casual T-shirt and pants. His personality is so attractive that girls attract so much towards him.

16. Sitori Cartwright

Anime: Devils and Realist

Gender Male
Occupation Prince of Hell Chief Angels
Voice over Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Sitori is a male with feminine features and due to this, his uncle calls him a puppet. His hair color is pale blue and has blended blue eyes with two shades of dark and light. He did crossdressing many times in the series. 

Despite initially being selfish and cruel and arrogant, later he came as a loving demon who also wants the attention of others and he loves his feminine charm. Nominated to conquer the throne of the demon world. 

15. Gasper Vladi

Anime: High School DxD BorN

Gasper VLADI
Gender Male
Occupation Student at Kuoh Academy
Voice over Ayane Sakura

Gasper is a male but due to his appearance, Kiba depicts him as a female. Gasper is an androgynous characteristic like platinum hair and violet eyes. He has pointed ears and his hair is styled in a bob cut. In the Kuoh Academy Gasper is the only boy who wears a girl’s uniform.

Gasper is a half-vampire and has the special power to stop the time of those who he sees but won’t have any control over its power. As a person, Gasper is a coward and loves to wear girls’ clothes. But over time he gains confidence and becomes much braver. 

14. Hideri Kanazaki

Anime: Blend S

Gender Male
Occupation Part-time waiter
Voice over Sora Tokui

Hideri looks feminine but he is a male and despite always trying to behave like a feminine, his male personality emerges. Hideri has long silver hair and has a dream of being an idol in the glamor field. He belongs to the farmer family but never wanted to work on the farm and that’s why he applied to be a waitress at one cafe. 

Hideri always picks very cute clothes and his outfit includes a headband on top of which there is a ribbon and apart from this the outfit is the same as others.

13. Saika Totsuka

Anime: Oregairu

Saika Totsuka
Age16 – 17
Gender Male
Occupation Tennis Club President
Voice over Mikako Komatsu

Due to his appearance, Hachiman often forgets that he is a man and also girls in his school call him prince but he doesn’t like to be identified as the opposite gender. He has a loving and kind personality and also loves Tennis. 

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His skin tone is light, has short gray hair and gleaming blue eyes, and in the anime, he is often seen in the gym outfit. He is among the few people who can talk and hang out with Hachiman from class 2F. He doesn’t like to be in any conflict and has a peace-loving nature.

12. Ruka Urushibara

Anime: Steins;Gate

Ruka Urushibara
Gender Male
Occupation High School Student
Voice over Yu Kobayashi

Ruka was born biologically as a male but had wished to be born again as a female. Studying in the Kasensou Private Preparatory Academy, he is good friends with Mayuri Shina. He has feminine traits that make him attractive and draw more attention from males due to his slim, thin, and scrawny body. 

Ruka has intense feelings for Rintaro and even subtle replies from Rintaro cause him to cry. He mostly likes to wear girly clothes and due to this habit, Rintaro describes him as more feminine than any female. But his feminine traits make him a cute anime femboy. 

11. Haku

Anime: Naruto

Gender Male
Occupation Rogue Ninja
Voice over Mayumi Asano

What makes Haku unique is his body and skills. When he was finding the medicines for Zabuza’s injury, Naruto believed that he was a girl due to his slim and delicate personality. But strength can’t be decided by appearance.

Haku is a terrific fighter and ninja and knowledge about the human body makes him different. He can attack the opponents and kill them rapidly with his knowledge. Not just that, he has a nice personality, and is very loyal.

10. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

Anime: Baka To Test

Hideyoshi Kinoshita
Gender Male
Occupation Class 2-F Student
Voice over Brina Michelle Palencia

Hideyoshi is a student of class F and has excellent skills in vocal mimicry. He is part of the drama club and even though he doesn’t want to act, he still gives his best when the situation arises. His grandpa always mumbles that he has astonishing beauty despite being a man called a girl.  

The rumor has spread in the school that he is 3rd gender. Due to his appearance, he was nominated for the list of Guys who would look good in the girl’s costume and most of the time girls forget that he is a guy but Akishi has never been. 

9. Sister

Anime: Arakawa Under the Bridge

Gender Male
Occupation Ex-soldier
Voice over Koyasu, Takehito

A 29-year-old man used to wear a nun uniform and due to this, he was named a sister by his chief of the village. He has a muscular body and height of 208 cm and as he served in the army has a scar on his right cheek and blue eyes with blonde hair. 

Sister has a military background and she never minimizes physical training.  She worked in England in an orphanage and taught the ‘ Fight Club’ game to the children. Sister has a feeling for Maria but Maria doesn’t have any feelings for Sister.

8. Ringo Tsukimiya

Anime: Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%

Gender Male
Occupation The adviser of the Class
Voice over Yuichi Nakamura

Ringo has long eyelashes and big blue eyes. He is an advisor of class A and a cross-dressing idol. He was usually seen in the game with a pink-colored curly wig but when not teaching he was also seen without a wig. 

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Ringo is a stylish person with an energetic, nice, and playful nature. He gets angry when he is not considered a boy or a popular idol. To get work he is forced by the agency to cross dress and act more feminine due to his cute looks there will be more chances to get work.

7. Felix Argyle

Anime: Re:Zero

Gender Male
Occupation Royal Guard
Voice over Horie Yui

Felix has a feminine and cat-like appearance but he is a male. Sometimes he speaks in the third person both male and female pronouns for himself. Despite all of this he has stated that he is a man in body and soul both. 

Crusch’s Knight is skilled in water magic and refuses to use a sword when Felix was locked up then rescued by crusch. Due to Demi-Human blood from his ancestors, he has a cat-like appearance and is impaired by his parents. No matter whatever he wears he always wears a white and blue ribbon because it is a gift from crusch. 

6. Titus Alexius 

Anime: Magi

Titus Alexius
Gender Male
Occupation Magi, Magician, Great Priest
Voice over Yoshitsuga Matsuoka 

Due to their feminine appearance and high pitch voice,  Aladdin mistakenly thought that he was a girl. He looks exactly like magi Scheherazade. Titus is a young boy with short height and medium blonde hair. His hairstyle, mole under his left eye, the shape of his eye, earring on left ear makes him look like Scheherazade. 

When Titus was in school he used to wear an open-collared shirt with loose sleeves along with a cravat and loose shorts but after returning from Reim he had changed his outfit to country armor.

5. Jakotsu

Anime: InuYasha

Gender Male
Occupation Mercenary
Voice over Ai Orikasa

Jakotsu is an openly homosexual and skilled fighter kept at number three in the band of seven. Jakotsu has a lean body with average height and has large eyes with small dark irises and has a snake fangs tattoo under it. 

He uses red lip coloring and blue-green eyeshadow which makes him look more feminine. Jakotsu has an aggressive personality, always only one thing in mind is to fight with Inuyasha. 

He is cruel and loves to slay others just out of excitement. Despite this nature, he is honest and never had the avarice to gain power.  

4. Makoto

Anime: Minami-ke

Gender Male
Occupation Adventurer 
Voice over Natsuki Hanae

Makoto is a slightly taller boy with brownish eyes and light brown hair. Makoto starts crossdressing and later enjoys it. He is an elementary school guy and his friends consider him an idiot. 

When Makoto visited Chiaki’s house he developed a huge crush on Haruka and wanted to do anything to impress her but Chiaki didn’t like his attitude and she restricted him from coming to her house. To get Haruka he dressed up as a girl and took the identity as Mako Chan and thereafter he loves crossdressing and often wears fashionable outfits. 

3. Ryoji Fujioka 

Anime: Ouran HighSchool Host Club

Ryoji Fujioka
Gender Male
Occupation Professional entertainer, bartender
Voice over Mike McFarland

Ryoji Fujioka is a bisexual male who has brown eyes and maroon hair. He has a loving and kind personality. When he works in the entertainment industry and does crossdress for work he wears female office workers’ costumes and skinny jeans and T-shirts when dressed for a male character. 

Rayoji has a great relationship with his daughter Haruhi both care for each other and due to her nature Rayoji wants to involve more in her life. But Haruhi always keeps him out. Despite this, both have a loving relationship after the death of Kotoko Fujioka.

2. Ritsu Sohma 

Anime: Fruits Baskets

Ritsu Sohma
Age20 – 21 
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Voice over Mina Tominaga (2001), Kengo Kawanishi (2019)

Ritsu has feminine beauty but he is an average height guy with fair skin and has long straight hair that falls to his shoulder. He often tries feminine outfits and is seen in the traditional Kimono that has long sleeves. He tied his hair back with a big ribbon into a ponytail. 

Ritsu has a humble and kind personality but he has an inferior complex and endless insecurities. He always takes the blame for all things that even he didn’t do. The only time when he gets comfort is when dressed as a girl. 

1. Kuranosuke Koibuchi

Anime: Princess Jellyfish

Kuranosuke KOIBUCHI
Gender Male
Occupation University Student
Voice over Mitsuki Saiga

Kuranosuke has a slim body with gray eyes and bob-cut hair colored brown. Kuransouke has a dashing and confident personality both as a male and female. He belongs to the wealthy political Koibuchi family. 

He has an interest in fashion but fears that his family might drag him into politics. Due to his appearance, he has always been famous among the girls, and over time he has unintentionally developed feelings for the Tsukimi. He gets bored with all his old friends and cares more about Tsukimi and Amara than old friends.

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