Insomniacs After School

In a bittersweet announcement, Shogakukan’s Big Comic Spirit magazine unveiled that the beloved manga series, Insomniacs After School, will be bidding farewell soon. With the release of chapter 125, the heartwarming journey will come to a close, as reported in the magazine’s issue #33 on July 18, 2023.

Countdown to Chapter 125

Fans will have to brace themselves for just two more chapters before the final curtain call. Chapter 125 is scheduled to grace the pages on August 7, 2023, assuming there are no unforeseen delays.

A Dreamy Tale of Friendship

Kimi wa Hokago Insomnia, lovingly crafted by Makoto Ojiro, has captured readers’ hearts since its serialization in Shogakukan’s Weekly Big Comic Spirits in May 2019. The story follows the lives of two sleepless teenagers, Ganta Nakami and Isaki Magari, who find solace and kinship as they escape to their school’s astronomy observatory.

Nakami’s insomnia leaves him cranky and isolated in class, with few friends to lean on. However, a chance discovery leads him to the school observatory, a forgotten sanctuary once used by the now-defunct astronomy club. And there, he encounters fellow insomniac Isaki Magari, forming an unexpected friendship between the two.

A Sanctuary of Stars and Secrets

As Nakami and Magari find refuge in the observatory, they uncover dark rumors shrouding the astronomy club’s past, which keep others at bay. Despite the school faculty’s disapproval of their unsanctioned use, the observatory becomes a haven for the sleep-deprived duo. United by their shared insomnia, they create an oasis of companionship amidst the vastness of the night sky.

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A Musical Interlude with “Enshin”

The manga’s impact extended beyond the pages, reaching the realm of music. Japanese band Macaroni Enpitsu commemorated the series with their single “Enshin” (Centrifuge) on November 21, 2019, featuring captivating art from the manga.

A Stellar Journey, But Not Alone

Over the years, Insomniacs After School has been cherished by readers and enthusiasts, leading to the release of thirteen tankōbon volumes as of June 12, 2023. In France, the manga has been embraced by fans after its licensing by Soleil Manga.

Though the tale is drawing to a close, the bond between Nakami and Magari will live on in the hearts of readers. As they bid farewell to this celestial journey, fans can cherish the lasting impact of Insomniacs After School and the heartwarming memories shared by Nakami and Magari in the quiet embrace of the observatory.

While the final chapters approach, readers can take comfort in the hope that the characters’ stories will find a fitting conclusion, leaving a legacy of friendship, understanding, and the enduring power of dreams.

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