21 Best Turkish Drama Series

Turkish dramas have been a choice for entertainment for many people around the globe but the number has always been small. But In recent years, more and more people have started grativing towards Turkish drama because of its beautiful storyline and very lovable characters.

Well, we have compiled such a list that you will not be able to ignore it at all. Here we have mentioned the 21 best Turkish dramas ever made.

Since binge-watching is a famous feat these days, follow this article to see what interests you the most. These are some of the creamiest Turkish series and Turkish movies that you can watch; their genres range from romance to crime etc. read below to know more about it.

21. Istanbul Gelin

  • Logline: Sureyya starts discovering the family secrets of Faruk and his family, which is a deep-rooted family in Bursa
  • Year: 201-2019
  • Genre: romance, drama, comedy
Istanbul Gelin

This is a typical Turkish drama that uses daily life situations and uses the right kind of actors to tell a lot about the stories of different characters and their lives.

People who are a fan of typical romances would like this as this is a mixture of a love story of a handsome guy with a delicate and beautiful girl.

20. Faziliet Hanim Ve Kizlari

  • Logline: This Family drama is centred around a greedy mother, Fazilet and her two daughters, Ece and Hazan. Hazan chooses her profession entirely different from what her mother expected. On the other hand, Ece becomes a model of which her mother thought of as a lucrative profession.
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: Love, Drama
Faziliet Hanim Ve Kizlari

This story is a mixture of love and hate combined with revenge like any other soap opera.

The interest stays throughout the series as they have built ample tension and interest in the story. What ensues in the story are some dark secrets of the family that lead to very difficult relations. 

19. Black Money Love

  • Logline: It is a mystery thriller involving a murder, a suspected case of cheating and bits of the emotional suffering of the protagonist, Omar.
  • Year: 2014
  • Genre: Drama, crime, action
Black Money Love

Omar work as a Cherif in the local police department. His life is dismayed to discover her fiance dead next to a rich businessman.

This is one of the Best Turkish drama series on Netflix. This remained popular for a very long time, and it even garnered a big international audience as it got popular.

The actors were very much appreciated as well as the plot was really interesting. 

18. Her Yerde Sen

  • Logline: A guy and a girl go to the same house and they are forced to live together. Love is inevitable as she comes as a manager for the company the guy works for.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
Her Yerde Sen

It is a love story of Demir and Selin who are both strong-headed and dominant in personality.

They are forced to share a house because they are fooled by a pair of sisters into buying the house. This Turkish drama serial makes for an interesting watch and is a funny one too.

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17. Meryem

  • Logline: A simple girl is stuck between a prosecutor and a plaintiff who’s vindictive right after she has been in an accident.
  • Year: 2017-18
  • Genre: drama

This made for a great watch and also got famous for some time. The actors Furkan and Andic got famous too.

The story is an interesting plot and it keeps you gripped till the end. Watch the show to know more about it.

16. Kuzgun

  • Logline: Kuzgun was 8 when his father was falsely accused of bribes. Twenty years from then, Kuzgun finally sets to avenge his father’s culprits.
  • Year: 2019
  • Genre: romance, drama, action.

Kuzgun is a faced paced Turkish drama that follows a popular trope of vengeance. The story describes how Kuzgun becomes a top gang member of Istanbul with an aim to destroy Sheref, the drug lord who became a reason for his father’s accusation 20 years ago. Kuzgun is stuck in bondage, anger, and pain that lasts for 20 years. The show is quite intense to watch but the lead roles were perfect.

It is an interesting combination of romance and crime and it will keep you hooked for a long time.

15. Tatli Initkam

  • Logline: It is a story of two people in love.
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
Tatli Initkam

Pelin is convinced that her love life is failing because of how she behaved with her friend Sinan when she was in college.

Sinan however tries to get revenge on Pelin to satisfy herself. It was an interesting plot to watch and even though it did not do well, you could decide for yourself.

14. Game of Silence

  • Logline: A childhood tragedy confronted Ecevit in a way that shook his world apart. 
  • Year: 2012
  • Genre: Drama, crime, action.
Game of Silence

As kids Ecevit and his friends Zeki, Ibrahim and Bilal get involved in a car accident, killing an old man. An event followed by six months of imprisonment. After everything settled to normal, they made a pact not to see each other again while they hid everything that ever happened.

Years later, only Ecevit made his way into a respectable profession. Rest came as a nightmare in Ecevit’s life, seeking vengeance.

This is a story of revenge, crime, and action combined with the story of murder. The story is very gripping and makes for an amazing watch.

13. Ezel

  • Logline: Omer Ucar poses as Ezel to take revenge on his trusted friends and the woman he adored.
  • Year: 2009-2011
  • Genre: Thriller, drama, crime

The story is filled with mystery and how it unfolds on its revealing secrets and dark pasts of the characters.

It is filled with tension, thrill, and even action. The story also shows how the main lead is betrayed beyond measure.

12. Persona

  • Logline: Agâh, a 65-year old Alzheimer’s patient, comes up with an evil plan to use his disease as an escape from cold-blooded murder.
  • Year: 2018
  • Genre: mystery, crime, drama
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It is a mini-series but of a very rare kind. The connections and twists in this show are surprising to the core.

You will be surprised by the craft of this show. This competes with all the other crime thrillers. However, some people claim that it has a weak story. Watch it for yourself and decide.

11. Kara Sevda

  • Logline: An artist feels like he has to sacrifice his love for the sake of his family and its dark secrets.
  • Year: 2015-2017
  • Genre: Romance, drama
Kara Sevda

A girl feels like she has to hide her family’s secrets and sacrifice the love of her life.

However, five years later, she meets the love of her life again but can do nothing about it as she is married to a psychopath who is crazier than you might think. It is a love triangle at its best.

10. Masum

  • Logline: A homicide specialist faces the biggest and most challenging murder of his life.
  • Year: 2017
  • Genre: thriller, action

This is one of those dramas that show a slow burn and is very popular too. It is a very gripping drama and will have you stuck till the end of the show.

It is about Cevdet who is the chief of police in a town where he gets stuck in the middle of a mysterious murder.

You will be shocked by the twists and turns of the show. This story takes this turn because of the entry of Yusuf as the new chief of police.

9. Kiralik Ask

  • Logline: Defne is a poor girl who is stuck in making a deal with a businessman, Omer. She has to make him love her before it gets too late.
  • Year: 2015-2017
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
Kiralik Ask

This is the story of Defne who is a poor girl who lives with her sister, brother, and grandmother.

She is stuck in making a wealthy businessman, Omar falls in love with him.

Will she be able to do that before it gets too late? Watch the movie to find out more about it.

8. Kavak Yelleri

  • Logline: This is a story of four friends and the time they spent together.
  • Year: 2007-2011
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
Kavak Yelleri

This show is based on adolescent trials and tribulations filled with tension, frustration, and interconnected love affairs.

It makes for an interesting watch as the series has it all.

7. Love 101

  • Logline: A group of teenagers band together to make their teacher stay back in town by making her fall in love with somebody.
  • Year: 2020-21
  • Genre: romance, drama, comedy
Love 101

Watch Turkish drama online on OTT platforms like Netflix, and this is one of the best series to date.

It will make you laugh; cry, and you will become invested in life. A second season of this show is coming as well. You will not regret this show, so do give it a try.

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6. Kuzey Guney

  • Logline: Kuzey and Guney are the most different kinds of brothers there ever has been. They are the poles opposite of each other.
  • Year: 2011-2013
  • Genre: drama
Kuzey Guney

The storyline is amazing, and will have you attached to it till the end. This series has the most tragic story with drama-filled in it.

Watch the show to know more about this. This is one of the most popular Turkish movies.

5. The Magnificent Century

  • Logline: The adventurous journey of Suleiman the Magnificent and his great conquests.
  • Year: 2011
  • Genre: history, drama, biography
The Magnificent Century

It is a full-on, entertaining show filled with historical references. However, it is not very spot on when it comes to portraying history.

There is some inaccurate history for entertainment too.

4. Hercai

  • Logline: To avenge his parents’ death, Miran decides to become part of the family responsible for it.
  • Year: 2019-2020
  • Genre: romance, drama

The story tells about the fate of Miran who was orphaned because of a man who became his enemy.

Miran then decides to take an act of revenge and seduces Reyyan to destroy her. Is he able to take revenge or not.

3. Forbidden Love

  • Logline: Adnan is devoted to his daughter Nihal and son Bulent after he lost his wife of 11 years.
  • Year: 2008-2010
  • Genre: romance, drama
Forbidden Love

This is the story of a father and his two children who have been the apple of his eyes since he lost his wife.

This shows the complex relations formed between the members of the family and people introduced from outside and how each and one of the families affect each other. 

2. The Club

  • Logline: Matilda is an ex-convict who feels desperate to know her daughter Rasel and build a relationship with her.
  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: drama, history
The Club

This became a huge hit in Turkey as it has a very empowering story. The story is about Matilda, who was an ex-convict, and her daughter Rasel who has lived without her.

It is also about a nightclub of the 50s and the stories surrounding that area. Matilda is hell-bent on meeting her daughter, who lived in an orphanage alone and now is at risk of being exposed to a conman. 

This was an interesting movie as it has thrill, mystery, and even has a feminist perspective to it.

1. Resurrection: Ertugrul

  • Logline: The story shows the rise of a great Turkish warrior, Ertugrul in the 13th century.
  • Year: 2014 – 2019
  • Genre: Action, Historical, Adventure.
Resurrection Ertugrul 1

The drama focuses on building a perspective of the Ottoman Empire of the 13th century and how it was founded and established by Ertugrul, who is the father of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman I.

The series showcases how empires came to be and how they were conquered by the more powerful empires. It also tells us the story of love and war.

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