Weak Hero Chapter 259 A Glimpse into Greys School Life

Manga series often take readers on a rollercoaster of emotions, and “Weak Hero” is no exception. As fans eagerly await Chapter 259, let’s delve into the world of Grey Yeon and the challenges he faces.

Facing the Bullies

Grey Yeon, the protagonist, finds himself the subject of ridicule, particularly from Stephen Ahn. Despite the mockery, especially about his choice of clothing, Grey remains unfazed. Stephen’s disdain for Grey’s pants becomes a focal point, with even Stephen’s friends echoing the sentiment. Yet, Grey’s resilience shines through, refusing to be deterred by the taunts.

Classroom Chronicles

The school setting reveals more about Grey’s challenges. While all students don a jacket, Grey stands out without one. A memo, which Grey missed due to his lack of a phone, had instructed students to wear jackets. Instead of understanding, the teacher assigns Grey to cleaning duties, further highlighting the disparity in treatment.

A Glimpse into Grey’s Dreams

Amidst the challenges, Grey’s aspirations come to light. He dreams of becoming an engineer post-graduation. However, the path is fraught with hurdles, from giving foot massages to teachers to receiving stale bread as a reward.

Weak Hero Chapter 258

The Unfair Academic World

The school’s dynamics take a darker turn when Stephen Ahn’s mother tries to bribe a teacher with an expensive watch, aiming to secure her son’s place in an advanced class. The stark contrast between Stephen and Grey is evident when Stephen, having received exam questions in advance, vents his frustration on Grey for outperforming him.

Release Timings

“Weak Hero Chapter 259” is set to release on Saturday, 19 August 2023, 12:00 AM KST. For international fans, the release timings vary:

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Time ZoneDateTime
Indian Standard Time (IST)Friday, August 1808:30 PM
Japan Standard Time (JST)Saturday, August 1912:00 AM
Korea Standard Time (KST)Saturday, August 1912:00 AM
US Eastern Standard Time (EST)Friday, August 1811:00 AM
UK Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)Friday, August 1803:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time (PHT)Friday, August 1811:00 PM
Australia Eastern Standard Time (AEST)Saturday, August 1901:00 AM

Where to Read

The raw version is available on Naver Comic, while English readers can turn to LINE Webtoons for the translated version.

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