Eleceed Chapter 257 Jiwoos Duke Problems Kaydens Dilemma

In Eleceed Chapter 257, the spotlight falls on Jiwoo as he grapples with the challenges set forth by Duke Grane. The accusation against Jiwoo is severe; he has been framed for the murder of number 6. Surprisingly, even some of the top 10 strongest awakeners, including Elay Pigarun and Andrei, are supporting him. With the situation growing worse, all eyes turn to Kayden, wondering if she will step up to help Jiwoo in his time of need.

Muse and Sufri Stand by Jiwoo

Muse and Sufri, loyal friends to Jiwoo, refuse to believe that he could commit such a crime. However, the evidence stacked against him forces them to keep him imprisoned. Despite the circumstances, they remain determined to unravel the truth and prove Jiwoo’s innocence.

Kayden’s Departure Plans

Kayden’s plans to leave were already in motion, as she felt her purpose was fulfilled by coming to Jiwoo’s aid and observing his interactions with other players. The interest shown by Schnauder and Sufri further cemented her decision. However, as she contemplates her departure, an unexpected hurdle arises – someone within the frame holds a grudge against Kayden and will attempt to hinder her exit.

Elay Pigarun’s Revelation

Elay Pigarun stumbles upon a revelation: Duke Grane is responsible for number 6’s demise. Despite this knowledge, Elay remains silent, recognizing the potential leverage this information holds to bring Kayden back into the picture. The question remains whether Kayden will choose to intervene on Jiwoo’s behalf or not.

Excitement and Intrigue Unfold

The plot thickens as Jiwoo confronts Duke, making Eleceed Chapter 257 all the more captivating. Contrary to expectations, the pace of events does not slow down but instead intensifies. The upcoming chapter promises even more intrigue as it teases Kayden’s human form, a secret well-kept as she disguises herself as a cat. The suspense builds, leaving readers eager to witness how Kayden will handle the unfolding crisis.

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Eleceed Chapter 257 Release Date and Spoilers

While there are no specific spoilers for Eleceed Chapter 257 yet, fans can anticipate a thrilling turn of events. As the release date approaches, the tension surrounding Jiwoo’s predicament and Kayden’s role in resolving it will undoubtedly keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Release Schedule

Eleceed Chapter 257 is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, KST. International readers can also look forward to its availability on the following dates:

Time ZoneDateTime
Indian Standard TimeTuesday, August 108:30 PM
Central European TimeTuesday, August 105:00 PM
New YorkTuesday, August 111:00 AM
Pacific Time (PST)Tuesday, August 108:00 AM
Eastern European TimeTuesday, August 106:00 PM
Philippines Standard TimeTuesday, August 111:00 PM
Singapore Standard TimeTuesday, August 111:00 PM
Japanese Standard TimeWednesday, August 212:00 AM
Australian Capital TerritoryWednesday, August 201:00 AM
Eastern Indonesian TimeWednesday, August 212:00 AM
Korean Standard TimeWednesday, August 212:00 AM

Where to Read Eleceed Chapter 257 Online

To delve into the next chapter of this fantasy manhwa, readers can access Eleceed Chapter 257 on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon in the raw format (Korean Language). For those seeking English translations, Webtoon offers the series with up to 233 chapters available on their website.

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