The S Classes That I Raised Chapter 98 The Birth of a Cursed Dragon

Yoojin and Yoohyun, the formidable siblings, find themselves facing a new threat – Soodam’s guild master, now possessed by the cursed dragon Diarma’s successor. With Yoojin having recently defeated Diarma, the emergence of her successor is a startling development. A gripping action-packed chapter awaits as the siblings take on this formidable adversary.

Yoohyun – A Badass Character in the Spotlight

As the battle intensifies, Yoohyun proves himself to be a force to be reckoned with. His character exudes confidence and strength, leading some to wonder if he might just be the main protagonist. However, he already had his time in the spotlight, making “The S-Classes That I Raised” refreshingly unique by not falling into typical shounen manhwa tropes.

Yoohyun’s Bold Retaliation

Incensed by the guild master’s threat against his brother, Yoohyun’s rage knows no bounds. In a daring and explosive move, he wreaks havoc on what was once considered the world’s most secure place, all to seek revenge and protect Yoojin’s honor. His fierce determination and loyalty to his brother captivate readers and solidify his place as an unforgettable character.

A Power Boost for Yoojin

As Yoojin faces off against Soodam’s guild master, he discovers newfound strength within himself. The defeat of Diarma has unlocked greater potential, making Yoojin a formidable opponent. The upcoming chapter will showcase his growth and determination to emerge victorious against this new foe.

The Enigmatic Diarma Successor Revealed

The enigmatic Diarma successor takes center stage, revealing itself as a jellyfish-like creature adorned with numerous tentacles. While it may not be as strong as Diarma, its possession of the guild master poses a significant threat. As the battle unfolds, readers will witness a thrilling display of power and strategy.

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A Baby-Cursed Dragon is Born

In a fascinating twist, the aftermath of the battle reveals the birth of a baby-cursed dragon. The mana stones implanted near Yoojin’s heart have given rise to this new life, making him the de facto mother of the dragon. This unexpected development adds depth to the story and raises intriguing questions about the creature’s nature and abilities.

Excitement Mounts for Chapter 98!

Following the peak of the cursed dragon arc, “The S-Classes That I Raised” has garnered immense attention and acclaim from fans. Chapter 98 promises even more jaw-dropping revelations and intense action sequences, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter’s release.

Release Date and Where to Read

Save the date! “The S-Classes That I Raised” Chapter 98 is set to release on Tuesday, August 8, 2023, KST. Fans across the globe can delve into the captivating world of this manhwa on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon in its raw format (Korean Language). For English readers, Line Webtoon and Tappytoon offer the translated version under the title “My S-Class Hunter,” with 78 chapters currently available.

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