Black Clover Chapter 367 Astas Anti Magic Unleashed Spoiler Discussion

In the highly anticipated Chapter 367 of “Black Clover,” Asta makes a triumphant return to the Clover Kingdom, just in time to save his fellow Black Bulls from imminent danger. The previous chapter showcased Asta’s incredible power as he fearlessly faced Damnatio Kira, defeating the supreme-level devil with a single attack.

Damnatio’s Powers Prove Ineffective Against Anti-Magic

Asta’s Anti-Magic proves to be a formidable force, rendering Damnatio’s abilities useless against him. The Paladin reveals that he possesses two incredible abilities, but they pale in comparison to the power of Anti-Magic, which seems to hold a hidden trick yet to be fully understood.

“Black Bonds” – The Turning Point of the War

Chapter 367, titled “Black Bonds,” commences with Damnatio’s defeat and fall from the sky. As he plummets, he is astonished to find himself saved by none other than the Black Bulls, including Asta. Asta reassures Damnatio that he only needs to rest and promises to wake him soon.

Asta’s Concern for His Comrades

Rushing to his heavily injured Black Bull comrades on the ground, Asta expresses his concern for their well-being. The witch, noticing Asta’s distress, assures him that thanks to Secre’s magic, there is still time to save them. The Witch Queen takes a significant toll on herself, using magic to heal the injured, but at the cost of her own aging process.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoilers

Asta’s Hidden Trick Unveiled

The Witch Queen asks Asta if he has a plan to aid his squadmates in battle. Asta responds with a resounding “YES,” triggering a flashback to his training in the Hino country. During this training, Ryu theorized about Anti-Magic’s properties and its potential to imbue objects and perhaps even people with its powers. Asta recalls his experience with Yami’s Katana, where he absorbed Noelle’s abilities in the dungeon.

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Lending Anti-Magic Powers to the Black Bulls

Back in the present, Asta reveals his intention to lend his Anti-Magic powers to his fellow Black Bulls. Drawing from Zetten’s training, he embarks on this bold endeavor. Asta shares his Anti-Magic with his comrades, emphasizing that they are the mightiest Black Bulls and together, they will save the world.

The End of Chapter 367 and Magazine Break Ahead

Chapter 367 concludes with the Black Bulls receiving Asta’s Anti-Magic, setting the stage for an epic showdown in the war. However, fans must brace themselves for a magazine break next week, eagerly awaiting the continuation of this thrilling arc.

As “Black Clover” Chapter 367 approaches, excitement builds, and readers can’t wait to see Asta and the Black Bulls unleash their newfound powers to turn the tide of the war. With the raw scans and spoilers providing a glimpse into the upcoming chapter, the anticipation only grows stronger. Stay tuned for the epic battle that could change the course of the war forever!

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