Return of the Disaster Class Hero Chapter 73 Lee Geon Faces the Libra Saint

Get ready for an action-packed showdown in the upcoming chapter of “Return of the Disaster-Class Hero” as Lee Geon takes on the formidable Libra Saint. After exposing her to the entire world, Geon has enraged the Libra Saint, and the stage is set for an intense battle.

Chapter 72 Recap: A Cliffhanger Twist

In the previous chapter, readers were left on the edge of their seats as Geon seemingly killed the Libra Saint’s son, Yoon Shiwoo. However, some fans speculate that it might have been a clever cliffhanger, and Geon may have only cut his arm to provoke the Libra Saint further.

An Exciting Anticipation

Despite the familiar cliffhangers, “Return of the Disaster-Class Hero” never fails to excite its readers with thrilling developments. Chapter 73 promises to be a spectacular chapter, showcasing the epic fight between Lee Geon and the Libra Saint.

A World-Wide Duel

The battle between Geon and the Libra Saint becomes a global spectacle, with their fight being broadcast worldwide. As the two clash, Sagittarius attempts to intervene, but Hugo and others arrive to stop her interference, setting the stage for an epic one-on-one duel.

The Return Of Disaster Class Hero 3

Chapter 73: A Rollercoaster of Emotions

Readers will witness Geon’s witty banter and humor at the start, but as the fight intensifies, he realizes the need to get serious to defeat the Libra Saint. The entire world rallies behind Geon as they watch the duel unfold.

An Unexpected Twist

However, as the fight progresses, Geon finds himself struggling against the formidable Libra Saint. Just when it seems he might be at a disadvantage, Hugo steps in to aid him. The chapter promises a thrilling and unexpected turn of events.

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Release Date

The eagerly awaited “Return of the Disaster-Class Hero Chapter 73” is set to be released on Thursday, August 10, 2023 (KST). International readers can access the chapter on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, in various time zones.

Time ZoneDateTime
Indian Standard Time (IST)August 9, 20238:30 PM
Central European Time (CEST)August 9, 20235:00 PM
New York (EDT)August 9, 202311:00 AM
Pacific Time (PDT)August 9, 20238:00 AM
Eastern European Time (EEST)August 9, 20236:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time (PHT)August 9, 202311:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time (SGT)August 9, 202311:00 PM
Japanese Standard Time (JST)August 10, 202312:00 AM
Australian Capital Territory (ACST)August 10, 202301:00 AM
Eastern Indonesian Time (EIT)August 10, 202312:00 AM
Korean Standard Time (KST)August 10, 202312:00 AM

Where to Read

You can read “Return of the Disaster-Class Hero” on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon in the raw format (Korean Language), or in English translation on Tapas and Tappytoon, although only 67 chapters are available on the latter platforms. Mark your calendars for this action-packed installment!

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