The Distance Between The Stars Chapter 79 Romance and Redemption

In the vast universe of Romance-Drama Manhua, “The Distance Between The Stars” shines brightly. The narrative orbits around a rebellious student and his high school guidance counselor, both coincidentally named Yan Xing-Chen. Their initial animosity transforms into a deep understanding, painting a vivid picture of love and redemption.

The Protagonists: Two Stars with One Name

  • Yan Xing-Chen: The Guiding Star– As a music teacher, she wears multiple hats at her high school. Recently, she took on the role of Guidance Counselor, a position many had abandoned. But with her dedication, she turned the tide, making the role a success. That was until she encountered her namesake.
  • Yan Xing-Chen: The Rebel Star– Sharing the same name but not the bloodline, this Yan Xing-Chen is a rule-breaker, challenging the counselor at every turn. Yet, beneath his rebellious exterior lies a troubled past, including family abandonment. With her patience and support, he begins to reconcile with his family and aims for a brighter academic future.

Recent Events: A Cosmic Collision

In a twist of fate, while helping at her parents’ store, Xing-Chen encounters an accident. Yan Xing, showcasing his protective side, saves her but gets injured in the process. The hospital becomes their temporary universe, where Xing-Chen’s brother, Xing-Lan, gives Yan Xing the classic protective sibling warning. Yet, he also extends his approval of their budding relationship.

Upcoming Chapter: Hospitalized Romance

Chapter 79 promises to delve deeper into Yan Xing’s hospital stay. While hospitals aren’t typical romantic getaways, the duo might find solace in each other’s company. A visit from Xing-Lan is also on the horizon.

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The Distance Between The Stars Chapter 79

Release Details

Eager fans can expect “The Distance Between The Stars Chapter 79” to grace their screens around 11th August 2023. For those who like to plan ahead, here’s a handy list of release times across various time zones:

Time ZoneDateTime
Pacific Daylight TimeAugust 10, 20239:00 AM
Central Daylight TimeAugust 10, 202311:00 AM
Eastern Daylight TimeAugust 10, 202312:00 PM
British Summer TimeAugust 10, 20235:00 PM
Central European TimeAugust 10, 20235:00 PM
Indian Standard TimeAugust 10, 20239:30 PM
Chinese Standard TimeAugust 11, 202312:00 AM
Singapore Standard TimeAugust 11, 202312:00 AM
Philippines Standard TimeAugust 11, 202312:00 AM
Japanese Standard TimeAugust 11, 20231:00 AM
Korean Standard TimeAugust 11, 20231:00 AM
Indonesian Standard TimeAugust 11, 20231:00 AM
Australian Standard TimeAugust 11, 20231:30 AM

Where to Read?

For those looking to immerse themselves in this tale, chapters are available on platforms like BiliBili Comics, Kuaikan Manhua, and ManMan App. While the first 29 chapters are free, subsequent ones come at a price. English translations, however, remain elusive.

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