How To Live As a Villain Chapter 102 Saga Continues

In the world of “How To Live As a Villain,” tensions rise as Mirinae, our sword-art enthusiast, faces challenges that test her mettle. With a shaman still breathing despite her best efforts and Seonghoon’s encounter with a monstrous foe, readers are on the edge of their seats. Let’s delve into the intricate dance of power and strategy that unfolds.

Mirinae’s Duel

  • The Shaman’s Persistence– Mirinae’s prowess was evident when she unlocked her sword-art skills, but the shaman’s resilience surprised everyone. The question remains: How will she conclude this intense battle in the upcoming chapter?
  • Seonghoon’s Strategy– Facing a monstrous adversary, Seonghoon finds himself in a tight spot. But with his analytical mind, he identifies the monster’s weak point: its vital organs. Using this knowledge, he repeatedly targets this vulnerability, throwing the creature off balance.
  • Purpleemon’s Role– Purpleemon, despite her grievances with Seonghoon, plays a crucial role in the battle. From saving Seonghoon from a deadly fall to discovering another undead monster, her involvement is pivotal. However, their dynamic is tinged with humor, especially when Seonghoon’s “thanks” comes in the form of a kick to her face.
  • Mirinae’s Challenge– As the battle intensifies, Mirinae faces the chief warrior and the old shaman. Using her Qi sword control, she manages to dodge their attacks. But just when victory seems near, the shaman’s illusion catches her off guard.
How To Live As a Villain

Release Date & Time

How To Live As a Villain Chapter 102 is set to release on Monday, August 14, 2023, at 08:00 PM KST. For our international readers, here’s a handy time conversion:

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US07:00 AMMonday, August 14
Canada07:00 AMMonday, August 14
India04:30 PMMonday, August 14
Australia09:00 PMMonday, August 14
Philippines07:00 PMMonday, August 14
Japan08:00 PMMonday, August 14
South Korea08:00 PMMonday, August 14

Where to Read

Eager to dive into the next chapter? Find it on Naver Series.

With a blend of strategy, power plays, and a dash of humor, “How To Live As a Villain” continues to captivate its audience. As Chapter 102 approaches, the anticipation is palpable. Will Mirinae and Seonghoon overcome their adversaries? Only time will tell.

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