Sister I Am the Queen in This Life Chapter 62

The intricate tale of Ariadne, Cesar, and Isabella takes another twist in the upcoming Chapter 62 of “Sister, I Am the Queen in This Life.” As Ariadne grapples with betrayal and suspicion, the story delves deeper into the complex relationships and power dynamics within the Etruscan Kingdom.

Ariadne’s Struggle: Between Love and Betrayal

Ariadne’s unwavering devotion to Cesar, the regent of the Etruscan Kingdom, has been evident for the past nine years. Yet, her world shatters when she learns of Cesar’s intentions to marry her sister, Isabella.

The revelation of Cesar’s true nature, combined with his gaslighting tactics, leaves Ariadne questioning her own beliefs and feelings. The impending marriage between Cesar and Isabella, who was previously wed to the deceased Alphonso, further complicates matters.

The Mystery of Arabella’s Death

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Recent events have cast a shadow of doubt over the circumstances of Arabella’s death. Ariadne suspects Isabella of foul play, believing her to be responsible for pushing Arabella down the stairs.

However, rumors suggest that Arabella’s death was a mere accident. Amidst the family’s internal strife and competition, Ariadne finds herself isolated and trapped, with her cries for help falling on deaf ears.

Chapter 62 Release: Global Timings

For enthusiasts marking their calendars, here’s the release schedule for Chapter 62:

Region/CountryRelease TimeRelease Date
Korea12:00 AM29 August 2023
Pacific Time8:00 AM28 August 2023
Central Time10:00 AM28 August 2023
Eastern Time11:00 AM28 August 2023
UK4:00 PM28 August 2023
India8:30 PM28 August 2023
Singapore11:00 PM28 August 2023
Philippines11:00 PM28 August 2023
Japan12:00 AM29 August 2023
Australia1:00 AM29 August 2023

Where to Read

Chapter 62 of “Sister, I Am the Queen in This Life” will be available in its raw format on Naver Webtoon for Korean readers. English translations can be accessed on Line Webtoons. However, readers should note that some chapters might require a purchase for access.

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Closing Thought: The tale of Ariadne, Cesar, and Isabella is a testament to the complexities of love, power, and betrayal. As the narrative unfolds, readers are set for a roller-coaster of emotions, suspense, and drama. Stay connected for more updates on this captivating saga!

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