Kingdom Chapter 770

The Hi Shin Unit, under the leadership of Shin, is gearing up for a significant confrontation. Their primary objective? Riboku. The previous chapter left readers at the edge of their seats, wondering if the unit would successfully launch an attack on Roumou in the upcoming Chapter 770.

New Recruits, Old Tensions

Three new recruits step forward, introducing themselves and their skills to Shin and Karyou Ten. While Karyou Ten vouches for their combat prowess, not everyone in the unit is convinced. Eito, a ten-man commander, and Shitou, a fifty-man commander, are among the new faces.

Their introduction causes a stir, especially given their youth and impressive ranks. The dynamics within the unit shift, with some members expressing doubt and others, like Suu Gen, acknowledging their potential.

Duke Hyou’s Legacy

Kingdom Chapter 769 recap

The chapter delves deeper into the legacy of Duke Hyou. Mandou, a new recruit, reveals his connection to Gakurai, a fallen comrade. He speaks of a promise to Gakurai, pledging his support to the Hi Shin Unit in the event of Gakurai’s death.

This revelation brings forth the soldiers who once served under Duke Hyou, bolstering the unit’s strength. Mandou’s addition, however, isn’t without its tensions, especially with Ga Ro, who hints at past rivalries and allegiances.

Release Schedule: Kingdom Chapter 770

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
USSaturday, September 30, 20237:00 AM
CanadaSaturday, September 30, 20237:00 AM
IndiaSaturday, September 30, 20234:30 PM
AustraliaSaturday, September 30, 20239:00 PM
PhilippinesSaturday, September 30, 20237:00 PM
JapanSaturday, September 30, 20238:00 PM
South KoreaSaturday, September 30, 20238:00 PM

Where to Catch the Next Chapter?

For those eager to dive into the unfolding drama, “Kingdom Chapter 770” will be available on Young Jump.

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Final Thoughts:

“Kingdom” continues to enthrall its readers with intricate battle strategies, complex character dynamics, and the weight of legacies. As the Hi Shin Unit prepares for what promises to be an epic confrontation, one can’t help but wonder: Will old rivalries hinder their mission, or will new alliances pave the way for victory? The next chapter is set to provide some thrilling answers.

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