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The upcoming chapter of “Sakamoto Days” promises to unravel more mysteries surrounding the enigmatic Slur. With the Sakamoto group’s return from Thailand and the addition of a peculiar new ally, Kashima, the narrative is set to take some intriguing turns.

Kashima: The Deer Guy’s Deal with Sakamoto

Kashima, often referred to as the ‘deer guy’, has been an enigma since his introduction. Initially seen alongside Slur during a confrontation with Rion, his motives were unclear.

However, his recent alliance with Sakamoto, brokered by Sakamoto’s kind-hearted daughter Hana, sheds light on his true nature. Kashima’s willingness to share information about Slur in exchange for the group’s assistance hints at deeper layers to his character and the overarching plot.

A Glimpse into the Past: What Led to the Current Scenario?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 134

Upon their return to Japan, Sakamoto and his team kept Kashima in their store’s basement, hoping to extract information about Slur. Despite Shin’s psychic attempts, Kashima remained tight-lipped. It was Hana’s unexpected intervention, mistakenly believing Kashima to be a robot, that changed the dynamics.

Her genuine kindness, coupled with a near-accident that saw Kashima and Sakamoto working together to save her, led to a newfound trust. Kashima’s forthcoming revelations in Chapter 134 are eagerly anticipated, especially concerning Slur’s whereabouts and potential personality disorder.

Chapter 134 Release: Global Timings

For fans marking their calendars, here’s when you can delve into Chapter 134:

Region/CountryRelease TimeRelease Date
US & Canada (Pacific Time)07:00 hrsSunday, September 10th, 2023
Mexico (Central Time)09:00 hrsSunday, September 10th, 2023
US & Canada (Eastern Time)10:00 hrsSunday, September 10th, 2023
India20:30 hrsSunday, September 10th, 2023
Australia02:00 hrsMonday, September 11th, 2023
Japan12:00 AMMonday, September 11, 2023

Where to Read?

Chapter 134 of “Sakamoto Days” will be accessible on platforms like Viz Media and Manga Plus, ensuring fans worldwide can continue to follow the adventures of Sakamoto and his eclectic group.

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Closing Thought: “Sakamoto Days” masterfully blends humor, action, and mystery. With Kashima poised to spill the beans about Slur, readers are on the edge of their seats. What secrets will be unveiled, and how will they shape the journey ahead? The next chapter is sure to be a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations!

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