Will There Be Once More Chapter 157

The heartwarming journey of Bu Yan and Qing Yuwei in “Once More” concluded with Chapter 156, leaving readers yearning for more. Their relationship, filled with admiration, trust, and sweet gestures, has been the cornerstone of the series. Qing Yuwei’s candid confession about how she cherished Bu Yan’s gaze and the playful banter about being called “cute” showcased the depth of their bond.

Promises and Partings

As the day drew to an end, Qing Yuwei’s departure was imminent. But Bu Yan, ever the gentleman, ensured she had a way home and even hinted at a surprise awaiting her. Their interactions, filled with cakes, snacks, and playful jibes, encapsulated the essence of their relationship.

Yet, the looming shadow of Bu Yan’s family obligations threatened to create a chasm between them. With the responsibility of his family business beckoning, their daily rendezvous seemed numbered.

Tokens of Affection

Will There Be Once More Chapter 156 recap

In a heartfelt gesture, Qing Yuwei placed her hair tie on Bu Yan’s wrist, marking him as her boyfriend. This innocent act, reminiscent of childhood promises, was a testament to their trust. Despite the challenges ahead, their memories and time together remained etched in Qing Yuwei’s heart.

The Future of “Will There Be Once More”

While Chapter 156 wrapped up the series beautifully, the potential for Bu Yan and Qing Yuwei’s story to continue remains. Fans are eager to see how their relationship evolves, especially with the challenges of distance and trust. However, the author has yet to announce any plans for a continuation, leaving readers in suspense.

Where to Read?

For those who wish to revisit Bu Yan and Qing Yuwei’s journey, “Once More” is available on Comikey with English translations. The raw chapters can be found on KuaiKan Manhua.

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In Conclusion:

“Once More” has been a tale of love, trust, and the challenges of life. While the story may have concluded, the memories and emotions it evoked will remain with readers for a long time. Whether or not we see a continuation, the love story of Bu Yan and Qing Yuwei will forever be cherished.

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