Return to Player Chapter 131 Sehans Triumph and Puppeteers Scheme

The enthralling tale of Return to Player takes a gripping turn in Chapter 131, as Sehan’s relentless battle against the malevolent Hermes reaches its crescendo. In a stunning display of strategic prowess, Sehan emerges victorious in the mind space, banishing Hermes’s evil desires. Amidst the excitement, Apollo’s role takes an unexpected twist, setting the stage for Sehan’s masterful manipulation.

A Climactic Showdown

As the chapter unfolds, Hermes finds himself consumed by the ground within the mind space, his threats of destruction falling on deaf ears. Sehan’s confident smirk reveals his determination to put an end to Hermes’s tyranny once and for all. In a bold maneuver, Sehan severs Apollo from Hermes’s grasp and fuses him with one of his clones, turning Apollo into his own puppet.

From Cruelty to Cunning: Sehan’s Complex Journey Continues

Sehan’s enigmatic character takes center stage once again, unapologetically maintaining his cold and ruthless demeanor. His transformation from his previous life’s cruelty to his current calculating nature adds layers to his character, making him a unique and unyielding protagonist.

Evolving Narrative: The Ever-Advancing Tale of Return to Player

Despite concerns about the series’s pacing and a seemingly easy solution to past challenges, fans remain engaged in the evolving storyline. The anticipation for Sehan’s upcoming puppetry of Hermes fuels excitement, as readers look forward to the continuation of the gripping narrative.

Return to Player

Release Date and Time

The anticipation for Return to Player Chapter 131’s release intensifies as readers await the next thrilling installment. The chapter is set to release on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, according to Korean Standard Time (KST).

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Time ZoneTimeDate
Indian Standard Time (IST)08:30 PMMonday, August 14, 2023
Central European Time (CEST)05:00 PMMonday, August 14, 2023
New York11:00 AMMonday, August 14, 2023
Pacific Time (PST)08:00 AMMonday, August 14, 2023
Eastern European Time (EEST)06:00 PMMonday, August 14, 2023
Philippines Standard Time (PHT)11:00 PMMonday, August 14, 2023
Singapore Standard Time (SST)11:00 PMMonday, August 14, 2023
Japanese Standard Time (JST)12:00 AM (midnight)Tuesday, August 15, 2023
Australian Capital Territory (ACST)01:00 AM (midnight)Tuesday, August 15, 2023
Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST)12:00 AM (midnight)Tuesday, August 15, 2023
Korean Standard Time (KST)12:00 AM (midnight)Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Reading Return to Player Chapter 131

Fans eager to delve into the gripping events of Return to Player can read Chapter 131 on platforms like Naver Series and Naver Webtoon in its original Korean format. For English translations, Line Webtoon offers the series, with a selection of chapters available for English-speaking readers to enjoy.

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