Lookism Chapter 465

In the riveting world of “Lookism,” the stakes are higher than ever. Chapter 465 promises to bring a blend of intense battles, personal revelations, and the consequences of choices made under influence.

Teenage Turmoil: Drugs, Dominance, and Decisions

The narrative of “Lookism” has always been centered around teenagers’ quest for dominance. However, the introduction of a drug that promises strength has added a new dimension to the story.

Teenagers, in their desperation to overpower their rivals, are resorting to this drug, unaware of its dire consequences. Johan’s recent actions, influenced by the drug, have led him to challenge Zack Lee, showcasing the drug’s potent effects on the user’s psyche.

Family Feuds: Samuel’s Identity Crisis

Lookism Chapter 464 recap1

Samuel’s recent revelations about his lineage have added another layer of complexity to the plot. Believing himself to be the son of Gapryoung Kim, he’s in for a rude awakening. The real son of Gapryoung Kim has emerged, ready to confront Samuel and perhaps teach him a lesson about identity and legacy.

Chapter 465 Predictions: Showdowns and Realizations

Lookism Chapter 464 recap

While official spoilers remain elusive, the upcoming chapter is expected to focus on two major confrontations. Gapryoung Kim’s son is set to intervene, potentially saving Alexander from Samuel’s wrath. Their combined efforts might just bring Samuel back to his senses.

On the other hand, Zack’s determination to face Johan, despite their past encounters, promises an intense showdown. Zack’s resolve to either defeat Johan or face dire consequences will be a highlight of Chapter 465.

Release Timings for Chapter 465

Region/CountryRelease TimeRelease Date
India8:30 PMThursday, September 7th, 2023
Central Europe5:00 PMThursday, September 7th, 2023
New York11:00 AMThursday, September 7th, 2023
Pacific Time8:00 AMThursday, September 7th, 2023
Eastern Europe5:00 PMThursday, September 7th, 2023
Philippines11:00 PMThursday, September 7th, 2023
Singapore11:00 PMThursday, September 7th, 2023
Japan12:00 AMFriday, September 8th, 2023
Australia1:00 AMFriday, September 8th, 2023
Eastern Indonesia12:00 AMFriday, September 8th, 2023
Korea12:00 AMFriday, September 8th, 2023

Where to Dive into Chapter 465?

For those eager to delve into the next chapter, “Lookism Chapter 465” will be available in its raw Korean format on Naver Comics. English readers can turn to Line Webtoon for the translated version.

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Final Thoughts: “Lookism” continues to enthrall its readers with its intricate plot, character dynamics, and the age-old battle between right and wrong. As the characters grapple with their choices and face their adversaries, the story promises to keep its readers on the edge of their seats. Stay tuned for more twists and turns!

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