Return of the Shattered Constellation Chapter 85

In the upcoming Chapter 85 of “Return of the Shattered Constellation,” Chang-Son’s journey leads him to the god Kali, renowned for her dual nature of destruction and benevolence.

As a deity capable of nurturing a divine tree, Kali’s presence raises questions, especially given her past camaraderie with Chang-Son. The chapter promises to unravel the mystery behind the unusual grey elves, who, despite being typically parasitic, bleed like real beings. What role does Kali play in this anomaly?

A Dive into the Past: Chang-Son’s Time-Twisted Tale

Return of the Shattered Constellation Chapter 84 recap

Chapter 84 offers readers a deep dive into Chang-Son’s intricate timeline. From his initial death and regression with Thanatos’s aid to his godly existence in Arcadia, the narrative is a maze of time disparities.

The godly realm and the human world operate on different temporal scales, leading to Chang-Son’s perceived absence on Earth being much shorter than his centuries-long godhood in Arcadia. This temporal dissonance, coupled with the gods’ memories of Chang-Son as the ‘Twilight of Gods,’ adds layers of complexity to the tale.

Release Schedule: Return of the Shattered Constellation Chapter 85

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
Indian Standard Time (IST)October 2, 202308:30 PM
Central European Time (CEST)October 2, 202305:00 PM
New YorkOctober 2, 202311:00 AM
Pacific Time (PST)October 2, 202308:00 AM
Eastern European Time (EEST)October 2, 202306:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time (PHT)October 2, 202311:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time (SST)October 2, 202311:00 PM
Japanese Standard Time (JST)October 3, 202312:00 AM
Australian Capital Territory (ACST)October 3, 202301:00 AM
Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST)October 3, 202312:00 AM
Korean Standard Time (KST)October 3, 202312:00 AM

Where to Read

For those fluent in Korean, “Return of the Shattered Constellation” Chapter 85 will be available on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon in its raw format.

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Concluding Thoughts:

“Return of the Shattered Constellation” weaves a tale that intricately combines divine interventions, time anomalies, and personal quests. As Chang-Son’s journey unfolds, readers are invited to navigate the complexities of time, relationships, and divine politics. Chapter 85 is set to be another riveting chapter in this mesmerizing narrative.

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