Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 149 Rising from the Brink

Prepare for a high-octane showdown in Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 149 as Dushik’s relentless battle takes an unexpected turn with Ijin’s dramatic entrance. Amidst chaos and conflict, alliances shift, and the odds teeter on a knife’s edge.

A Gift of Redemption

Ijin’s appearance proves to be a game-changer, offering a glimmer of hope to the battered and injured Dushik. As Dushik finds himself pushed to his limits by Seokbae and his henchmen, Ijin’s timely intervention becomes a beacon of redemption. With Dushik facing overwhelming odds, Ijin’s actions may turn the tide of battle.

Rivalries and Betrayals

Seokbae’s relentless pursuit of Dushik has been marked by a history of rivalries and betrayals. The complex dynamics between these characters fuel the tension of the narrative, painting a vivid portrait of the gritty and unforgiving world they inhabit. The clash of ambitions and motives serves as a powerful backdrop to the explosive confrontations.

Unlikely Alliances

Throughout the series, the line between friend and foe has often been blurred. Ijin’s involvement in Dushik’s plight underscores the shifting nature of alliances in a world marked by ambition and survival. As characters grapple with their own desires and vulnerabilities, their interactions add layers of complexity to the storyline.

Mercenary Enrollment

An Uncertain Outcome

As Dushik’s body nears its breaking point and Seokbae’s forces close in, the outcome of the battle remains uncertain. Will Dushik’s indomitable will be enough to overcome the odds stacked against him? And with Ijin’s arrival, how will the balance of power shift in this explosive showdown?

Release Date

Prepare for the pulse-pounding events of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 149, set to be released on August 13, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST. Mark your calendars and keep track of the global release schedule:

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India (IST)8:30 PMAugust 12, 2023
Japan (JST)12:00 AMAugust 13, 2023
Korea (KST)12:00 AMAugust 13, 2023
USA (EST)11:00 AMAugust 12, 2023
UK (GMT)3:00 PMAugust 12, 2023
Philippines (PHT)11:00 PMAugust 12, 2023
Australia (AEST)1:00 AM (midnight)August 13, 2023

Where to Read

To immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 149, raws are available on Naver Comic. For those seeking the English-translated version, LINE Webtoon offers an opportunity to experience the tension and drama of the series.

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