Oshi No Ko Chapter 124

In the much-anticipated Oshi no Ko chapter 124, fans were in for a rollercoaster of emotions as they witnessed a new side of Ruby, the rising star. As the chapter unfolded, it became evident that Ruby’s attachment to her brother, Aqua, had reached new heights, leaving fans eager to see Aqua’s response to her heartfelt confession.

Reunion and Revelation: A Glimpse of Past Lies

In the previous chapter, readers witnessed the heartwarming reunion of Gorou Amamiya and Sarina Tendouji after a long separation spanning over 18 years. Amidst this reunion, Ruby couldn’t contain herself and shared with Aqua the lies she had woven to maintain her persona as Ruby. Aqua, in a touching moment, assured her that her true self as Sarina was more than enough. And in a poignant reminder, Ruby brought up Gorou’s promise to Sarina, deepening the emotional connections between the characters.

Ruby’s Endearing Clinginess: A Surprising Twist

Oshi No Ko Manga Chapter 124

Chapter 124, aptly titled “Reversal,” begins with an unexpected display of affection from Ruby towards Aqua. Her endearing attempts to sip from Aqua’s juice startled Kana Arima, who questioned the sudden shift in their behavior. Ruby, in a heartfelt revelation, confessed to having resolved her inner conflicts with Aqua, leading to her affectionate demeanor.

Caught on Camera: Mem-Cho Seizes the Moment

As Ruby climbed onto Aqua’s lap, Kana Arima remained speechless, unable to grasp the situation fully. However, Mem-Cho, with her quick wit, saw the opportunity and playfully snapped a picture to share on her Instagram. The quirky moment quickly became a topic of discussion among fans, adding a humorous touch to the chapter.

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Workload Woes: Kana and Mem-Cho Concerned for Ruby and Miyako

Workload Kana

Behind Ruby’s newfound attachment lay a deeper issue—her demanding workload. Kana and Mem-Cho speculated that the pressures of Ruby’s career might have driven her to seek solace in her sibling’s company. While Kana saw nothing wrong with relying on a family member, they both agreed that addressing Ruby’s work schedule was paramount. They realized that the responsibility for managing Ruby’s hectic career fell on Strawberry Productions President, Miyako Saitou.

Miyako’s Dilemma: Juggling Career and Motherhood

The chapter delves into Miyako’s emotional struggle as a mother and career woman. Balancing Ruby’s skyrocketing career with her well-being weighed heavily on Miyako. While she believed in Ruby’s potential to shine like Ai Hoshino, she grappled with the guilt of burdening her daughter with excessive work.

A Chance Encounter: Miyako Reunites with Ichigo

Kana finds Ichigo

Miyako’s emotional turmoil led her to a bar, where she reflected on her relationship with her children. The bartender’s inquiry about her kids stirred a wave of emotions within her, accentuating her feelings of uncertainty and apprehension. However, fate had something unexpected in store, as Ichigo Saitou, her husband, walked into the bar, leading to a heartfelt reunion.

A Glimpse of Hope: What Lies Ahead for Ruby, Aqua, and Miyako

As the chapter concluded, readers were left wondering about the future of these endearing characters. While the manga hinted at a potential meeting between Ichigo and Miyako concerning Ruby’s schedule, the specifics remain shrouded in mystery. Fans eagerly await the next installment, hoping to witness the unfolding of heartwarming connections and resolutions.

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In this chapter, Oshi no Ko not only tugs at heartstrings but also leaves its audience eager for more, setting the stage for captivating developments that will undoubtedly keep readers glued to the series.

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