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PLEDIS Entertainment, the agency representing the talented singer and actor Hwang Minhyun, has released a statement addressing an issue that has been causing quite a stir. In a plea to the fans, the agency requested that they refrain from visiting the sites of Hwang Minhyun’s privately scheduled activities, including the drama set.

While fan enthusiasm is always appreciated, unauthorized visits to these unannounced events have been on the rise, causing disruptions to site operations. Not only have these impromptu visits caused delays in shooting, but they have also led to the unwanted spread of videos and photos on social media. This not only puts the artist in a bind but also affects the hardworking drama production team.

In an effort to foster a healthy fan culture and ensure the safety and rights of their artists, PLEDIS Entertainment is urging fans to resist the temptation to visit, reside, or film at these unannounced scheduled activity sites. They’re putting their foot down and warning that repeated unauthorized visits may have consequences. These consequences range from the potential loss of membership benefits in the official Hwang Minhyun Global Fan Club (Hwangdo Membership) to restrictions on entering or participating in official events. Consider it a friendly reminder to respect boundaries and play by the rules.

PLEDIS Entertainment is committed to maintaining a positive and respectful fan culture while safeguarding the safety and rights of their artists. They’re asking for the ongoing support and cooperation of fans in this matter.

So, let’s all heed the agency’s call and channel our excitement in ways that won’t disrupt the behind-the-scenes magic. Hwang Minhyun’s fans can continue to shower him with love and support from a distance, knowing that their cooperation will contribute to creating a fan culture that shines just as bright as their beloved artist. Let’s keep the spotlight on the stage and the camera rolling smoothly without any unexpected fan appearances!

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