I Become a Fool when it Comes to My Daughter Chapter 123

Juwon Lee, a 24-year-old part-time convenience store employee, finds himself in the unexpected role of a single parent. After the death of his uncle, he inherits the responsibility of caring for his beautiful 4-year-old daughter, Yeondu. Balancing work, personal life, and the challenges of fatherhood, Juwon’s life takes a dramatic turn.

The Essence of Fatherhood

The manga beautifully captures the essence of fatherhood, portraying Juwon’s dedication and love for Yeondu. Despite the hurdles, their bond grows stronger, offering readers a heartwarming glimpse into their daily adventures. The story is a testament to the enduring spirit of love, even when faced with life’s unpredictable challenges.

Intriguing Developments and Anticipations

I Become a Fool when it Comes to My Daughter Chapter 122 recap

Chapter 122 sets the stage with a mix of excitement and tension. Juwon, affectionately known as “Daddy,” prepares for a significant event, while also reflecting on a recent incident. The chapter teases a deeper connection between Juwon and Seyeon, hinting at shared memories and mutual respect.

As the narrative unfolds, readers eagerly await the unveiling of a particular artwork, which holds sentimental value and could influence the story’s direction.

Release Schedule: I Become a Fool when It Comes to My Daughter Chapter 123

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
Pacific Daylight TimeSeptember 20, 202308:00 AM
Central Daylight TimeSeptember 20, 202309:00 AM
Eastern Daylight TimeSeptember 20, 202310:00 AM
Greenwich Mediterranean TimeSeptember 20, 202305:00 PM
Indian Standard TimeSeptember 20, 202308:30 PM
Singapore Standard TimeSeptember 20, 202311:00 PM
Korean Standard TimeSeptember 21, 202312:00 AM
Japanese Standard TimeSeptember 21, 202312:00 AM
Australia Eastern Daylight TimeSeptember 21, 202302:00 AM

Where to Catch the Latest Chapter?

For those eager to follow Juwon and Yeondu’s journey, the raw version of “I Become a Fool when It Comes to My Daughter Chapter 123” is available on Kakao. English readers can find the translated version on Manta.

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Final Thoughts:

“I Become a Fool when It Comes to My Daughter” is a touching portrayal of a father’s unwavering love for his daughter. The story beautifully intertwines elements of drama, humor, and slice-of-life, leaving readers both entertained and moved. The upcoming chapter promises more heartfelt moments and intriguing developments.

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