I Am The Precious Daughter Of The Greatest Villain In The Fantasy World Chapter 92

Lihwa’s life takes a dramatic turn when she finds herself reincarnated into the world of a novel she once adored. But this isn’t the fairy tale she remembered. Instead of being the cherished daughter of a wealthy family, she’s the offspring of the world’s most formidable villain, the Demon Lord of Murim, Cheonma.

With memories of being bullied in her past life, Lihwa’s new life seems eerily familiar, with her mother’s neglect and the ever-watchful eyes of the Demon cult.

The Murim World: A Place of Allies and Enemies

In this fantasy realm, Lihwa’s existence is a double-edged sword. While she’s the daughter of the feared Cheonma, she’s also the target of various factions. Maids attempt to poison her, and the main character of the novel, her step-brother Namgoong, is destined to be her end.

In the original narrative, Lihwa’s bullying of Namgoong leads to her demise. But in this life, Lihwa seeks to change her fate, aiding Namgoong and, surprisingly, earning his affection. The once ruthless killer now shows a softer side, all thanks to Lihwa’s influence.

Chapter 91 Recap: Deception and Misunderstandings

I Am The Precious Daughter Of The Greatest Villain In The Fantasy World Chapter 91 1

Namgoong, under the control of the Blood sect, becomes a pawn in their sinister plot against Lihwa. An ambush on Lihwa ensues, but her ice powers prove formidable, allowing her to fend off her attacker.

However, an elder from the Murim alliance witnesses the scene, misinterpreting it as a kidnapping attempt. Lihwa, ever the strategist, uses this misconception to her advantage, portraying herself as a victim to expose the Blood sect’s schemes.

Release Schedule: Chapter 92’s Arrival

Country/RegionRelease DateTime
JapanSeptember 26, 202308:00 AM
IndiaSeptember 26, 202304:30 AM
Central EuropeSeptember 26, 202308:00 AM
U.S.A (New York)September 26, 202307:00 PM
AustraliaSeptember 26, 202309:00 AM
IndonesiaSeptember 26, 202306:00 AM
SingaporeSeptember 26, 202307:00 AM
Pacific TimeSeptember 26, 202304:00 PM
Eastern EuropeSeptember 26, 202301:00 AM
PhilippinesSeptember 26, 202307:00 AM
South KoreaSeptember 26, 202308:00 AM

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Concluding Thoughts:

“I Am The Precious Daughter Of The Greatest Villain In The Fantasy World” weaves a tale of reincarnation, destiny, and the power to change one’s fate. As Lihwa navigates the treacherous waters of the Murim world, readers are treated to a story of resilience, cunning, and unexpected alliances. Chapter 92 is set to be another riveting chapter in this intricate narrative.

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